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Weekly Wishes #6 :: April 7-13

Last week’s Wishes

1) Finish picking up my computer desk. – Didn’t happen, it looks worse now than it did last week :o(

2) Wean Mason from Wii Sports. – Not totally weaned, but he played much less this week than past weeks.

3) Buy my niece her birthday presents. – Yes, I got her a Watch it Grow Butterfly Garden and some Shrinky Dink Jewelry and art supplies. Thanks for the suggestions Lori, LeeAnn, and Jayme!

4) List items for sale on Facebook Buying/Selling Pages and get at least half of my consignment sale prep done. – Stuff is selling like hotcakes on Facebook – woohoo!! Consignment sale prep is… started.

5) Be a better friend. – Talked to my friends more but I should have put even more effort into this one.

This week’s Wishes –

1) Finish picking up my computer desk.

2) Less TV Time, more Toy Time for Mason

3) Be a better blogger this week. Comment more and post more.

4) Be a better wife this week. During SuperDad’s busy work week, we kind of end up being like two ships passing in the sea. Make the most of our limited time together.

5) Be a smart consignment sale seller and shopper. Get my stuff done in bits and pieces over the next three days instead of staying up till 2 am on Wednesday night doing it all at once. And then when I’m shopping, don’t fall into the “but it’s a good deal” trap! No buying Mason stuff that he’s almost too big for (even if it’s REALLY cute and he could wear it for a few months) and NO MORE toys. Unless of course, it’s the best deal ever *insert evil laugh here*

So, what are your hopes and wishes for this week? I’d love to hear about them!

Free Personalized Card from Treat!

You know how I said I LOVE Christmas cards?! That may come as a surprise for those who know me outside of the internet because other than Christmas, I am HORRIBLE at sending cards. Birthday Cards, Anniversary Cards, even shamefully Thank You cards…. Heck, my Dad’s Father’s Day Card is still sitting in my car, five months later…. I always vow to do better “next time” but somehow, best of intentions hasn’t gotten me very far.

That’s about to change. I’m officially declaring my 31st year (have I mentioned I turn 30 on Friday?!) “The Year of the Snail Mail Card”

Thankfully, Treat is going to help me kick this goal off right!

From their website: “Treat is Shutterfly’s exciting new greeting card brand that makes it easy for people to create and send one-of-a-kind greeting cards. Treat cards are perfect for holidays, birthdays, congrats, thank yous and every occasion in between. It’s crazy fun. It’s super easy. And it’s totally personal.”

How does this help me? They’re making it SUPER EASY for me to get started on the right foot – today and tomorrow (November 19th and 20th) you can send a FREE personalized card to a friend or relative. Whether saying thanks for Thanksgiving, wishing a best friend a holiday birthday, or simply sharing the holiday cheer with a just because card, Treat lets you create a one-of-a-kind card and will even mail it for you! How awesome is that??

So, join me in sending more than just Christmas cards this year!

Visit and use coupon code TREATBLOGR to send YOUR free card!

Goodbye Little Blue Carseat

As some of you might remember, we switched Mason to his bucket seat a long time ago. Ever since then, I’ve been listing it every now and then on Craigslist while keeping my ear open for any acquaintances that might want a gently used “boy’s” carseat.

Well, turns out that we got lucky. A 35 week pregnant WITH TWINS lady contacted me and didn’t blink twice at the $50 price tag (my Craigslist strategy is to aim high and bargain down!) and we went to meet her on Friday.

The night before the big sale, SuperDad cleaned up the seat (which had been sitting in the basement for months) and was just shocked at how small it seems.

Can you believe that Mason was ever this little??

(Okay, his legs were a bit longer, but not much!!)

Before we carted it away, Mason had to say goodbye to his beloved seat and remind us that he’s grown oh so much.

Goodbye bucket seat. We’ll never forget bringing home our 6 pound newborn in you, you taking him safely to the doctor, to daycare, and everywhere we went for those first 10 months. Thanks for keeping him safe and thanks for the $50.

This time last year – My 0-3 Month Must Haves / Evil Cough

Yo Gabba Gabba Live Minneapolis – Preview & Giveaway

On September 15th, SuperDad, Mason, and I will be heading to the Minneapolis State Theatre to see Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE! We’re very excited about this since we LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba and we think you guys should be excited too! The theme this year is “It’s Time to Dance!” and Mason loooooooooooooves to shake his little booty!

