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290 Book Summer

We went to the local library’s summer reading kick off in June and for their summer reading program, they have the kids pick a goal of how many books they want to read that summer and then the kids get prizes when they get to the 1/2 way point and their goal.

At first, Mason told the librarian that he only wanted to read one book this summer (I was a bit embarrassed LOL)and then when I told him we had to read more books than that, he pulled out his favorite number… 288.

I told the librarian that we usually read three books every night, so she did some quick math – 90 days times 3 books equals 270 books. Mason insisted, “No, I said 288!”

I said “What the heck?!” and we rounded it up to 290 books and now we’re looking at reading 290 books this summer. EEK.

So far, these have been his favorites

Anything Elephant and Piggie (author Mo Williams)

The Beginner’s Bible

Superhero books

Tacky the Penguin (a new-to-us find & he’s excited to read the entire series)

I’m not sure we’re going to reach our goal – more so because I forget to track our books more often than not (OOPS) but hey, we’re going to try.

As for me, the best books I’ve read so far this summer are

and while I’m not finished with it, unless the ending sucks, this is my other favorite so far

I’m also enjoying reading two different series by Robin Jones Gunn. I fondly remember reading her books when I was in junior high and I was way too excited to learn that I could read about the same characters in college and after college now. Nice light reading to complement some of the parenting books I’m also reading 🙂

So, how about you? What have you read this summer? What do you hope to read in the next few months? What are your kids loving! Do tell!

Summer Bucket List

Why yes, I know summer is a little over 1/3 over already, but I figured I would post our summer bucket list. I had a great family one made and saved on my cell phone (you know, so I could whip it out and refer to it whenever we were going “What should we do today!?” but I, um, apparently accidentally didn’t actually save it! So, on the old blog it goes –

Summer Bucket List 2015 v2

Go swimming a lot

Visit at least three new parks

Visit Wisconsin Dells

Go on a bike ride on a scenic bike trail

Find at least 30 geocaches

Visit a new state

See the fireworks (done July 4th)

Visit a new beach (done July 4th)

Have at least three bonfires

Use up our Splash Pad punch card

Go to several parades Two so far

Go fishing (Done June 8th – hope to do more!)

Go camping

Go on a boat ride

Have a play date with a new friend

Have a play date with an old friend

Go to the Farmer’s Market

Go to the drive in theatre

Have lots of cookouts

Go to the fair

Get Mason’s face painted

Play date with Cousin Chloe

Eat lots of summery foods

What are your hopes and goals for this summer?  We’d love to hear about them!


Anyone out there?

It’s been ten months since I last posted.

This happened

1st day

And this happened…..lastday

A whole school year has passed! We’ve celebrated many holidays, went to Disney, had lots of adventures, made it through another Wisconsin winter, and I really hope to get back into blogging because I miss recording our lives in this manner and interacting with all of you!

Is anyone still out there??