Blogs We Love

I regularly read over 100 blogs a day thanks to RSS feeds and my beloved Kindle Fire. I’m bad about commenting, but if you’re on my “blogroll” know that I read each and every word you write.

Here are some of my favorite blogs, many of which I have been reading since early 2010.

  Letters For Lucas   



Mandy & Chris

Ashley Quite Frankly

Me, a Kid, Big Head Tuck, and the Monsters

If you’re one of my bloggy friends and you aren’t listed here,  it was simply an oversight and was NOT because I don’t love your blog! I will be adding to it regularly until I have ALL of my “must reads” present and accounted for!

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  1. angie

    hi there great page and yes I was wondering the same about a button to put on my website as well. and could you add me please to your list I am doing catch the moment with you.


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