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Catch the Moment #9 :: Project 365

We were away on vacation for a mere 3 days and wow did it throw my blogging schedule off!

Thursday, February 27
Today we registered Mason for 4k. I had thought this was going to be a big to-do, but we basically turned in our paperwork and Mason played in both of his potential classrooms.
4k Registration

Friday, February 28
Slow news day. Haven’t taken a picture of Katze lately.
Katze cat

Saturday, March 1
Joe and Charly got a new shipment of Bully Sticks. They were very excited.

Sunday, March 2

Mason hunted for Scaredy Squirrel while we waited to check into the resort.

Monday, March 3
What Mason and Daddy do while Mommy looked for deals at the Outlet Mall

Tuesday, March 4
This bucket dumped over a thousand gallons of water every two minutes or so. It was Mason’s favorite thing of the whole vacation.
Wilderness Resort Bucket Dump

Wilderness Resort Bucket Aftermath

Wednesday, March 5
Joe was happy to get home from his slumber party and sleep in his own our bed

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Catch the Moment #5 :: Project 365

Another week has come and gone. I had a horrible time finding inspiration and motivation to take pictures this week, I’m thinking the zillion days of below zero temps is really starting to wear on me.

Thursday, January 30
It snowed pretty heavily once again Thursday morning, so SuperDad had more plowing to do. Several inches before 11 am and a “work is slow” snow day for me!
Too Much Snow

Too Much Snow

Friday, January 31
I picked Mason up some Yo Gabba Gabba Superhero pajamas a week ago and I just can’t get over how cute they are. All pajamas need footies and a cape, don’t you think?
Toothbrush SuperHero

Saturday, February 1st
Mason has found a new passion in life – playing Wii golf. Despite his baseball-style swing, he’s getting pretty good!
Wii Golf

Sunday, February 2nd
Joe got a new bed and seems to like it. He looks sad here because he obviously has no toys.
Greyhound New Bed

Monday, February 3rd
Today was SuperDad’s birthday. We roadtripped to Minnesota which meant we passed my favorite water tower.

Birthday pie!

Tuesday, February 4th
I spent Tuesday home sick in bed. It was… not fun.
Sick Day

Wednesday, February 5th
Our night time play consisted of me being a friendly snowman (aka dog toy) that needed a ride on the big truck to go buy some cookies. Mason found this ridiculously amusing and would have played it all night had I let him.
Snowman Taking a Ride

Did you catch any special moments on “film” this week?

The Many Faces (and tools) of Pumpkin Carving

Last night, Mason, SuperDad, and I carved/decorated pumpkins. I had planned on sitting out of the festivities, but they needed a photographer. Mason’s facial expressions made it worth my time.

He wasn’t huge on the guts at first and kept saying “I’m all done now” and would need coaxing to continue on. The fact that he’s smiling in these first few is PURE LUCK.

And then we switched pumpkins and the real fun began…. Armed with his very own knife, Mason carved his heart out. He then put all the guts back INTO the pumpkin, only to pull them all out again.

He started getting cold, so I cut up an old onesie and made him a classy Halloween Hillbilly shirt. Who needs Pinterest when you have baby clothes and a scissors? LOL

Since I’m anti-pumpkin carving (because I am a weird pumpkin hugger) but Mason couldn’t understand why we were carving two pumpkins and leaving the third one plane, so I gave him mine to “decorate.” Grandma B just bought him a new set of tools that day, so pumpkin decorating went far beyond the stickers I had imagined….

Fortunately for you, the pictures where he was using his pliers are all on my phone and I’m too lazy to get them. LOL

Mason posing with the finished (carved) products)


This time last year – Little Tree Hugger

Two years ago – Swim Class and a Party / Mason’s Siblings



Swimming Lessons

In April, Mason finished up his third round of swimming lessons. I finally got SuperDad to come and observe and take pictures, and of course the one time he’s there (out of the 18 lessons we’ve had), Mason was in a horrible mood, refusing to cooperate, crying on and off, and just a little stinker – something he’s not done (at swim class) since he was 6 months old!

The swim classes are officially titled “Infant/Toddler Swim Class” and they’re for kids ages 6 months – 4 years. At first, I was really worried about the age variance, but the teachers do an awesome job making it something that all ages can participate in. As we sing songs and move around the pool, the babies are simply getting use to being in the water and feeling it on their bodies, while the toddlers (who are use to the water) are working on things like kicking their legs and floating. We also practice pulling up on the pool side and blowing bubbles, which is a big hit with some kids!

Since Mason and his buddy A have been in the class three times now, they are old pros. They both love jumping in the pool from the side, floating on their bellies and kicking, and A is often great about paddling his arms too. They both hate floating on their backs, but the more lessons we’ve been to, the more we’ve seen them really blossom. I would never expect my 2 year old to know how to swim (and believe me, he doesn’t!) but I absolutely love how comfortable he is in the water and think that things like floating and pulling yourself out of a pool can be life saving skills!

