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Currently…. 6/7/12

I have a million ideas rolling around in my head (and pictures to back them up!) for blog posts including Mason’s last set of swim classes, the awesome restaurant with TRAIN delivered food that we went to on vacation, the Dairy Breakfast we went too, and a zillion other things, but as soon as I sit down at the computer, I get distracted by things like Twitter and Amazon and never end up getting around to my poor sad blog. Fortunately, Randalin and Wendy came up with a GREAT new meme to help Mason and I share what’s CURRENTLY going on in our lives without requiring more of an attention span than I seem to have these days!

Sooo, without further adieu – Currently:


Reading: Several Yo Gabba Gabba books and tractor books. He’s into pointing out characters by name, telling us what the tractor is doing, and pointing out if things are happy or sad. He’s starting to sit still for slightly longer stories, so that makes me happy!
Loving: Playing outside, being able to put on his own shoes.
Eating: Hot dogs like a madman and anything that can be dipped in ketchup (code for any reddish dipping sauce). Otherwise, he’s been pretty picky lately.
Drinking: Same old same old, water and whole milk, one glass of orange juice on the weekends.
Looking forward to: He pretty much lives in the moment, so, whatever he’s currently begging for – which is either time at Grandmas, a TV show, or playing outside.


Reading: I have way too many books started and I haven’t been finishing anything, just starting more and more. The last two books I read were Wife 22 and Another Piece of My Heart. I’m in the middle of Throw Out 50 Things and The Dog Who Danced, as well as 4 other books. I’m currently 8 books behind in my quest to read 104 books this year. *gasp*
Loving: The fact that the temps have been steadily in the high 70s and the sun is out until past 8:00. I love not wearing a coat and the day feeling so much longer.
Eating: Spaghetti for lunch two days in a row. Just finished some Kemp’s Mint Chocolate Cow Tracks ice cream.
Drinking: Trying to replace drinking Mountain Dew past 8:00 with just water. It’s not going well.
Looking forward to: Going to Coldstone Creamery this weekend. Working out in the garden. Upcoming music festivals. Summer fun, yay!!

What are you CURRENTLY up to? Link up today!

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My awesome friend, Randalin, and her friend, Wendy, started a great new blog hop based on the “Currently” memes that are randomly going around the internet. So, Mason and I figured we would take a crack at it.



Cooking: Teddy Grahams and Cheez-Its – He pretends he wants to eat them, but instead instantly loads them into his frying pan and cooks them up. I’m going to be cleaning Teddy Graham crumbs out of his toy kitchen for months.

Wanting: To play outside 24/7 and only wear shirts that have tractors or Elmo on them. Too bad he has just three shirts that match this description.

Watching: Lots of Wonder Pets and Yo Gabba Gabba. Too much probably. We’ve convinced him to tolerate Alf as well. Yay for Amazon streaming.

Learning: New things every day! His language just astounds me and the other day he told me not to put pens in my mouth because that’s icky and we don’t put things in our mouth. I got an entire lecture and was pretty inpressed. Yay daycare! He’s also learning more about dressing himself every day.

Waiting: Until he can go to Grandma’s and ride his tractor again. Soon little boy, soon.


Cooking: Much to SuperDad’s chagrin, nothing, ever. My idea of cooking is putting something in the microwave.

Wanting: Time to work in my gardens. They’re not even weeded yet and I still haven’t bought plants. It’s either been raining or cold every time I have an hour or two to work in them. Or, tonight, I go online to pay a bill quick and three hours later I’m still here. Crap. I also wish a magical fairy (similar to the HobMother!) would make my BlogHer trip possible! *sigh*

Watching: Wonder Pets and Yo Gabba Gabba. LOL Not a whole lot these days, most of the my shows are done for the summer.

Learning: How to properly hold and restrain frightened animals at work. I’m currently reading a really awesome book about this subject.

Waiting: Until June 6th when all the political ads for the Wisconsin Governor Re-Election will be DONE.

How about you? You’ve still got a few days, so link up and tell us what’s currently going on with you!

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