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Mason’s First Swear

Oh, the milestones you don’t want…

We’re all about “good words” and “bad words” around here. After a spell of saying saying stupid (and now living with the “Mommy, stupid is a NAUGHTY WORD! We don’t say stupid!!” police) and our decision to ignore “Oh my God!” and “What the heck!” Mason, at 3.75, uttered his non-parroted first swear word.

SuperDad got to daycare to pick him up yesterday and Mason looked right at him and said “D@mnit!!” After being chastised by his Dad and teacher, they went out to the truck where Mason proceeded to throw his Brobee backpack in the truck and say “D@mnit!” when his Daddy went to put him in the truck.

He was mighty upset when he wasn’t allowed to watch his usual after school TV show and cried off and on all night (oh, the drama) and promised to never say such a thing again. Some how I don’t believe it, but hey, the word hasn’t made another appearance.

How do you handle your preschooler’s potty mouth?


For those of you who don’t know, Mason has been in daycare since he was 8 weeks old. He’s been at the same daycare and for the most part, had pretty much the same care-takers, give or take a few changes in “assistant care takers.”

(Mason asleep at daycare on his first day, May 2010)

One of our favorite caretakers has been a woman named Tracy. From about the time Mason could sit up, she was absolutely smitten with Mason. Always telling me how much he reminded her of a kid she use to one-on-one nanny and always making a point to tell me how Mason’s day was, what they did that day, and any fun things that happened, even if she wasn’t the person on duty in his room that day. Mason absolutely loves Tracy and runs to give her a big hug every morning and before we leave every night. She’s referred to me as “her baby’s mama” which makes me smile.

Tracy was there when Mason first started eating solid foods, crawling, and then walking, and now talking (oh the talking…) She’s helped teach him colors and numbers and probably helped him on and off the potty more times than I have. She’s iced his cuts and kissed his boo-boos and been the giver of hugs.

She is the one they call when Mason can’t fall asleep at nap time. She sits by him and holds his hand until he falls asleep.

Being able to drop Mason off every day and know someone cares about him even a fraction as much as we do has given me an endless peace of mind. Hearing how he wakes up with a big smile on his face and says “Hi-ya!” to her and knowing that any no-nap days lately have NOT been from lack of trying warms my heart. I appreciate her role in his life more than words can say.

Friday was Tracy’s last day at our daycare. We’ve both cried about this (Tracy and I, Mason doesn’t really understand yet) I’m so sad that she’s not going to be a daily part of his life anymore since she’s been such an important one. I wonder who will hold his hand at naptime or stay late telling me “cute Mason stories” just because they’re excited too.

I know this will happen again and again in his life – important people will come and go – people he loves and who care for him will fade in and out, but this is our first real experience with it, and it sucks.

We’ll miss you Tracy. Thanks for loving my boy.

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Mason’s Best Friend

The one nice thing about our daycare is that while there is some turn over, many of the kids have been going there since they were tiny babies, and so far, Mason has had several of the same classmates since he was just 10 weeks old. He calls these kids by name and I love watching them play together.

But none of these interactions tops those with his friend Aaron. Mason is totally head over heels in like with this boy. I’m talking “Face lights up as he jumps up and down squealing and screaming Aaron’s name” in love.  So. very. excited. It’s quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

The four of us (Mason and I along with Aarron and his mom) took swimming lessons together back when Mason was only 6 months old and then took them again this past fall and now we try to take the boys swimming every other week. They love throwing the ball to one another and racing down the hall and getting into general mischief together. It’s so freaking adorable!

Mason and Aaron use to play together all day long at school too, but in early November, Aaron graduated to the 2 year old room, where he made new friends. He’s not nearly as excited to see Mason as Mason is to see him, which is a bit heartbreaking (especially when he cowers as Mason claps and screams his name *gulp*) One of the daycare teachers said the other day “Yeah, Aaron use to be “Mason this, Mason that” all the time but now it’s “Ty Ty! Ty Ty!” which kind of broke my heart a little. Who would have thought I would be this concerned about friendships at not even age 2!? LOL

From what I can tell, Mason only really plays with one other kid in his current class (other than one kid, they’re all at least 4 months younger than him), so I can’t wait until he moves up to the two year old room in March and gets around the older kids again. In the meantime, we’ll keep getting the boys together outside of school so I can hear the delighted screams of “RayRon!!” and get to use great motivators “Can you wear your hat nice like Aaron does?” while dishing a bit of Mommy gossip.

