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Currently… 8/7/14

It’s been a long while, but I’m linking up today with Harvesting Kale and Ot & Et to share what we’re CURRENTLY up to.  If you’ve done a similar post, feel free to go link up too!

Mason is currently…

craving smoothies – this boy LOVES his smoothies and asks to make them all the time. Well, all the time when I have zero good smoothie ingredients, it seems.

cleaning nothing much these days. It seems like the days of dragging out 30,000 toys are behind us as our living room hasn’t looked like a bomb has went off recently, There’s been no real need for him to do much other than put away Legos or a tractor lately. I probably just totally cursed myself by posting that on the interwebz, huh?

daydreaming about vacation. He asks all the time when we can go on “bay-cation” again and then asks if this baycation can include baseball. I’m not really sure what he means by this because there’s no chance he’d sit through an actual entire baseball game as he makes it about ten minutes at the local games. But he’s been thinking about a “baseball and swimming baycation” a lot recently.

growing up way too quickly. National Night Out was Tuesday night and unlike last year where he wanted to drive all the trucks and climb on everything, this year he was more about running the obstacle course and playing on the playground. It was kind of bittersweet. Him and his BFF DID stop long enough to pose for their annual fire truck photo though!


                                                    2013 Above, 2014 Belownono14

reading a book that I picked up at Goodwill where Clifford teaches about math and Mason can move around magnetic bones to go along with the math problems. Best $1.29 I’ve spent lately.

I am currently…

craving ice cream. I’ve had an upset stomach all day and realize this would be a bad idea, but it sounds oh so good.

cleaning not as much as I should be. My computer desk is a disaster of epic proportions. Taking the usual mess of mail + stuff I bring home from work + stuff that comes home from daycare and then adding in all  my Jamberry stuff (samples, mailing supplies, etc) and ohhh man could this desk use some serious cleaning and organizing!

daydreaming about what will happen if I can ever get my Jamberry business off the ground. All it takes is one or two Facebook parties to get the ball rolling and I can’t wait until that happens to me (hopefully in two weeks!) My friend who got me hooked is making a killing just a few months in and I really hope I can follow in her footsteps!

growing larger by the day. I really need to get my mindless eating and butt-sitting under control. Good thing I didn’t throw out all my bigger clothes when I lost all those inches last year…

reading is awesome. I didn’t read much of anything in June and July and now am back at it. Just finished Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson and tomorrow I will pick up Keep Quiet by Lisa Scottoline.

Pick a topic and tell me what you’re CURRENTLY doing in the comments!

Currently… 2/20/14

This week, I am currently…

shoveling big heaping spoonfuls of denial down my throat that I could possibly be registering Mason for 4k today. That just doesn’t even seem possible.

ignoring the weather forecast. Yet another severe winter storm warning, predicting 8-12 inches of snow today. Considering Monday’s storm warning was predicting 6-8 inches and we didn’t even get 3″, I refuse to fret over the frequently overblown weather forecasts.

savoring the sound of Mason’s laughter and the fact that he is constantly asking to play with me or for hugs or for tickle fights. These times won’t last forever.

hugging Mason and Joe T Greyhound as frequently as possible.

throwing away my to-do list as I’m having zero luck getting anything important done. I did, however, finish another book. That should count for something, right?

Mason is currently…

shoveling the deck. He really wants to be a good helper, so he’s convinced that he alone can shovel the four foot high snow covering we have on our deck.

ignoring us when we tell him that no, he cannot play another 2934823 holes of Wii Golf. No, not three more either. No, not even one more little hole. No.

inhaling macaroni and cheese. I’m fairly sure mac and cheese has now surpassed chicken nuggets as his favorite food.

hugging anyone that he knows. He’s such a sweetie.

throwing lots of tantrums when we tell him no or he feels that he didn’t get to play how he wanted to play. For example. he’ll ask to play with ABC Mouse then he’ll ask to play Wii golf and then he’ll ask to do something else and then when it’s time for bed, he throws a holy fit because he didn’t have time to play with his garbage truck. Oh, nearly 4, you’re such a “fun” age!

What are you up to?!

