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Big Changes Brewing

This next few weeks are shaping up to be the most tumultuous of Mason’s short little life.

At the end of the month, his bff is leaving our childcare program to attend 4k in his own school district and a daycare closer to home. He and Mason have played together basically every day since they were infants. I really cannot even think too hard about how sad Mason is going to be about this without tearing up myself. Mason still is regularly sad about another close friend (Cara) who left the center in June and currently cries if he knows ahead of time A won’t be at school that day. My heart hurts for him already and they still have a few more weeks together.

The following week, Mason will start 4k. He will board a bus every morning full of school kids and attend school at the elementary school from 8:00 – 11:15 Monday through Thursday and then return to daycare for the afternoon. He is SO excited about riding the bus and going to “big school.” We’ve arranged for him to attend morning classes so might have a chance to see Cara during group activities.

We’re considering changing child care centers and if this happens, we hope to line it up with the upcoming changes above. This is a hard move to consider since he’s been with the same center since he was 9 weeks old and a lot of those girls have had a huge hand in raising him. On the other hand, they’ve had a huge amount of turnover, poor communication, issues with bullying, and the list goes on and on. No center is perfect and we will genuinely miss some of the staff if he does go somewhere else, but there have been a few too many issues to keep looking the other way. If the change goes through, he’ll be home on some Fridays with SuperDad, which he will love. The new center also has a lot of kids that have moved on from the same childcare center we’re currently at, so there will be several familiar faces there.

Part of me thinks we’re nuts for considering throwing so much at him at once, but the other part of me thinks that some of the transition will go better if he’s immersed in a bunch of new things instead of having one thing change one week and then a week later something else and then the next week something else. Rip the bandaid off all at once, right?

Decisions like this are definitely NOT my favorite part of parenting.

What big parenting decisions have you made lately?

Guest Post – The Positive Twos – by Julie from 3 Moms in 1

Today I’m happy to welcome Julie from one of the first “Mommy Blogs” I ever loved – 3 Moms in 1! When she asked what she should write about, I shared my fears that while Mason is only 13 months, ALL I see on twitter and blogs is how tantrum-y horrible “send me some wine” the Terrible Twos are and how it’s been making me want to stop time. Since her adorable Amelia just turned 3, she was the perfect person to address this very subject!

Mason’s Mom asked a really great question yesterday:

“Are there any positive sides to the twos?”

Despite having some rough days last fall, my answer came quick. YES! There are absolutely some wonderful adventures throughout
the two-year-old period.


The year between age two and three is astounding in terms of physical growth. Before your eyes, your squishy baby will become
an actual kid. My parents were shocked at Amelia’s changes between visits. Even if just a month had passed, they
could immediate see a change in her. She sprouted up a few inches, her hair grew long and more curly, and her body became more
muscular and lean. It may be sad to see your baby go away, but it is a lot of fun to get a glimpse into who they will become.

Amelia at 2


Two-year-olds are very active! Playing no longer means sitting on the floor or toddling slowly through the backyard. Get ready to
rev up your engine, because it is a year for running! Not to mention climbing, sliding, swinging, and maybe even spinning around in
circles. Those playgrounds you were nervous around last year? Piece of cake for an adventurous two-year-old.


Get a kick out of your 1-year-old’s grins and giggles? Just wait… the third year of life is when personality really begins to blossom.
This year, your child will begin saying new words on a daily basis. He or she will learn how to be funny. You will start to find out more
about your child’s passions. Amelia? She is a total princess. Skirts must be frilly, shoes must have sparkles, and accessories (usually
tiaras or sunglasses) must be within arm’s reach. I thought for sure we had a tomboy on our hands. Amelia proved us wrong!


This is my favorite part of the twos! Imaginative play shines this year. Stuffed animals and dolls become magically real in a child’s
world. Role playing is prevalent. You begin to really see what shapes your child’s world. Not a day goes by that Amelia doesn’t play
Mommy, or Teacher, or Princess. It has truly been a joy to see her imagination grow.

Amelia at 3

Don’t be too fearful of those terrible twos. Yes, you will have some painful days, but stay consistent with discipline and remember:
this too, shall pass. Smile and enjoy this year of transformation.

Thanks so much Julie! The next time I see a “Did you know that the terrible twos really start at 15 months!?” tweet, instead of plugging my ears and going “LA LA LA!” I’ll think back to your great words of wisdom about all the POSITIVE things about the twos! And as for the rest of you – go check out her blog!!