Yay for friends.

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When You’re a Mother, You…

put up signs you never imagined creating….

Yep, that’s totally the sign that I had hanging all over the daycare the past week.

Mason got a new really nice heavy weight zip up hooded sweatshirt two weeks ago. We use hoodies as coats. They allow him to safely buckle up (did you guys know that if the coat requires you to losen the car seat straps, you shouldn’t be using it in the car seat?? It’s not safe!) and this one was super warm because it was lined with that wooly fleecy stuff.

He wore it twice and then the third day, I went to pick him and it was gone. The daycare teacher said he didn’t have it when they played outside that afternoon and no one had seen it all day.  I was glad I had last year’s winter coat in the trunk of my car otherwise he would have had to go home in the 40º temps with no coat! The sweatshirt going missing obviously was not the end of the world, I know that I’ve accidentally grabbed other kid’s clothes before.

But the next morning, it was still gone. I started asking teachers and no one had heard anything or even knew the sweatshirt I was talking about. And the fact that it had disappeared well before pick-up seemed odd to everyone.

After a few days of asking teachers and everyone shrugging, I decided to take matters into my own hands and hang up signs.

They were up for several days and I started feeling a little bit silly. I meant to take them down last night but forgot.

This morning? His sweatshirt was waiting for him on his hook.

Part of me says it’s stupid to care so much about a friggen sweatshirt, but it’s the principle of the thing. Don’t take (and keep) stuff that isn’t yours. If you make a mistake, fixit sooner rather than later. Don’t take a toddler’s coat. I shouldn’t have to worry about Mason’s belongings at DAYCARE of all places.

I’m glad it’s returned and that I no longer have to feel silly about my signs. I’m going to continue assuming that it got taken by mistake (and maybe thrown in their laundry, thus explaining the time it took to come back) and that all is well in the world.

Ahhh, the joys of motherhood they never tell you about.

My Secret Mommy Confession – Toddler Artwork

At daycare, they spend a lot of time doing artwork. Every week, I’m bringing home at LEAST six art projects of all shapes and sizes and made of all sorts of… things. And today, Ive got a confession to make. Just seeing most of these atrocities in Mason’s cubby make me cringe.

I feel like, as a mother, I should be so excited to see each and every art project made by my little boy’s fingers. I should be wowwed by his mad art skills and have his creations hanging all over my house.

Instead, it’s just about exactly the opposite. I throw 90% of it straight into the garbage. Tinfoil with pudding rubbed on it? Garbage. Dead grass glued to a piece of paper? Garbage. Construction paper that was “colored” with ice cubes? Trash. A coloring book page with two lines scribbled on it? Garbage.

We’re still at the stage where Mason shows no recognition to any “project” we bring home, so I don’t feel TOO badly throwing them away, but I feel like I’m missing some sort of important gene that makes me incredibly excited about every crayon stroke he makes. Instead, I’m going “OMG, what do they expect me to do with a 10×14 paper with corn glued on it!?” I know from a clutter standpoint, we’re suppose to either scan or take a picture of the artwork so then we will have a photo to treasure instead of a giant wad of paper triangles glued to a coffee filter, but I’m not even moved enough to find this stuff photo worthy.

But I mean, really? Look at yesterday’s artwork….

(Yep, you’re seeing that right – a full piece of paper with some orange scribbles)

Don’t get me wrong, we keep a piece here and there and even have some stuff hanging on the fridge and we offer everything we possibly can to the grandparents. But most of it goes into the trash and some of it gives me the willies – I mean, can chunks of food glued to paper really be a good long term thing keepsake?!

So, is there a special place in Mommy hell for me? PLEASE tell me you guys don’t keep every piece of art that your tiny “would rather eat the crayon than color a picture with it” toddler does….

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PS – the lovely leaf  “art” up top? He obviously had help with it because you can see his tiny light scribble marks in one portion of the leaf and then the dark marks are all way harder than anything he’s ever done before and mysteriously well within the lines. Even the teachers must feel bad about the quality of one year old art LOL

Stop, Pajama Time!

Last week they held “Pajama Day” at daycare where they encouraged all the kids to come in their pajamas.

As soon as I saw the signs, I knew just the pair of pajamas!!