PS – It’s totally Colleen’s fault that I’m apparently using last week’s prompts. Oops.

Currently 1/23/14

I am currently…

reading “Christmas Jars Reunion”. I read the original book right before Christmas and was happy to discover a sequel. I’ve got 12 more books checked out from the library right now and am somewhat worried about where I’ll find the time to read them all!

loving spending time with friends. Last weekend had me out with friends (baby registry planning and a playdate with Mason’s “cousin” Liam) both Saturday and Sunday and I really need to make it a priority to see these ladies more often!

wearing my scrubs. It was a goal of mine to change out of my work clothes every night as soon as I got home but I’m really bad about it. They’re just as comfy as my pajamas, so more often than not, I stay in them until bedtime. I’m fairly sure it drives SuperDad crazy.

avoiding a small list of chores I really need to do such as vacuuming the steps and cleaning out the cat’s water fountain.

laughing at Mason who is so earnest with his manners when he really wants something. It’s amazing how quickly the “Please oh please?!” comes out when it’s something that’s important to him.

Mason is currently…

reading “There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow” and “If you’re Cold and Know it Clap Your Paws” These books have been on repeat around here and I definitely like the second one more than the first. Mason, unfortunately, really feels the opposite.

loving ABC Mouse. This kid cannot get enough of ABC Mouse. If he was spending half as much time doing the learning activities as he was re-dressing his character, washing his puppy, or taking his fish in and out of their tank, I would be loving it too!

wearing things that make him happy. Lately, Mason has been super into wearing a certain character. One night, he was wearing his Thomas jammies, so he insisted on wearing his Thomas undies and Thomas socks and the next morning, he wanted to wear a Thomas shirt to school. Now last night, he was super excited “to be a Ninja Turtle” since he was wearing Ninja Turtle jammies. Too funny.

avoiding eating his supper. This boy asks for chicken nuggets EVERY NIGHT. When he was a baby and I lovingly made all of his food by hand and made sure he had VARIETY and VEGETABLES and was SUCH A GOOD EATER, yeah, that all went to crap. Chicken nuggets it is.

laughing at stuff crashing or stuck in the mud. He loves watching “Gold Rush” with his dad or silly YouTube videos and he FREAKS out whenever anyone gets stuck or crashes. It’s fairly hilarious.

Currently 10/24/13

Mason is currently…

loving the fact that he woke up yesterday to snow on the ground. The fact that this kid loves snow so much makes me question if he’s mine.

listening every now and then. His listening skills aren’t that great these days. Ohhh three, you’re certainly a challenge!

worrying about if Grandma will go on vacation again. Grandma B recently went on a two week trip to Italy and I’m pretty sure Mason now things “vacation” is a dirty word when he couldn’t go play at her house for nearly three weeks.

singing the Bob the Builder theme song ad naseum and the Barney song. I’m really not a big fan of the big purple dinosaur, but Mason singing “We’re a happy family….” totally warms my heart

reading books about Halloween!

Mason’s Mom is currently…

loving sneaking in some extra hours at work this week. I somehow used up all of my comp time and am trying to rebuild my cushion!

listening to the church service I missed this weekend online. I love my 21st century church!

worrying about not a whole lot right now. Life is GOOD.

singing nothing since Monday. My car is getting a door ding fixed and our loaner car just has FM radio. I’m an XM girl and am missing my radio stations a lot.

reading not a whole lot right now. I’m kind of between books right now. The last things I read were “Happy Happy Happy” by the Duck Commander and “This Girl” which was the very crap end to a  Colleen Hoover trilogy.

So what are you up to this week? If you blogged about it, go link up with Harvesting Kale and Ot&Et

Currently 2/15/13

Mason is currently:

LOVING his new pots and pans. I picked up an adorable play set from Ikea yesterday (anyone ever notice that 90% of play dishes are TINY and made for like, 6 month olds?!) and he’s super excited to have bigger pots that he’s allowed to play with… unlike Daddy’s stuff.

Ikea Kids Pots
DREAMING of the next time he can go swimming. We went swimming for his friend Quentin’s birthday yesterday and he can’t wait to go again. It’s been way too long!