One Year Ago – Bath Time and Tummy Time Fail

Officially a One

Today when I went to drop Mason off, I was informed that the day had finally come…. Mason’s stuff had been cleared out of the nursery and he’s now a One full time. For good. He’s been doing partial days and hours here and there for the last month or so, but the last time we’d talked, it had sounded like it would probably be May before there was an opening for him.

His teacher asked to give him a hug before we went down there and I handed him over and tears filled my eyes as she said goodbye to him but assured him she would still see him now and then. This is the woman who has been caring for my son 9 hours a day for months. Who sees him more than I do. Who makes him laugh and smile without even having to try. My eyes filled with tears and I tried to blink them away. I’m not the type of person who cries over things like this.

I walked him down the hall and tried to avoid thinking about him never being in the nursery again. No longer sleeping in the crib he’s slept in for the past 6 months or the pack and play he slept in for the 4 months before that. About the toys he loves in there and the familiarity that his teachers have with how to convince him to take a nap or what to watch for with him getting too hot for his helmet. No, I couldn’t think of those things because I was NOT  going to cry.

I brought him into the ones, talked to the teachers for a few moments, and left the room. As I walked down the hall, my mind raced with all the things these people didn’t know about Mason, that they couldn’t have possibly learned in an afternoon here and a morning there. I turned back and popped my head in to ask if they were familiar with the proper way to heat breastmilk. Of course they were, they’d been working there for years.

And there sat Mason, on a little chair, at the table, spoon in hand eating his breakfast. Not in a high chair. Not hand feeding himself. Eating scrambled eggs with a spoon. My baby had disappeared in the twenty seconds it took me to walk down the hall.

I cried all the way to work.

How Come No One Told Me…

that 10 (and 11) month old’s have tantrums????

I seriously 100% thought temper tantrums were a part of the “terrible two’s” and probably began in earnest around 18 months. Imagine my horror and dismay as I watch Mason scream and cry and throw himself on the ground and kick his feet and turn red in the face over the slightest thing.

I remove him from the dog bed that a dog is laying on? Freak out!

I take away a spoon full of food that I’m trying to get into his MOUTH? Screaming and head beating!

I walk out of his sight when he’s feeling clingy? He wails like he’s being murdered!

I seriously thought that laying on the floor screaming and kicking feet was reserved entirely for kids in grocery stores and pre-teen girls. Not my little baby man.

I can’t even count on both hands (and feet) all the times that this little boy threw himself on the floor in a sobbing tantruming mess this weekend. OMG, someone tell me this isn’t a “phase” that really will last for the next three years!!


At work, I am a superstar. I can answer the phone while typing an invoice while answering a question of the person standing behind me while reading a blog entry and tweeting. And if it’s the right time of day, I’ll be eating my lunch while doing all of the above.

But at home? I am so NOT a superstar. In fact, if it wasn’t for my super fanstastic cell phone, I don’t think I’d ever get to read blogs or check my e-mail on an average day at home. To be honest, it’s been 10 months and I still haven’t figured out how to participate in life while taking care of Mason. Yes, I know I can stick him in his jumperoo and vacuum the floor, but I just used up all of his jumperoo patience by surfing the internet while he bounced. And now the floor remains filthy. The dishes pile up, the bathtub looks like something out of a horror movie. And me? I’m too busy chasing the baby to get stuff done. And when I’m not chasing him? I just want a freaking break.

I know I could clean during nap time, but then what happens to my me time? I try to get stuff done in the kitchen while he feeds himself his cereal and mum mums, but then right after I feel like a superstar for getting stuff done, I feel bad because “Oh my god, he’s been strapped into his high chair for over an hour!”

Yesterday, I got the baby laundry washed (not folded or put away, mind you), the floors swept and mopped, a wall wiped down, and the house vacuumed. I felt like a SUPERSTAR. But I also cried when he wouldn’t take a nap and spent half the day hating myself. Bad day? Yes. Superstar? Definitely not. You think after 10 months of practice I’d have this figured out….

And so it begins…

While he is not showing any interest in crawling, my little Wee Man is no longer a stationery baby.

His new favorite game is to throw things off of whatever surface he is on and then try to DIVE off after them. He leans forward as far as he can, throws whatever he has, sits back and smiles, and then thrusts himself forward as fast as he can after it.

Sitting him up in the corner of the couch while I pick up his toys on the floor? Not an option!

Hanging out in Daddy’s computer chair while we wait for him to come back from the bathroom? Bad idea!