Auntie Sarah bought these for Mason last fall and he wasn’t able to wear them last winter with his helmet (due to his constant overheating) so I was thrilled to have an excuse to put him in them before they were too small!

Unfortunately, once we got to daycare, he refused to pose for a picture because he wanted his breakfast. But even without his adorable face, you can still see how awesome his PJs were, right?!

This inspired a lot of envy among my friends who wished they could come to work in their pajamas that day too. Unfortunately, no such luck.

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Rainy Weekend

This weekend, I started feeling bad that our house is really not any fun compared to daycare. At daycare, they paint and color and craft and play outside at least three hours a day and have a slide inside and play with whipcream and water buckets and in the sprinker and and and and….

At home? Mason’s big entertainment is the television remote and opening drawers. This weekend, it rained on and off for most of the weekend and despite running to the door and attempting the doorknob 924354 times (thank goodness he’s still about two inches too short to require further baby proofing) he got no where near his 3+ hours a day of fresh air that he’s use to. We did take a bike ride to the playground on Sunday night, but it was full of other kids he was too busy watching them to really burn off any real energy.

The other night, evening playground time was canceled for a trip to Wal-mart. It didn’t burn off much energy, but at least he enjoyed the fish….

I’m pretty much lost on what to do when it’s raining for days straight. Pushing his cars around doesn’t entertain him much anymore, he’s not really into TV or stuffed animals yet. Throwing things down the  stairs gets old for Mommy quite quickly. We did buy him some crayons, so we’ll see how he long that keeps him entertained – considering he barely can keep his scribble on the paper, I’m guessing it will be… interesting….

I can’t help but think that when Monday morning rolls around, Mason is thinking “I get to go back to daycare, thank goodness!!” *sigh*

This time last year – Random Mommy Thoughts


At least once a week, Mason is getting bit at daycare. Sometimes two or three times a week, or like yesterday, twice in one day.

The first two weeks it happened, they told me that it was pretty common – the “older” (up to 24 months) kids like to pick on the smallest kids and generally when a new kid starts, that’s where the focus goes to. I jokingly said “Well, at least his buddy A won’t be getting bit anymore!” A has always been a small fry and is probably still Mason’s size and he’s 17 months old. I just figured we’d stick it out until the next kid came along and then Mason wouldn’t be the target anymore.

Yesterday, I came to pick him up and he had TWO incident reports. First he and another kid were playing on the slide and the other kid bit Mason’s hand. I get that, they’re playing, the other kid probably got frustrated, whatever, they’re little kids. But the other report? It said that Mason was sitting with the other kids listening to the teacher read a story and a kid came up behind him and bit him in the arm. He was just sitting there. That makes me so sad :o(

Through a bit of conversation, the teacher said something that made it sound like it was A who had bit him yesterday and that made me sad. It means that A learned to bite other kids from always getting bit himself and leads me to believe that Mason is probably going to pick up the same bad behavior. And it makes me sad to think that Mason use to think the world of A and now he’s being “attacked” by him. I’m probably thinking too much into it since Mason isn’t cowering in a corner or scared to go to daycare or anything, but still….*sigh*

The daycare is doing what they can to prevent biting and discourage it and most of the reports say “just couldn’t get across the room fast enough to prevent it” so it’s not like they’re turning a blind eye to it. Later this month, another kid should move up from the nursery so Mason hopefully won’t be the target anymore, but NOW I’m dreading when he becomes the biter.

So, any advice, experience, etc with little kids being the (repeated) victim of biting or being the biter? Just a phase right? I’d love to hear your experiences :o)


PS – We go for another helmet evaluation this afternoon. Lots of good thoughts please!!

Yay Daycare

So I think it’s part of human nature to complain endlessly to our friends, but never really celebrate the happy little things so it doesn’t sound like we’re bragging… or something. Think about it – you’ll call your best friend and complain about your husband, but you don’t call her to tell her that he always takes out the garbage and kisses you goodnight. You’ll complain about the teacher who gave your son the ridiculously bad grade but rarely mention the one who is always so helpful. And we need to remember to celebrate the good more instead of dwelling on the bad. That’s why I’m linking up today with the new meme started over at Angelica’s Awesome Adventures and The Life of Rylie… and Bryce Too.

I complain a lot about Mason’s daycare. You all probably think I’m nuts that he’s still there. I would too if I just read this blog. But quite honestly, for the most part, I love his daycare! And Mason does too!