Here’s info from their May press release to catch you up to speed –

“On the heels of receiving two Daytime Emmy nominations, a season 4 pick up from Nickelodeon and phenomenal ticket sales for their upcoming live tour in Australia, Yo Gabba Gabba! announced they will rock the preschool and young adult set in over 50 cities across North America in 2011 when today’s hottest live show returns this fall. Enthusiastic fans of all ages have the opportunity to see the characters come to life on stage for a live show experience like no other.  Kia Motors America will reprise their role as presenting sponsor of the tour.  The tour will kick off in Minneapolis at the State Theatre on Thursday, September 15 and will wrap on Sunday, December 11 in Fort Lauderdale at the Broward Center.[….]

YO GABBA GABBA! LIVE!: It’s Time to Dance! Presented by Kia Motors promises to be a memorable experience, featuring a mix of classic Yo Gabba Gabba! favorites, as well as new songs and new performances. The state-of-the-art, high-energy production features DJ Lance Rock, Brobee, Foofa, Muno, Plex and Toodee, and a mix of music, animation, games, singing and dancing.

Yo Gabba Gabba! is one of the most popular series on television worldwide and on stage, with broad appeal among preschoolers, their indie-rock loving parents, teens and young adults. The award-winning series, created by Christian Jacobs and Scott Schultz, is produced by The Magic Store and W!LDBRAIN Entertainment. S2BN Entertainment, in association with The Magic Store and W!LDBRAIN Entertainment, produces the live show. [….]

YO GABBA GABBA! LIVE! THERE’S A PARTY IN MY CITY took place in over 60 cities in the U.S. in 2010. The 2010 live show played to over 300,000 fans in sold out theatres in all major cities, including Radio City Music Hall in New York and NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles. The live show featured celebrity guest performers, including The Aquabats, Devendra Banhart, Black Kids, Zac Brown, Cold War Kids, Matt Costa, DMC (Run DMC), Drive By Truckers, Dave Grohl, John Heder, Kid Koala, Mates of State, Jack McBrayer, Mix Master Mike, Moby, Ozomatli, Shaggy, Snoop Dogg, Shooter Jennings, Steel Train, Talib Kweli, Nicole Richie, Kid Sister, Keri Russell, Lou Diamond Phillips, Jason Reitman and more.”

Doesn’t that sound AWESOME?! In preparation for the big day, we’ve been renting Yo Gabba Gabba movies from the library, reading Yo Gabba Gabba books, and doing lots of DANCING! I think SuperDad and I are more excited about the show than Mason is at this point since Mason is not a huge TV watcher yet, but he loves to DANCE and is a people watcher, so I’m sure we’ll all have a great time. Wouldn’t it be super fun if Snoop Dog or Jack Black made an appearance at the Minneapolis show?!

The Minneapolis show kicks off their tour and features a 3:00 show and a 6:00 show (LOVE that they have something available for all us parents who can’t always get off of work for this stuff!) and tickets range from $36-$58 and can be purchased here for all shows

Anyway, here’s the part you’ve been waiting for. Adventures of a Wee Mason and AEG Live have teamed up to give away 2 tickets to the 3:00 show at the Minneapolis State Theatre on September 15th!!

Here’s what you need to do to enter to win:

Mandatory entry – Post a comment and tell me your what your favorite Yo Gabba Gabba song is or who your favorite guest star has been!

Additional (Optional) Entries – leave a comment for each

Tell me your kid’s (our your) favorite Yo Gabba Gabba character

Follow Yo Gabba Gabba on Twitter

Follow Yo Gabba Gabba on Facebook

Follow Minneapolis State Theatre (aka Hennepin Theatre Trust) on Facebook

Follow me on Twitter

Leave a comment if you were already a GFC follower before reading this

Tweet about the giveaway and leave me link.  Sample:  I want to win Tickets to Yo Gabba Gabba Live on 9/15 in Minneapolis from @weemasonsmom #giveaway #win #yogabbagabba  (You may tweet daily for an entry each day)

Two Entries (Two Comments)

Post this giveaway on a giveaway linky where it does not already appear and leave me the link

Post my button on your blog and leave me the link where it is

Five Entries (Leave Five Comments)

Blog about this giveaway and leave me the link!

Other info –

This giveaway will run from 7/29 till 9 pm CST on August 31st. Winner will be drawn using and has 48 hours to respond to e-mails or a new winner will be drawn.

