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Back to Work – Day Two

Today was a HUGE improvement over yesterday! While I wasn’t amused at having to get up at 6:30 am (have I mentioned that I’m NOT a morning person??), everything has just went really well today. The advantage to getting up so early is that I’m up BEFORE Mason and so I was able to get dressed and ready for work and eat breakfast as well as pump before I had to deal with a screaming baby. In fact, when you wake HIM up to eat instead of him waking US up to eat, he’s such a happier baby (not rocket science I know, but it’s hard to be the one to wake up first when you want more sleep!) Work went well and when I came home, I found that Mason had actually went back to sleep after I left and let P get another three hours of sleep.

When I came home, they were both pretty relaxed, which was definitely a good way to start my day at home. Apparently today was a day of Mommy-knowledge-breathroughs because I learned how to use my computer with Mason on my lap AND how to feed him without having to drop everything and pay attention to nothing but him. So I was able to spend several hours with him just handing out on my lap, eating, sleeping and just chilling out while I surfed the internet. It was nice to have some mental stimulation while knowing that my boy was close and content!

Around 7:00 though, I realized that I should have spent some of that “Mason is sleeping” time sleeping myself because I am EXHAUSTED! We picked up supper from Papa Murphys (our first successful “load the baby in the car for a 5 minute trip to town”) and I managed to eat some cheesy bread and one slice of pizza before declaring it was time for bed.

I may be exhausted, but today definitely makes me more confident about “Life after baby” than yesterday did….

Back to Work – Day One

Well, today was a rough day for the three of us! I didn’t sleep very well at all, because I’m ridiculous and lose sleep over whether or not I’m going to get enough sleep (Don’t worry, I’m well aware of how ridiculous that is!) I finally gave up and got up about two hours before I needed to be at work and the preparation for work and actually being at work went fine. But while I was at work being welcomed back with open arms, poor P and Mason were not having a good day. Mason started crying as soon as I left (which isn’t rare – he doesn’t normally sleep until several hours after his morning feeding) and never really allowed P (or himself) to get any more sleep.

Then, I was supposed to come home from work at 1 (they let me do one day of work from 10-2) because I had to come BACK to work at 3:30 to do some new employee training, but things kept coming up and I didn’t get to leave until nearly 2:00. When I got home, both P and Mason were at their wits end. All I wanted to do was take a nap, but P needed a break and Mason needed to be fed. He basically ate off and on until I had to go back to work. I got back home at around 5:00 and the rest of the night he was a fussy unhappy baby with two very tired parents. Even trying to eat supper was a chore. Ugh, I hope tomorrow goes better…..

Back to Work Tomorrow

Tomorrow is my first day back to work. I’m looking forward to getting out of the house, but I’m worried about just about everything else, most importantly how I will get enough sleep without taking a nap at 11 am. Or 1 pm. LOL Or how long it will take me to figure out how much time I need to allot to get ready in the morning. Gone are the days of rolling out of bed 20 minutes before I need to be at work I guess! P will be home with Mason until May 16th so that is good – that’s a few more weeks we can keep him out of daycare which is probably better for him immune system-wise and also better for our pocketbooks!

I’m going back part time (4 hour days) for the first two weeks and then I’ll be back full time, so Super Daddy will have a week of 8 hour days of Mason time, which wouldn’t seem like a lot, but he’s also the designated nightshift person – I head to bed around 11 (possibly sooner once I’m back to work) and P does the middle of the night feeding) since he’s used to being awake until the wee hours of the morning anyway. I read about so many dads who refuse to lose any sleep, don’t take more than two days off of work, and do everything on earth to avoid having to ever change a diaper and think about how incredibly lucky Mason and I are!!

Part of me feels really selfish to not be feeling the “Oh my god, how can I possibly leave my baby behind?!” that I hear from so many women when they return to work. I feel like a bad mother because I’m looking forward to returning to work and regaining some of my “normal” life that doesn’t involve spending hours watching Maury and America’s Funniest Home videos and never leaving my pajamas because I want to avoid “real” clothes getting spit up on. But, I know a lot of it is that I’m leaving him at home with someone who loves him as much as I do and knows the ins and outs of his care just as well as I do (if not even better!) I’m guessing dropping him off at daycare on the way to work will be much harder than leaving him home…. But still, there’s the guilt about not feeling as “bad” as I think I “should”  Aargh.

I am bummed because I originally planned to work 10 am – 2 pm my first two weeks back to work. This was ideal for many reasons – it allowed me more sleep, it allowed P more sleep, it let my assistant actually take a real lunch break (which he has barely had in the six weeks I’ve been gone), and it played on Mason’s usual nap time during the day, but just TODAY I heard from my boss (who I’d told about my plans a long time ago) that he didn’t want me to work 10-2, but rather work 8-12 instead. So much for all of us getting that extra sleep… Oh well, not much I can do about it! We’ll just take it one day at a time and I’m sure we’ll manage. I just wish I had more than one day notice that my original plan was not to be.

