Warning: Sensitive When Tired

So Mason is really into history stuff – he loves the Titanic, “I Survived” books, and learning about famous presidents and such. I checked him out a “Weird But True History Facts” book and he’s been loving it.

One night, when we’d had a super busy day and he was well beyond tired, he went and laid down half an hour before bedtime and was reading this book. He got all excited and called me into his room and shared with me that the longest beard on record was 17 and some feet long and showed me the picture. I told him that that was pretty gross and let him continue reading. Ten minutes later, SuperDad comes in and asks if I knew that Mason had been bawling since I left his room? Nope, totally news to me! Turns out that he was heartbroken that I “didn’t like his cool history fact and he really loves history and I didn’t like it at all.”  I had to go make amends and promise him that I loved his fact and just thought the long beard was gross. I barely convinced him and he fell asleep moments later, still upset. #momfail

Fast forward to last night – up too late the night before for fireworks, long day at an outdoor nature camp, Homeboy was TI-RED.

He and SuperDad were watching funny videos and he found two he really wanted to share with me. The first one was a dog howling along to the Howlers on Zootopia and the second one was a white fluffy cat playing with a bobcat kitten. I said that it was super cute but I didn’t think it was right that people had a bobcat kitten for a pet. Cue M running out of my room sobbing. I never learn, do I? He was heartbroken that I would want to take the white cat’s friend away and wouldn’t the white cat be SO LONELY?!!?

I love his soft tender heart. I am also apparently a very slow learner. On the bright side? He was sound asleep two minutes later.

One thought on “Warning: Sensitive When Tired

  1. Melanie

    Oh goodness, I can relate! A tired Veronica is a cranky Veronica! Little things like that still set her off too when she’s in a mood.


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