Happy entering! I can’t wait to see who will be joining us to see YO GABBA GABBA!!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated monetarily for this giveaway. I was, however, given a pair of tickets by Hennepin Theatre Trust and a pair of tickets to give away by AEG Live. All thoughts and opinions expressed on the blog are my own personal opinions and not affected by this compensation in any way.


While I’m not big into fashion and vintage clothes and household items, I still LOVE shopping at thrift stores and garage sales. 80% of my warddrobe is from the local thrift store and Mason’s book collection is growing in leaps and bounds from garage sales. Why pay $7 for a board book when I can get it for 50 cents?!

I find it VERY amusing that three years ago, Auntie Sarah and I would purposely avoid garage sales that had a bunch of kid stuff at them and now, those are the only kind I intentially seek out.  Last Saturday, I hit paydirt and ended up buying Mason three outfits, two big toys, and about 15 books for $10! Then, at our local animal shelter’s garage sale today, I scored him two BAGS of clothes, this awesome $40 ride on lion (the second to last picture shows it in “ride on” mode),  and another dozen books for just $9!

Mason approves of his 25 cent ride on turtle!



Featured Friday

So nothing exciting from Casa De Mason to report, so I figured I would report some exciting things my friends have going on!

First off, I mentioned it the other day, but Mason’s favorite Auntie has started her own jewelry business! Her creativity astounds me and I swear she’s coming out with 20-30 new pieces every week at least!. I already own two of her necklaces, 2 bracelet, and just bought my mom some earrings. She just did her first home party last weekend and is doing some shows later this month. I’m so excited for her! Check out her stuff on etsy.


And then earlier this week, my Twitter buddy Colleen launched an awesome shop full of the most ADORABLE vintage baby clothing. Colleen’s husband is over in Afghanistan right now, so buying from her shop is like supporting our troops, right?? You guys have to check this stuff out! If you’re looking for one of a kind items for your little one, this is the place to go!


And then there is my co-worker’s wife who has turned her love of cute headbands and hats for her 15 month old daughter into her own business. If you’ve got a little girl, you have to check out My Bloomies


And lastly, my friends Sarah and Cole are participating in the March of Dimes March for Babies. This 5 mile walk takes place at the end of April and they are committed to raising $500 for families who have preemie babies. I spent basically the first year of my life in the hospital, so I really appreciate programs such as the March of Dimes and think everyone who has a baby or loves babies should support this worthy cause. So throw some money their way!


So there you have it folks – it’s Friday, maybe you just got your paycheck – it’s time to spread the love!

Black Friday Mania

So everyone kept telling me I’m crazy for going out shopping on Black Friday and asking me for updates and I couldn’t figure out how I could possibly sneak such an entry into Mason’s blog, since, well, he didn’t come with and slept through all the action. But then I realized how I could tie it in  – A while back, I wrote about how Mason has taken over my brain. Apparently, Black Friday is no exception!!

First off, keep in mind that I live in a very rural area. The nearest “city” is population 8000 and Target/Kohls/Lowes/Best Buy/etc are all an hour drive away. So my crazy crowds and full parking lots are nothing like the crazy crowds and full parking lots of those cities of 500,000 people! It’s all relative! My crowds are HUGE for here, but for all I know, they are an average shopping day in NYC!

Black Friday is definitely my “big hurrah” of the year. I’m crazy cheap and rarely spend money on myself for things other than food, so I go kind of crazy on Black Friday -update my wardrobe, buy a gadget or two, get new bedding for SuperDad and I, and do a little Christmas shopping while the deals are awesome!

Anyway, I left the house at 4:50 am and my first stop was JCPenney. I go here every year to buy my “signature sweater” which is a sweater I have in a whole bunch of colors that is my standard work “uniform.” This year, I was excited that they came out with stripes and several new colors! I avoided the main checkout and checked out at the jewelry counter with no wait! I bought myself 5 sweaters and got Mason 4 outfits and 2 long sleeve shirts. Total savings of $149.

My next stop was the Imagination Station, which is a smaller locally owned toy store. After hearing Shawntae’s raves about these, I decided to pick one up for my niece. I figured this would be the place to go because I wouldn’t have to fight any huge crowd. I was in and out of the store in under 3 minutes and saved $6.

My next stop was Herbergers. I picked up 2 pairs of penguin socks, a down alternative comforter, and two sets of really nice sheets. I checked out clothes here for the Wee Man, but didn’t really see any deals that caught my eye. I waited in line behind one person and saved $218.