Grabbing something from the bookcase (two feet away) while he’s on the changing table? Not unless you want a baby flipping through the air!

I never realized how much I appreciated the ability to walk 3 feet away until it was gone! Holy time to re-train the parents!!

Busy Days

I remember when Mason was about two months old and suddenly I realized I had no clue what I was supposed to do with him other than feed him and burp him and change his diaper. I sent my friend (who happens to be a nanny) a frantic text message that said “Mason is awake and has been fed and his diaper is dry. Now what in the world do I do with him?!” His transition from a baby who did nothing but sleep and eat to one that was awake and wanted company was a bit rough for me since I was (and still am in some ways) TOTALLY clueless about babies. After laughing her butt off, she sent me a list of things I could do with him.

Now, not quite two months later, that’s pretty much a non-issue. Our days (especially week days) are filled. We’ve got to get in a few rounds of tummy time and bumbo time, there are stretches to be done (ugh, more about stretches in a future entry *sigh*), toys to grab at, vibrating chairs to be played in, books to be read aloud, (stuffed) puppies to chew on, and if the weather is not too hot, walks to be had. Heck, if he takes a nap after daycare, I sometimes don’t have time to get his entire evening “to do” list done.

A far cry from my desperate cry from help a few months back. We’re learning. Together.

Out to Eat

My friends forced me to try to go back into the real world today – we went to Perkins and Mason came with. P and I have sadly had him no where but the grocery store/Wal-mart/Menards so far because of our “fear” of him going into a fifteen minute screaming fit at somewhere that isn’t easy to make a fast exist. Yes, we realize babies cry and that other people know this, but there is just something about a screaming baby that brings the fun of dining waaaay down.

I’m glad to report that throughout our trip to Perkins, which was nearly 3 hours long (what can I say, us girls hadn’t seen each other for several months!), Mason was a champ! He drank his bottle halfway through lunch even though it wasn’t warm enough for his liking and the tiny bit of fussing he did was solved with his Nuk.

All in all, a great lunch. Granted, I’m now convinced he’s used up all his good behavior (and all my luck) on this trip but I’m glad I got to spend some time with my girls and didn’t “waste” a baby-sitting Grandma for the occassion.

Grocery Shopping Sunday

As we usually do on Sunday, we went grocery shopping. Mason hates getting strapped into his car seat, but once he’s in the car and going, he’s one happy little boy. Going also includes the stroller and shopping carts on most days. Today we took the stroller into the grocery store instead of using two carts and that worked pretty well. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone pushing a stroller in there, but oh well, maybe we’ll be trendsetters!

We did have one woman stop and try to grab Mason’s shoe – she stopped me and said “Oh my god, I love those shoes!” and I thought to myself  “She cannot POSSIBLY be talking about MY shoes…” when I realized that we’d thrown shoes on Little Man. She tried to do the lovely “stranger pokes and prods your baby” thing that I hear so much about, so I thanked her and scooted down the isle.

Other than that, it was a pretty uneventful trip. Getting easier and easier to take him out and about like this, so that is a MAJOR plus.

After we got home, the temperature dropped nicely (it was raining) so we had a chance to stick him in some warmer clothes that he is threatening to grow out of without us ever having a chance to wear. So union suit for play time it was! You’ll see he’s upgraded to TWO toys in his pack and play now, although his blue dog is still by far his favorite.

My New Morning Routine

So I’ve never been a morning person. My idea of “early rising” is about 9:30 am. Of course I knew having a baby would change this, but I don’t think I realized how much!

My morning routine prior to Mason
Hit snooze several times
Get out of bed and get dressed
Brush teeth, comb hair, etc
Grab breakfasty type things (granola bars, banana, etc) to eat at work
Rush out the door 2 minutes too late

My NEW morning routine
Wake up a few minutes before the alarm goes off (which is set MUCH earlier
Get up and get half dressed (I learned quickly not to wear a top that I minded getting puke on around the Little Man)
Brush my teeth and take vitamins
Take the dogs out
Eat a bowl of cereal
Get pumping supplies
Wake Mason and change his diaper
Feed the baby
Burp and get puked on by the baby
Feed the baby some more
Listen as Mason fills his diaper with much fanfare
Change the diaper
Feed the baby some more and place him in his little chair when he starts to nod off
Wrap him up and hope he sleeps good for Daddy
Finish getting dressed and comb hair
Leave for work with several minutes to spare

And just think, in a few weeks, getting the baby ready for daycare and dropping him off there will be added to my routine. Yikes….