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Catch the Moment Week #1

It’s been fun trying to catch an interesting moment every day this week. These are the moments I caught in the first 9 days of January.

Day 1: Fresh from the tub

Day 2: Today, we put away Christmas. The dogs were super happy to get their regular beds back after 5 weeks without them.

Day 3: Mason is super thrilled about his Doc McStuffin’s pajamas. Me? I’m looking forward to being able to pee in private again some day.

Day 4: We played Chutes and Ladders for the first time. Mason thinks the chutes are slides. He won, but cheated badly.

Day 5: We spent the -12ยบ day doing puzzles at the library

Day 6: I tried really hard to get a picture of the fun had during “Tickle Wars” between Mason and Daddy but failed. Missing this moment showed me not relying on soley my camera phone is a must!

Day 7: We broke out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that Mason got for Christmas. I was Raphael and he usually called me “Hey You!”

Day 8: The past two nights have been tied up by reading this book

Day 9: I love these sweet crooked little toofs

I charged up my Canon 300HS (decent point and shoot) with making my goal for NEXT week being pictures from a real camera, not just my phone.

Follow my pictures through the week on Instagram and if you’re a dog fan, I’m also doing #greyhound365 which involves a picture of my silly sweet greyhounds every day too.

Nurse Loves Farmer

If you do a “Picture a Day” recap post, whether it’s Catch the Moment, Project 365, or something else, please leave a link in the comments – I’d love to take a sneak peek into your week!