Anyhow, here are some pictures of our crabby second-to-last class.

He just spotted Daddy

Working on the dreaded back float

Happily jumping in the pool (Is it just me or is this not really a great thing to teach a toddler??)

“Alllll done”

We can’t wait to hit the outdoor pool sometime soon! And I know that’s not just me – Mason asks to go swimming ALLLLL the time! We’re also might try baby/toddler lessons at another area pool in July. They’re about half the cost, so hopefully that doesn’t mean they’re only half as good!

This time last year – Thrifting / Happy Birthday Eliot!! (and again this year, sweet boy!!!)

Two years ago – Graduated to his Crib / We Swore We’d Never…

The Dogs Named Our Kid

When we got our first greyhound, he came with the name Joe and we really thought that was an odd name for a dog. We spent the next three months trying to decide on a different name and never came close to agreeing on anything. At that point, we realized that even if we could agree on a new name, it would probably be pretty confusing since we’d been calling him Joe for months by then and he responded to it. So he stayed Joe.

Unfortunately, babies don’t come from the womb named. We spent months and months researching and debating. Name books, social security lists, polling other people, the internet, old family names, and on and on. We wanted something unusual enough that there wouldn’t be 54 of them in his class, but common enough that people wouldn’t struggle with spelling or pronouncing it. And then we had to deal with the “Oh, that’s our friend’s daughter’s name…” and the “Oh, I really dislike someone with that name…”, which really seemed to narrow our options. It got to the point where I was sure we weren’t going to be allowed to leave the hospital because they were going to declare us incompetent for being unable to name a baby. It seems like most people have Boy and Girl #1’s names picked out practically on conception… not us!

So when we reached the 7 or 8 month mark, we had finally both picked a name that we really liked. Only, it wasn’t the same name. Neither of us hated the other person’s choice, we just liked our own better. Given that neither name was a family name, both went equally well with his middle name, and we’re big on “equal parenting,” how in the world could we pick whose name to use?

Enter Joe the Greyhound. Who better to pick the name for our first child than “our first child?”

We rigged up some elaborate scheme based around dog biscuits. I bought a bag of those generic nasty ones that come in multiple colors but are all one flavor (supposedly, I can’t say I tried them) and we would put two treats across the room and tell Joe “Red is for name X, Brown is for Name Y” and let him choose. Over and over, even though we mixed up the treat colors, the location in the room, the “dog releaser,” and every other detail possible, and Joe picked the same name over and over.

We let Daisy Doodles have vote too and she picked the name Mason every time but once.

So that settled it. Our little unnamed baby became Mason James. No guilt, no resentment, a perfect name picked by the whole family.

Although he would have made a pretty good Owen too, right?

Vintage Baby Mason

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Two years ago – 4:30 a.m. / Best Baby / Fashion Woes

Bachelor’s Weekend!

Hands up in the air – it’s just Daddy and me this weekend!

Mommy is going out of town to visit some of my favorite aunties and play with doggies at a doggy fair so I get to play with Daddy alllllllllll weekend!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Stop by tomorrow because my BFF Cole is coming over to play! I can’t wait!

New Spare Carseat

While the Britax is a WONDERFUL car seat, it’s definitely not a breeze to get in and out of the car (at least my car) so we needed a second car seat for SuperDad’s truck. Other than the two minute drive to daycare or occasionally the short drive to the doctor’s, Mason rarely rides in SuperDad’s truck, so I had zero desire to spend $200+ on a carseat that will get used a few times a month. Enter, the Cosco Serena. $40 at Wal-mart. Normally, I would run screaming away from something like that, BUT it has excellent ratings in Consumer Reports, Consumer Digest, and great reviews online. It’s surprisingly well built for it’s price tag. And Mason? He loves it!

No more pictures please!
One Year Ago  – Full Time Daddy

Five Fingers of Thanks Friday


I’m thankful for the sound of Mason’s laughter. Whether it be little giggles, a full on belly laugh, or his mad scientist laugh (which makes us laugh hardest of all) I love how he laughs when he’s excited about dinner or laughing at a hound squeaking a toy.

I’m  thankful for the wonderful relationship Mason and his Daddy have. SuperDad is the light of this boy’s world and has been since day one.  The sight of them playing together, Mason laughing so hard, and the nights when Daddy rocking him to sleep is the only thing that gets him to stop crying warms my heart.

I’m thankful that sleep has returned to our house. For four long miserable (for everyone) nights, 8+ wakeups a night were the norm and we all began our day exhausted. The last two nights have been much better and I think we’re all starting to feel more human.