But anyway, wish us luck for a nice uneventful day tomorrow!

What once was a cat room…

Mason’s bedroom used to be the cat room. That’s right, the cats used to have their own bedroom. When we bought this house, we had no intention of ever having kids and the room was decorated as a nursery. The cats moved from my parent’s house where they were used to being shut in the basement at night (I’m the world’s lightest sleeper and kitty shenanigans would keep me awake) so when they moved here, instead of going into the cold, dark, unfinished basement, they got their own bedroom furnished with cat beds, a papasaun chair, scratching posts, and a window seat. When we found out we were expecting, we knew the kitties would have to lose their bedroom. We had the carpets cleaned throughout the house in late August and kicked the cats out of their bedroom at this time and moved the litterbox downstairs. In the 8 months that followed, both cats would still sit outside the door to that room, just waiting to go back in. It was obvious they didn’t understand why after 6 years, they were no longer allowed in their room.

Well, once Mason was born, we no longer keep the door to the room shut and when we’re in there, the cats are free to come and go as they please. It’s very obvious that they enjoy being back in “their” room even though the scratching posts and cat beds have been replaced by a crib, bassinett, changing table, and other baby paraphenelia. Katze and I routinely fight over whose chair the rocking chair really is and when I win that battle, he’s more than happy to hang out on the floor while we feed the baby or I pump. Both cats have discovered a nearly empty (sans one receiving blanket) box under the crib and they are convinced we left it there just for them.

It’s nice having the company of the kitties while I wait for Mason to finish eating or the pump to stop pumping. They don’t seem to mind sharing their space with Mason either, which is very very good.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The month of March was unusually warm (upper 70s the entire time we were in the hospital – boy was that torture) and now that Mason is a few weeks old, I couldn’t wait to get him out in the stroller to enjoy some fresh air and the nice weather that had been taunting me. What a sight we must have been – two adults, two greyhounds, and one baby going for a walk. Okay, probably not THAT unusual, but considering none of our neighbors even had reason to believe we were expecting (tiny me + big winter coat = hidden belly) I think if anyone happened to be looking out their window when we walked by, they were surprised at what they saw. The dogs didn’t seem to even notice the stroller rolling along with them and Mason was sound asleep before we got too far from home. We didn’t go far (I’m really hoping that I get some energy back soon!) but it was a nice first family outing that didn’t involve a grocery store or Wal-mart!

Holy Dirty Diapers Batman!

Okay, I knew that babies went through a lot of diapers (one reason I was seriously interested in cloth diapering, although that ended up not being the route we went) but this is just ridiculous!

We are still using the tracking charts for feedings and diapers that the hospital uses (it basically breaks the day down into 24 1 hour segments and you mark down when the baby is fed and when the baby has a wet or dirty diaper) because it makes life a lot easier when both of us are so active in Mason’s care – no need to wake the other person up and ask “When was he last fed?” or “Do you know how long he’s been in that diaper?” because it’s all right on the sheet by his changing pad.

Well, because we’re tracking these things, it is even more obvious that holy cow do newborns go through diapers!! 14 wet diapers and 5 dirty diapers today! 16 diapers in one day!! (Some were wet AND dirty, most were just wet, some were just dirty) I totally don’t understand why anyone even BOTHERS buying the 40 pack of diapers – do they enjoy going to the store every 3 days?! The doctor said we should be watching to make sure he has at least 7 wet diapers and 3 dirty diapers a day, so I was expecting to be changing him 8-9 times a day – but 16!? Holy guacamole!!

And speaking of diapers, I find the fact that newborn (size O or N) diapers are MORE expensive than Size 1 diapers totally ridiculous! They are smaller! There are less in a package! The biggest package of Pampers or Huggies Newborn diapers that we can find (not including Sam’s Club, we haven’t had the courage to make that hour drive yet) is 84 diapers. Size 1? 216.  Yet, the 84 newborn diapers cost $20 where the 216 Size 1 diapers cost $39. Seriously, that strikes me as totally ridiculous! I understand that most people aren’t going to go THROUGH 216 newborn diapers before their little one grows out of them (I’m pretty sure we will *smirk* but the fact that smaller diapers cost more just doesn’t make sense to me….

Either way, it’s very clear that we have a pooping and peeing machine!

Settling in at Home

I’d say the dogs and cats are doing pretty well with the new addition, wouldn’t you?