ADMIRING his teacher at school. He LOVES MIss Marie and talks about her all the time, listens to her, and always wants to bring stuff to school to show her. Last week, he demanded to bring his flashlight on two different days, just to “show Miss Marie”

KISSING legs. He loves to run up and give you a big hug and then plant a big wet kiss right on your leg. It’s a cross between weird and really really cute.

GIFTING his three favorite daycare teachers with boxes of chocolate. I realize this was probably “wrong” of me to single them out, but he has the same two teachers in the two year old room 90% of the time and the other teacher will be his main teacher in the threes and has been with him since he was born. It was either chocolate for them or chocolates for 10, many of which maybe only see him for ten minutes a week. Blah.

WeeMason’s Mom is

LOVING: getting out of the house. I kinda sorta maybe had a little meltdown a few weeks ago about the fact that it had been MONTHS since I’d been able to leave the house to do anything without massive planning. Like, not even run to the store and buy a t-shirt. Since then, I’ve had three solo trips out, gotten my haircut, and had a girl’s day road trip to Ikea. My sanity level is so much better now!

DREAMING of warmer weather. We are halfway through February and February is usually the worst month for me (I give up on ever seeing Spring) The past few years have brought us temps in the 60s in March, so I feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is coming. Granted, we’re in Wisconsin, so we could still get three feet of snow in APRIL, but hey, warmer weather IS coming.

ADMIRING my husband for being so awesome.

KISSING SuperDad, Mason, and Joe the greyhound. Duh

What are you CURRENTLY up to?


Currently… 1/11/13

Mason is currently

Missing: his shopping cart and his ride-on toys. They ride-ons have been in the basement since the Christmas tree went up and the shopping cart went down to make way fore new Christmas toys and he asks about all of them frequently. So much for out of sight, out of mind!

Thinking: that he is a BIG KID. He hates being called a big boy or little. He will instantly correct you and say “No, I’m a BIIIIG KID!” Pretty sure this is because at daycare, they have the “Big Side” where the “Big Kids” go and he desperately wants to go there.

Moving: Hahahahah, when ISN’T he?? Typical nearly 3 year old, he plays non-stop from one toy to the next – takes out all his trains, plays for two minutes, starts cooking us some pies, then demands a TV show, only to “back u men” (vacuum) with his penguin a minute later.

Considering: the finer points of snow, snow melting, and puddles. Snow is great, puddles are great, but snow melting is sad. It’s a real issue here. LOL

Playing: Cooking us food (lots of pies, cookies, muffins, and spaghetti these days) and driving his trucks around are his two favorite activities these days, behind begging for more Mickey Mouse of course….

Mason’s Mom is currently

Thinking: that it’s just my luck that the night that I have someone to keep an eye on Mason so I can go do some “me time” shopping, it’s freezing rain. Then realizing that I hung a comforter on the clothesline to air out earlier today. And now it’s raining. FIGURES.

Considering: about our ten year plan. We should be able to pay our house off in the next 9 years if we play our cards right and it’s exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

Moving: my butt a bit more. Trying to make it a priority that I get at least 7000 steps every day and on Tuesday night, I did 2/3 of the “Jillian Michaels for Beginners” video. I say 2/3 because on Circuit 4, she announced that there were two more circuits and I collapsed and shut it off to avoid crying. LOL Was going to do it again tonight, but considering I can still barely get out of a chair, I better postpone it one more day.

Joe the Greyhound is currently

Missing: summer days of running in the yard. Snow and ice are no fun because it means no off leash time

Thinking: that getting to go for two hour long car rides today was absolutely awesome, despite spending an hour at a clinic in between his rides.

Considering: which he would rather eat – pig ear, bully stick, or peanut butter jar

Moving: a lot better due to pain medication (he’s got some senior dog back/hip pain going on, poor guy!)

Playing: “Steal the food” – someone has gotten quite adventurous with his food grabbing. He was never like that before Mason came along, but apparently Baby Mason dropping food all the time made him an opportunist. He can sneak off a snack cup full of crackers like one stealthy villain.

