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Mason’s 4th Birthday – The Cakes

Mason’s 4th Birthday is going to be forever remembered as “The Year of the Cakes.”

We decided to have a separate “friend party” and a “family party” this year as I knew Mason would have a hard time playing with his friends and giving his relatives attention at the same time.

So on the 22nd, Mason celebrated his birthday with his friends with a “Jake the Neverland Pirates” themed party and cake.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Cake

Mason Blowing out his Candle

Then on the 23rd, we had a small family party at our house and Mason had a construction site cake.

Construction Vehicle Cake

Mason Blowing out the Candle

Mason’s actual birthday fell on Sunday the 16th, but I remembered last year that he was sad that they didn’t sing Happy Birthday to him at daycare and have a treat (I had dropped the ball thinking the daycare took care of this) so I sent him to school with monster truck cupcakes the Friday before his birthday. I unfortunately totally forgot to take pictures of them. #fail


Since his birthday party was a week after his actual birthday, we couldn’t just let the big day go by without any fanfare so we also had a tiny little cake at home as just the three of us.

Mason with a tiny cake

We definitely need to figure out something different for next year since four separate birthday celebrations seemed absolutely insane, but at least we can say we’ve had our fill of cake!!?

How do you guys handle it when a kid’s birthday falls on a different day than their school celebration or birthday party day?

Catch the Moment #11 :: Project 365

Thursday, March 13
We had a wild un-handable pot belly pig in today at work to get neutered. It made the morning very… interesting.
Pot bellied pig

Friday, March 14
My friend and I road tripped nearly 80 miles one way so I could see the Veronica Mars movie. I’m a HUGE fan of the show and a definitely on Team LoVe and the movie DID NOT disappoint (even though my friend nearly fell asleep during it, oops)

Saturday, March 15
My friend gave birth to her first son today, an adorable baby boy (Totally cheating, as I took this picture 8 days later)

Sunday, March 16
I still have a birthday post coming, but on Mason’s birthday, we took a quick trip to Wal-Mart, hit the Children’s Museum, went out for frozen yogurt, and then at his request, stopped to play with his Cousin Chloe. We tried to get a picture of them together but they’d only sit still long enough to make silly faces.

Monday, March 17
Mason was so thrilled with the golf clubs he picked out at Wal-Mart on his birthday that we totally forgot to open his “real” present on his big day. So we opened it the next night and he was SUPER thrilled as he’d been waiting for four months for this digger!
Birthday Boy & his Digger

Tuesday, March 18
Missed this day :o(

Wednesday, March 19
Mason got a new book order and Charly thought they made REALLY good bedtime stories.
Greyhound Bedtime Story

If you do a “photo a day” project, be sure to join the fun and link up with us here:

Nurse Loves Farmer

Mason at 4

I keep meaning to sit down and survey Mason for what HE thinks life is like at four years old, but I keep forgetting. So today, I bring you MY take of Mason at four – styled like my old monthly updates I did his first 2 1/2 years!

At four years old, Mason is

  • Still wearing 2T clothes, although some of the pants are getting a bit too short
  • weighing in around 36 lbs
  • still rear facing in his car seat
  • suddenly remembering he skipped the terrible twos – we’re all about screaming “No!” and throwing horrible tantrums these days
  • addicted to Wii golf
  • convinced he’s going to be a speedskater and a snowboarder when he grows up. Thank you Winter Olympics!
  • wondering when it will ever be Spring
  • getting the hang of riding his bike without training wheels
  • into Paw Patrol and Jake and the Neverland Pirates
  • looking forward to going to “Big Kid School” this fall (aka 4k)
  • great at playing the kid’s version of “Uno”
  • napping some days at daycare and never ever at home
  • taking karate classes
  • having a love/hate relationship with Sunday school.
  • STILL using a potty seat *sigh*
  • more particular about which pair of undies he’s wearing vs what pair of socks
  • always playing with monster trucks or construction trucks or tractors.
  • still the king of bedtime delays (It’s 10:10 and he just finally fell asleep
  • the boss of Charly – he’s the only one the dog ever listens to!
  • knows all of his primary colors and can count to 12 reliably and 30 with help.
  • very into giving hugs and saying “I love you”
  • “Can I tell you something?” is his most used phrase
  • playing with his first Lego sets (birthday presents ftw!)
  • convinced that any time it’s light out that it’s morning.

