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Catch the Moment Weeks 13 & 14 :: Project 365

March 30
SuperDad surprised me with roses for no reason. He’s the best!

April 1st
Mason went to the doctor for his FOUR YEAR check up!

And we celebrated Joe T Greyhound’s 12th birthday. My bff made AMAZING doggy cupcakes for the occasion.

April 2nd
Joe and I were excited to see the snow starting to melt. It may be dirty, but there is grass under all that muck!

We also went out for Mexican night at a real sit down restaurant. Rare for us!

April 3rd
Fun with relay races at karate class.

April 4th
Remember how we were excited about grass? We got 7″ of snow this day….

April 5th
We celebrated “Cousin Chloe’s” 5th birthday at a gymnastic center!
april5 april5-2

April 6th
We spent the whole day prepping stuff to sell at the consignment sale and built this beauty to try to keep the toy mania under control. No more monster trucks at the bottom of the toybox. Woohoo!

April 7th
I discovered that I can have dog food shipped straight to my house from Amazon for less than it costs at the pet store. AND I found a 20% off coupon. How cool is that? (For some reason it arriving in a box amused me enough that I had to take a picture)

April 8th
The first sign of spring!

April 9th
The second sign of spring – massive amounts of water leaking into our basement :o(

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Catch the Moment #11 :: Project 365

Thursday, March 13
We had a wild un-handable pot belly pig in today at work to get neutered. It made the morning very… interesting.
Pot bellied pig

Friday, March 14
My friend and I road tripped nearly 80 miles one way so I could see the Veronica Mars movie. I’m a HUGE fan of the show and a definitely on Team LoVe and the movie DID NOT disappoint (even though my friend nearly fell asleep during it, oops)

Saturday, March 15
My friend gave birth to her first son today, an adorable baby boy (Totally cheating, as I took this picture 8 days later)

Sunday, March 16
I still have a birthday post coming, but on Mason’s birthday, we took a quick trip to Wal-Mart, hit the Children’s Museum, went out for frozen yogurt, and then at his request, stopped to play with his Cousin Chloe. We tried to get a picture of them together but they’d only sit still long enough to make silly faces.

Monday, March 17
Mason was so thrilled with the golf clubs he picked out at Wal-Mart on his birthday that we totally forgot to open his “real” present on his big day. So we opened it the next night and he was SUPER thrilled as he’d been waiting for four months for this digger!
Birthday Boy & his Digger

Tuesday, March 18
Missed this day :o(

Wednesday, March 19
Mason got a new book order and Charly thought they made REALLY good bedtime stories.
Greyhound Bedtime Story

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Catch the Moment #10 :: Project 365

It’s been an insane past few weeks and between birthday party planning, birthdays themselves, being crazy busy at work, and trying to get to bed at a decent time, my Project 365 kind of fell by the wayside. Here I am, back-blogging to catch up!

Friday, March 7
Mason got a well past due haircut
Haircut time!

Saturday, March 8
I worked on Saturday and this fellow was one of our many patients that morning.
Dog at Work

Sunday, March  9
We had breakfast for supper and SuperDad made this itty bitty little pancake. I made the mistake of talking to Mason, pretending to be the pancake and thus was not allowed to even THINK about eating said pancake or risk breaking his heart. Oops.
Itty Bitty Pancake

Monday, March 10
I had to do some laundry since I didn’t get it done on the weekend and Mason joined me in the dungeon basement for some bowling
Basement Bowling

Tuesday, March 11
Another insanely busy day and the only photo I took was to show Echo the Equinox turning over to 31,000 miles.

Wednesday, March 12
We have an absolutely ridiculous dog.
Crazy Greyhound Feral Greyhound


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Catch the Moment #9 :: Project 365

We were away on vacation for a mere 3 days and wow did it throw my blogging schedule off!

Thursday, February 27
Today we registered Mason for 4k. I had thought this was going to be a big to-do, but we basically turned in our paperwork and Mason played in both of his potential classrooms.
4k Registration

Friday, February 28
Slow news day. Haven’t taken a picture of Katze lately.
Katze cat

Saturday, March 1
Joe and Charly got a new shipment of Bully Sticks. They were very excited.