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Currently… 10/26/12

Mason is currently

worrying: about noises. He’s been scared of his webcam (aka video monitor) because it makes a clicking sound as it turns on it’s infrared and won’t allow it in his room anymore. He thinks a cricket in the garage is scary. Every now and then, he hears a scary noise in the middle of the night that scares him. So sad!

Listening: For the school bus in the morning. Mason’s favorite thing is to wait for the school bus to go by the house and suggest we chase it!

Wishing: We would quit asking him if he had to go potty, if he has to pee, or if his undies are dry. He HATES being asked any of these questions, yet still requires prompting (at home) to use the potty. Sorry, kiddo!

Observing: everyone at school. He LOVES telling us about the things his friends at school do every day. From “Chloe is a big grill, she wears undies too!” to “Aaron pushed Logan today!” he definitely pays attention to what the other kids are doing!

Considering: whether what he’s currently doing is worth stopping for the lure of a sticker or a new train for using the potty. Usually the answer is no, UNLESS it involves a frog potty in front of the TV. Sensing a theme here?

Mason’s Mom is currently

worrying: that the weather will be cruddy on Halloween night. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween and am so excited to go trick or treating with Mason again and if it’s raining we can’t go.

listening: to lots of songs on Song Pop. This game is so addicting!

wishing: there were more hours in the day. I could really use another 7 hours in the day – 2.5 for my family, 1.5 for the internet, 2 for sleeping, and one for cleaning.

observing – the student intern at work. I’m helping train her and seeing how a total newbie does things really helps me pick up on ways to do (or not to do) things! Also hearing people explain stuff to her that I’m still unclear on has been helpful!

considering: looking into going back to school again. I figure I must be reaching some sort of expiration date soon on all my college credits and I really should finish a degree before they disappear into thin air.


Curently… 8/16/12

Mason is currently…

Happy About – getting to leave school early today. We pulled him out to take him to Wilderness Walk and he was THRILLED to be awoken from his nap to see us there!

Searching for – his missing train DVD. We have turned the house upsidedown several times over these last few months for his “Real Trains for Kids” DVD (his favorite trains EVER) and cannot seem to find it. He’ll carry around the case and say “My trains missing. Find them?” in the most pitiful voice ever. I’m getting really close to buying another copy (and guaranteeing that I find the first one as soon as I cut the shrink wrap)

Making – food out of tinfoil. The other night he made me eggs, a taco, and a banana. Out of the same piece of tinfoil, all oddly the same shape.

Feeling – kind of sick. He’s come down with a really wet sounding cough and has been running a slight fever. Poor guy. Heading to the doctor today on Friday in hopes we can nip it in the bud before the weekend.

Going – to see a whole lot of semis at a semi truck show. Last year we went to meet the dude from Ice Road Truckers (one of SuperDad’s favorite shows) and we realized that Mason would get a kick out of it. So we’re going back again, this time to watch Mason lose his mind over a huge parking lot FULL of semis.

Masons’s Mom is currently…

Happy About – being on vacation. I was suppose to be visiting my favorite Michigan friends this weekend (BOOO) but that fell through due to plane tickets jumping $200 in a 4 hour span. I kept the time off so I’m off until Tuesday. Woot woot.

Searching for – easy answers to all the things I need to research and haven’t had time. Mainly, where to move my 401k from my previously employer, where to start Mason’s 529, what should I do for my new blog theme, how can I get blueberry stains out of the carpet, etc etc etc.

Making – umm, soon I will be making dozens and dozens of sale tags for the consignment sale that is exactly one month away. Does that count?

Feeling – overwhelmed by the vast amount of stuff I want to do in the next four days since I want to accomplish IT ALL plus do a lot of relaxing.

Going – to the dentist tomorrow. Yee haw.

How about you? What are you CURRENTLY up to?

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Currently… 7/19/12

Mason is currently…

Looking forward to –  Spending lots of time with the Grandmas. He’ll be with Grandma J at our house Thursday and Friday night and then spend Saturday and Sunday with Grandma B and Papa. Grandma J offers lots of singing, playing cars, and tickling and Grandma B has his beloved “traaaac-tor” and more Thomas and cooking paraphernalia than an entire store. No wonder he’s excited

Making – block towers and then knocking them down. That’s been a favorite this week

Working on – potty training. He peed in the potty twice in one day this week. WAHOO!!!