At four years old, Mason’s favorites are:

  • Favorite breakfast is pancakes or Kix Cereal
  • Favorite suppers are chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and pizza
  • Favorite drinks are milk and water (he’s not allowed to drink anything else)
  • Favorite snack is graham crackers with butter and/or peanut butter on them
  • Favorite vegetable is green beans.
  • Favorite movie is The Little Mermaid.
  • Favorite song is “The motorcycle song” (some adult rock song with motorcycles in the video)
  • Favorite friends are Aaron, Liam, Chloe, and Ethan
  • Favorite stuffed animal is his penguin collection.
  • Favorite game is golf
  • Favorite toy is the remote control digger he got for his birthday
  • Favorite thing to do is play games on the TV (aka Wii Sports) or play with his golf toys (sensing a theme here?)
  • Favorite treat is Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins or M&Ms
  • Favorite thing to do outside is play with his digger (which hauls lots of snow these days)

I’m really curious to see what Mason says are his favorites compared to what I believe they are. Stay tuned next week for HIS answers to his bi-annual survey!

What are your kids up to these days?

Last Day as a Two Year Old!

I really can’t believe it’s already here.

Today, Friday the 15th of March, is Mason’s last day as a two year old. Tomorrow? I will officially have a THREE year old!

I have to admit, the entire time I was pregnant and then after Mason was born, I pictured his first time rolling over, his first time sitting up, when he would begin to crawl, when he’d start to talk, walk, run, play with trucks, etc etc etc, but I never pictured having a kid who was THREE YEARS OLD.

Where has the time gone?!

Leaving the hospital.Newborn MasonMason on the beach.After Swimming6

Birthday Party Recap #2

If you missed the first part, check it out here.

After we opened some presents, we opened even more presents!

Mason loved all of his presents but went absolutely wild with the trike Auntie Sarah got him. It was love at first sight. And first horn beep….

After all the presents were unwrapped, we’d worked up an appetite and it was time for some awesome train cake.

I had had a really hard time deciding between a Yo Gabba Gabba or train theme (since Mason is obsessed with both) so I was thrilled when Auntie Sarah said she had made him a “choo choo cake” Mason totally loved it and was all “My choo choo train cake!!” Soo cute!

And then he played with his trike some more and just hung out with our party guests as they trickled away.

Our theme was pretty lose as I am definitely not Mrs. Crafty USA, but the Yo Gabba Gabba balloons were a big hit with Mason. None of our guests had ever heard of the show before, but all that matters is that Mason loved it!

The day ended with a good hour of outside play time.

Yay for 2nd birthdays!

This time last year – Birthday Part II / More Presents

Two years ago – Mason’s First Visitors / Hospital Day Three

2nd Birthday Party Recap Part 1

Mason’s birthday on Friday was pretty low key. He started getting his 2 year molars in, so he basically spent the evening on the couch chewing on his hand and watching Gabbas. We had pizza for dinner and called it a night.

Saturday, Mason went down for a nap at noon and woke up to a house full of his favorite people at 2:15. Grandma and Papa B, Uncle Greg, Grandma and Grandpa J, Auntie Sarah, Auntie Molly, his new buddy Bean, and his uncle and Cousin Chloe came too!

The first half an hour or so we all just hung out while Mason went from person to person.

First he introduced Grandma B to his friend Brobee

Then he read a book about tractors with Papa and Joe

After social time, we ate hot beef sandwiches, cheesy potatoes, and jello – a toddler’s dream!

Then it was time to open presents! He kind of has it down to a science now!

He got lots of fun choo choos

He even pretended to be interested in some adorable new clothes

For two seconds anyway….

Check back tomorrow for pictures of his super awesome birthday cake and his Yo Gabba friends who came to the party!

This time last year – Mason’s 1st Birthday Party