I’m thankful that anti-kids Auntie Sarah (who was my co-conspirator in all things anti-children before I myself got knocked up…) loves Mason and even puts up with him when he cries allll the way home (an hour drive) from what’s suppose to be a relaxing shopping trip. On multiple occasions.

And I’m thankful for an awesome job that allows me the time to leave work early, come in late, run to appointments whenever necessary, pump whenever I want (and not in a bathroom!), and blog while at work. While I won’t be buying any vacation homes in Hawaii any time soon, the freedom I have here and the ability to take care of my kid when need be is such a weight off my shoulders!


This Thanksgiving, I have a lot to be thankful for.

I was at the doctor on Wednesday (because now I have a horrible cough that’s just getting worse!) and the new to me doctor and I were discussing the huge amount of medical problems I had as a baby and how amazing it is that not only did I live, but how amazing it is that  I carried and gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby boy. Sure, he make get his share of daycare crud, but considering I spent the first year plus of my life on oxygen, I’ll take a little pink eye any day!

I’m so thankful that Mason is such a happy, smiley little boy. I seem to struggle more than most with this motherhood thing, so the fact that he’s a perfect angel baby from 8 am to 5:30 pm every day, full of laughs and smiles, never having had colic or been a particularily fussy baby, is something I’m oh so thankful for. One of the girls at the daycare told me on Tuesday “If I could guarantee they’d all be like Mason, I’d have 18 babies!!” Now that’s saying something!

I’m so thankful for my wonderful husband, who is just an awesome father and the apple of Mason’s eye. Someone on Twitter was talking about how their husband has not changed their baby’s diaper even once in 11 months and I almost tipped over. Heck, for the first few weeks, it took BOTH of us to change Mason’s diapers! (Newbie parent alert! LOL) SuperDad is on baby duty every night from bedtime till 4 am. During the weeks he works a lot (he works nights starting at 6 pm) when he IS actually home, he takes over baby duty entirely. Feeding, changing, dressing, taking him shopping, he will do it all without complaint. He also cooks and does the laundry (among many other things) and I just couldn’t ask for a better partner and father of my child!

I’m thankful for Mason’s grandparents. Both grandmas are more than willing to drop everything at any time and pitch in and help whenever we need them to. They both visit Mason for a few hours basically every weekend and having them so close and so involved is so helpful. I grew up with one grandmother I saw 8 days a year (and boy did I love those trips!) and other I saw 2-3 holidays a year and barely knew at all. I’m so happy that Mason is going to grow up with grandparents that he is so close to!

I’m thankful for my job. It may not be the most exciting job or the best paying job, but it’s a job that provides for my family and leaves me feeling secure and not waiting for the other shoe to drop. My previous job, I spent over a year being repeatedly asked to do things I wasn’t comfortable with and I was totally miserable I ended up getting fired and it took 8 months to get the job I now have. The atmosphere is as different as night and day and I don’t ever come home and worry about work, which is great. My job is also pretty flexible, so they don’t mind if I leave for a bit for doctor’s appointments, bring Mason to work for an hour or two, or take a long lunch now and then. I definitely appreciate those little perks!!

I’m thankful for my friends. I don’t have a huge network of friends outside of the internet, but the friends I do have are just wonderful. I have a handful of great friends I can text any time (I would say call, but I so do NOT do the talking on the phone thing) day or night and they are always supportive and awesome. A lot of my friendships fell by the wayside when I was no longer able to spend as much time volunteering and while I miss those relationships, I’m realizing now that those friendships weren’t real if those people dropped me like hotcakes once I was home with an infant.

I’m thankful for the internet and the friends who live inside of it. I’m active on a private message board that has been my lifeline for the past three yars. A group of 10-15 women who talk about whatever whenenver and we’ve gotten each other through some rough times. It’s amazing how much our lives have changed in the last three years, but it’s good to have a place where everyone knows you pretty well. I’m thankful for all the awesome people who I’ve met through this blog and the mommy blog land in general. It says a lot when the first thing I do every morning when I get to work is check up on a few key blogs because I just NEED to know how their day/week is going! I love exchanging comments with you guys, reading your comments, and tweeting with you. You’ve definitely made this “parenting in the middle of rural WI” adventure much much less lonely. For those who don’t necessarily comment but still read, I’m thankful for you too – while I say that I write this blog for me and as Mason’s baby book, it definitely motivates me that people are reading and that people seem to care about what I have to say. And those who do comment and make it obvious you care about me and my little man? Thank you so much! I think everyone’s had those days where you’re like “Oh my god, what has happened to my life when I’m so excited that this tiny child just clapped twice that someone walking by would think I won the lottery??” and having ya’ll to share those things with makes me feel a whole lot less insane!

And now, I’m thankful that I have a warm bed to crawl into so I can get way too little sleep because I’m joining all the crazy people shopping in the morning.