Reading – “Goodnight Wonder Pets” and “Llama Llama Nighty Night” every night before bed. He takes another Wonder Pets book to bed with him, that I refuse to try to read him because it has waaay too many words for Mr. “Turn the Page, I’m Impatient”

Listening to – everyone and everything. The things that are coming out of his mouth these days amuse me to no end and I know he’s just picking up language from listening to everyone around him. The other day I told him we didn’t have a second ice pack and he responded “Mason need two ice. Daddy go to work and make two ice!” Really kid?!

Mason’s Mom is currently…

Looking forward to: RockFest! Today kicks off four days of fun in the sun with my honey while we listen to awesome bands such as Shinedown, Poison, Hollywood Undead, and Papa Roach. Going to see outdoor concerts is kind of our summer “thing” and we’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while. Yay music and a few days off from work!

Making – zero progress on any To Do list. If I liked actually getting mundane stuff accomplished as much as I liked making lists about it, my house would be a lot cleaner!

Working on – Couch to 5k! I’ve always hated running but am continually drawn to this program because they make it seem like ANYONE can do it. I’m super out of shape and wanted to do something that didn’t require videos and weights and two hours a day or something, so I’m trying this. Today I’ll be doing Day One of Week Two, which means it’s the 4th “workout” and officially the longest I’ve ever stuck with any sort of fitness thing. Yay me!

Reading – Just finished Jodi Picoult (and daughter’s) “Between the Lines” and was reminded that I really don’t like fairy tales or anything remotely fantasy. Just started “Some Assembly Required” by Anne Lamott and am 8 books behind on my goal to read 104 books this year.

Listening to: In a few hours, lots of rock music. See above.

So what are you up to? Come link up!

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Currently…. 7/5/12

Another busy week around these parts. Swimming on Sunday, parade on Wednesday, and lots and lots of 93º+  days in between. Here’s what we’re CURRENTLY up to, inspired by the ever great Randalin and Wendy

Mason is currently…

Inspired by – his books. We went to the swimming pool on Sunday and he made me play an elaborate game where I was a tractor that he was riding (while he made tractor noises) and then I would get stuck in the mud and he would have to help me get out. About a month ago, we’d frequently read a book about a tractor that got stuck in the mud. It apparently stuck with him!

Devouring – blueberries. Lots and lots of blueberries. He can’t get enough. He would have a pint basket of them at every meal if we let him.

Thankful for – Many many hours of playing outside. Daycare has been big on running through the sprinklers and doing water activies outside lately and he LOVES it.

Watching – I introduced him to Garfield this week. He liked it. So now that’s four TV shows he’s willing to watch – Yo Gabba Gabba, Wonder Pets, Alf, and Garfield. LOL I so looooooooooooooove having Amazon Prime on our TV! He also loves watching tractor videos on You Tube.

WeeMason’s Mom is currently…

Inspired by – posts related to “How to Miss a Childhood” about how easy it is to be so sucked into what’s going on on Twitter and Instagram that you’re missing the story unfolding right in your living room.

Devouring – root beer floats, watermelon and food from the grill. Yum!!!

Thankful for – having great relationships with my parents and being able to tell them both “Thank You” and that I appreciate them on a regular basis. Had you asked me five years ago if I would ever imagine a time where I would look foward to my mother coming over on a weekly basis (instead of talking to her on the phone once or twice a month) I would have thought you were nuts. It’s amazing how, while never a magic fix, kids can bring families together.

Watching – Teen Mom. This show is one of my guilty pleasures. I know it’s huge and popular and I shouldn’t be ashamed, but it’s a show on MTV and I’m nearly 30 years old, so it just feels wrong. But I love it anyway. LOL

Starting – to realize that I need to stop researching and thinking about things and actually doing them. Too often I pour a bunch of time into THINKING about things like exercising more, or living simpler, or changing up my investments, but I never move forward with any of the things I research. I should really START to do that, huh?

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