If Mason is crying in the car and I say “We’re going to school!” he stops! When he sees his favorite daycare teachers, he gets nearly as happy as when he sees Grandma. I guess yesterday one of the nursery teachers came into Ones and he totally flipped out and ran (crawled) across the room to her immediately.

The play outside a lot. Mason doesn’t like the grass very much, so they take turns pushing him in the swing. For an hour. They go on walks nearly every day that it is nice. Look at this chariot!!

Every day, they do art projects, read books, “shake their sillies out” and have a full sheet of activities. Probably standard stuff for any daycare, but it seems like he gets more stimulation in one day at daycare than he does all week at home with me.

99% of the time they feed him really good meals. His average breakfast is something along the lines of scrambled eggs, peaches, and toast and his average lunch is something like spaghetti hotdish, mixed veggies, bread, mandarin oranges and most snacks are along the lines of graham crackers and milk. They have great variety and often times I find myself going “Man, I wish I could have ate lunch with Mason today!!”

(Waiting for Breakfast)

So yeah, despite issues here and there, today, I’m happy that Mason spends his day having fun in a place that he likes.


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13 Months!

Okay you guys, this by far was the fastest month EVER! I mean, I am pretty sure it was LAST WEEK that we were throwing his first birthday party, but no, that was already a month ago. Seriously, zip zap zoom, this entire last month went by before I could even stop and take a breath!

In his 13th month Mason:

  • was still in size 3 diapers
  • grew out of some of his 9 month onesies and is wearing a lot of 12 month tops
  • apparently shrunk in the waist because suddenly his 9 month pants seem too loose. Very strange!
  • weighed in at 20 lbs 8 ounces
  • has 7 clearly visible teeth (three on top and four above)
  • spent one day home sick from daycare
  • had another plagiocephaly helmet appointment and as usual was a trooper for the 4 hours in the car
  • still wears his helmet for 23 hours a day. With the exception of his birthday party and his sick day, we’ve been EXCELLENT about sticking to this.
  • had one sleepover with Grandpa and Grandma
  • swung in a swing for the first time
  • said his first word in context “kitty” (4/10) but has never done it again (I don’t count dada and mama simply because he says those all the time regardless if the person is in the room)
  • moved to the Ones room at daycare full time
  • got bit by another kid three times in said Ones room
  • played outside a lot at daycare
  • got his first sunburn (thanks daycare!)
  • had a birthday party
  • attended his 1st birthday party for someone else
  • goes to bed at 8:30 pm and wakes up at 7:20 if I wake him or between then and 8 am if I don’t
  • ate his first piece of cake
  • spends more time throwing his treats (puffs, cheerios, etc) at the cats and dogs than he does eating them. I’d say 20% go into his mouth these days.
  • finally got to “play” in the snow
  • crawls at the speed of light
  • took 3 tentative steps on 4/19
  • visited the Children’s Museum for the 1st time
  • went to his first fast food restaurant (we just walked through in search of an indoor playland LOL)
  • is obsessed with the remote control
  • his second love is the door stop for our bathroom door. Lovely!
  • loves to tackle the kitties and slap the dogs. Neither of these behaviors is encouraged or allowed
  • played with his (2nd) cousins for the first time
  • is still breastfed and still getting 3 bottles of breastmilk at daycare (when the breastmilk freezer stash is gone, so are the bottles…)
  • eats mostly “adult” food – some in it’s regular form and some chopped up in the Beaba Cook
  • drinks whole milk with meals, well, a few sips anyway. He’s not very impressed by  it.
  • had his first ice cream (at daycare *sigh*)
  • took up fingerpainting
  • is transitioning to one nap a day (daycare policy, NOT happy about it) and it’s NOT PRETTY.
  • loves pushing his walker all over the house
  • still loves bath time although his new favorite game is throwing his soaking wet sponge or rag out of the tub and laughing like a crazyman.
  • got his first bruise (on the shin, no clue from what)
  • loves to run the ball popper behind the couch much more than he enjoys it out in the open

As you can see, this month has just been crazy! This little boy makes me laugh a hundred times a day and also makes me pull my hair out. Trying to eat supper or get anything done these days seems like a constant chorus of pulling him off the babygate that protects a huge flight of stairs with a cement bottom or redirecting him from slapping the dogs. Over and over and over again. Good thing he makes us laugh, right?

Happy 13 months, little man!!

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