Sunday, March 2

Mason hunted for Scaredy Squirrel while we waited to check into the resort.

Monday, March 3
What Mason and Daddy do while Mommy looked for deals at the Outlet Mall

Tuesday, March 4
This bucket dumped over a thousand gallons of water every two minutes or so. It was Mason’s favorite thing of the whole vacation.
Wilderness Resort Bucket Dump

Wilderness Resort Bucket Aftermath

Wednesday, March 5
Joe was happy to get home from his slumber party and sleep in his own our bed

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Catch the Moment #8 :: Project 365

This week’s photos sponsored by the words SNOW, COLD, and SICK OF WINTER.

Thursday, February 20
All week led up to severe winter storm warnings. It was forecasted to start snowing around 1:00 and snow 8-16″ on Thursday into Friday. This was our view at 4:00 when the snow finally started.Snow & Barn

Friday, February 21
School was cancelled and daycare was cancelled. SuperDad had picked up an extra shift, so Mason and I had a snow day.
Mason in the Snow

Saturday, February 22
So, I know I live in Wisconsin and I know it’s winter, but this right here is proof that this winter has been RIDICULOUS.
Weather Forecast

Sunday, February 23
We started playing Uno with Mason this weekend and he loves it. He also wins more often than not, even without our help!
Mason playin Uno

Monday, February 24
Monday night was my first Financial Peace University class. I had to settle for a picture of the kit as I didn’t want to creep out my new classmates.

Tuesday, February 25
It never figures that when I’m running late, I get stuck behind the school bus (or a tractor)
Behind a School Bus

Wednesday, February 26
Charly apparently was very worried no one was going to remember to feed him.
Charly with his Bowl

Congrats to all of my fellow Catch the Moment bloggers – we’ve taken a photo a day for two months now!

Catch the Moment #7 :: Project 365

I ended up with ALL cell phone pictures this week, but I remembered to take a picture every day, before bedtime even, so I guess that counts for something, right?

Thursday, February 13th
SuperDad spent all day shoveling snow off the roof. This resulted in huge piles of snow in front of all of our doors. Charly now has his very own “tunnel” to the backyard.
Snow Tunnel

Friday, February 14th
We aren’t really big on things like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day around here, but I sure appreciate the flowers my hubby picked up at the grocery store for me!
Grocery Store Flowers

Saturday, February 15th
One of my friends is having a baby in March and her shower was today. As usual, I managed to take no pictures of actual people.

Sunday, February 16th
Mason was super thrilled to go out and play in the snow.
Ready for Snow Play!

Monday, February 17th
My Equinox is in the shop and they sent us home with a RIDICULOUSLY large truck to drive in the mean time.
Chevy 3500 4x4 Truck

Tuesday, February 18th
We had breakfast for dinner
Pancakes for Supper

Wednesday, February 19th
Joe and I enjoyed a lunchtime walk to celebrate temps in the 30s.
Joe the Greyhound

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Catch the Moment #6 :: Project 365

Thursday, February 6
When it was time for bed, Mason decided to pretend to already be sleeping. I didn’t quite believe him.

Friday, February 7
I met a friend at a huge fundraiser for a shelter near her place. Charly wasn’t thrilled to be there and spent the entire night hellbent on pulling me out the door, so I ended up taking five pictures the whole night and all of them were awful. This is Brandy and Lenny.

Saturday, February 8
We took Mason bowling for the first time. Expect a photo post next week!

Sunday, February 9
In December, we went to see Monster Jam. It was there I learned that there is actually a dog themed monster truck. I was way too excited to find (and buy) it at Wal-Mart on Sunday.

Monday, February 10

I worked at the clinic all day on Monday and then worked at the bookstore in the evening so I almost missed taking a picture today.

Tuesday, February 11
Poor Charly was a mess on Tuesday. Yogurt on his forehead, dead Asian beetle on his nose….

I also must note that I’M SO SICK OF THE COLD WEATHER!

Wednesday, February 12
Took the old man kitty to the vet for his bi-monthly workup.

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How was YOUR week?

Catch the Moment #5 :: Project 365

Another week has come and gone. I had a horrible time finding inspiration and motivation to take pictures this week, I’m thinking the zillion days of below zero temps is really starting to wear on me.

Thursday, January 30
It snowed pretty heavily once again Thursday morning, so SuperDad had more plowing to do. Several inches before 11 am and a “work is slow” snow day for me!
Too Much Snow

Too Much Snow

Friday, January 31
I picked Mason up some Yo Gabba Gabba Superhero pajamas a week ago and I just can’t get over how cute they are. All pajamas need footies and a cape, don’t you think?
Toothbrush SuperHero

Saturday, February 1st
Mason has found a new passion in life – playing Wii golf. Despite his baseball-style swing, he’s getting pretty good!
Wii Golf

Sunday, February 2nd
Joe got a new bed and seems to like it. He looks sad here because he obviously has no toys.
Greyhound New Bed

Monday, February 3rd
Today was SuperDad’s birthday. We roadtripped to Minnesota which meant we passed my favorite water tower.

Birthday pie!

Tuesday, February 4th
I spent Tuesday home sick in bed. It was… not fun.
Sick Day

Wednesday, February 5th
Our night time play consisted of me being a friendly snowman (aka dog toy) that needed a ride on the big truck to go buy some cookies. Mason found this ridiculously amusing and would have played it all night had I let him.
Snowman Taking a Ride

Did you catch any special moments on “film” this week?

Catch the Moment 365 #3

Thursday – Mason had a super fun time playing his favorite game “Good Pirate Vs. The Naughty Cat” (aka Daddy)

Friday – The never ending negotiating at supper time. As you can see here, we settled on eating three more green beans

Saturday – with temps in the high teens instead of negatives, Joe and I enjoyed a quick walk

Sunday – I took Mason roller skating for the first time. Super disappointed that I didn’t bring a real camera and someone to take pictures. See all the pictures here.

Monday – We tried to enforce a “three animals in bed” rule. We lost. Mason was happy.

Tuesday – A tractor line up and a happy boy

Wednesday – Temps back in the negative 20s again. Even this snowman was cold.

Despite the cold weather, we had a fun week. Hope everyone else did too!

Nurse Loves Farmer

Catch the Moment #2

I really loved looking at everyone’s pictures last week and can’t wait to peek into everyone’s lives again this week.

Here is a little bit of what our week looked like – and since 90% of these were taken in my kitchen or living room, can I just say I’m SO ready for spring to be here?!


SuperDad and I had a date night, which included going to a delicous pizza place that had some neat wintery decorations up.

We celebrated Christmas with my brother’s family finally. This was the best picture I managed to get of Mason and his cousins – they were allll waaaay too wiggly (Chloe is about 4 1/2 and my nephew is 16 months)

Mason was so excited about his Ninja Turtles track suit that he got at Cousins Christmas that he demanded to wear it right away on Sunday.

Mason received a super fun Christmas present from his friend Emma.

Mason was super excited to be able to plow snow with his daddy (not so excited about posing for this picture)

Then he came in so wet and tired and that had to take his shirt off to eat supper. And didn’t notice that Joe was sneaking his chicken nuggets.

When I picked Mason up from school, he was having so much fun with this Cars computer he asked to stay there all night. LOL

I also learned that a picture I took of Charly earlier in the week had been featured in a popular Buzzfeed article (along with a slam against our stereo *rolls eyes*)

So there you have it – our week in a handful of pictures. Unlike the first week, I took several pictures almost every day this week and had a hard time choosing between them. I’m trying to slow down and pay more attention to things like “Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t have the pile of mail and random junk in the very obvious background” and begging Mason to stop wiggling for just two seconds! Both are works in progress!

What was the favorite moment of your week?