My next stop was Menards, which is similar to your Lowe’s or Home Depot (I think) My whole reason for going here was that they had GIANT dog beds on sale for $8. Dog beds of these size generally run around $70 in pet stores, so I couldn’t pass that up. Menards is one of the three worst (with Wal-mart and Shopko) for crazy Black Friday crowds, so I thought I was being smart by showing up an hour after they opened instead of at opening. The place was a crazy mad zoo with barely walking room and lines to the back of the store and it turned out that they opened later than I thought and I had arrived 15 minutes after the mayhem had started. I bought my pet bed (sold out in the color I wanted, but the color I got was fine), a shopping cart/play food set for Mason for $7 to store away till way down the road, lots of batteries (30 packs for $1.99, most of which will go into Mason things!) a tripod flashlight for my dad, a cat bed, two dog toys as gifts, and I picked up a bathroom scale and 2 tripod flashlights for a coworker. I ended up waiting in line for close to an hour here, but everyone around me was in a great mood and we talked about our dogs (everyone had those dang dog beds!) and the time passed at a fairly reasonable rate. End savings of $153 and my coworker tipped me for my services!

Last stop of the day for me was K-mart. I picked up 5 cute blanket sleepers for Mason, a box of chocolates for my father-in-law, a 600 thread count sheet set, and two picture frame collages. I checked out the Buy One Get One Free sale on Fischer Price Toys, but they were pretty well picked over by this point. I walked up and was greeted by an open cashier and was in and out.  Total savings of $109.

I was back home and relaxing by 8:45. Grabbed some breakfast, and went into work until 2:30 (I took a half day so I could shop in the morning and nap in the afternoon, before I realized there would be no napping because the daycare was closed). So three hours and 45 minutes of shopping and I saved a total of $629, or $168/hr.

In conclusion? Mason and I have a lot of new clothes, the dogs are loving their new bed, I’m looking forward to sleeping in all of our fancy new bedding, and I totally love Black Friday!!

Final Score
Me: 7 items
Mason: 13 items
House: 5 items
Critters: 2 items
Gifts: 4 items

WINNER? Mason!

Tis the Season for Holiday Cards (and Shutterfly!)

Christmas Cards are a HUGE thing at my house. I host a giant greyhound owners Christmas card exchange and as a thank you, I generally receive about 100 cards from it. On top of the cards that I send for that (no where near a hundred!) we also send cards to all the relatives and over the years, our cards have become somewhat famous. Being the token “child-free” couple on Christmas’s past, our cards have always featured our dogs and cats, sometimes in costume, sometimes in front of the tree, but always doing SOMETHING to try to rival everyone else’s rugrat cards. And it must work, because come February, people are already asking what we’re doing the next Christmas for our photo!

Most every year (except the year we waited until two days before they needed to be in the  mail!), we get our cards from They have a GREAT selection of cards, great prices, and fast shipping. Unlike at Wal-mart and other big box stores, you don’t just get the same 6 or 7 designs that every single person on earth is using. You really have options.

Here are some of the designs I’m considering for our 2010 Christmas cards. (Sorry, I was originally going to insert pictures, but then I realized that those wouldn’t be the pictures I would use anyway, so you get random internet kids instead!)

I love that it has room for lots of pictures of different sizes!

This would be a fun one to reflect what Mason and the dogs and cat thought of 2010

Every year we talk about doing the folded (standard) card type photo cards and every year we decide they’re too expensive. Well, at $1.59 a card (when you buy more than 20), that’s definitely doable since we’d be spending $2.29+ each in a store for a boring non-photo card!

If we wanted, we could make this a really late birth announcement and Christmas card all in one!

I like this card because I wouldn’t feel bad about sending it to my Jewish and other non-Christian friends!

I also poked around more than I usually do and discovered that Shutterfly offers custom gift tags. Everyone who knows me in real life would know who their gift was from without even reading the name if they saw this…

And I could also get awesome address labels from them… with penguins on of course

They also offer really cool looking wall calendars – much fancier looking than the “We blow up your picture to fit the page” ones Office Max has and a better price! I used to do photo calendars every year for my parents and mother-in-law and may have to revisit that idea!

Anyway, now that I’ve spent way too long analzying alllll the awesome options for great Christmas cards, does anyone want to stop by and help me fit two adults, a baby, 2 large dogs, and 2 barely-baby-tolerating cats into one blissful holiday photo??

Yeah, me either!!

I received 50 free holiday cards from for writing this post and you can too by visiting this link (Select Clever 1000 as the referal) I am already a Shutterfly customer,  but this just proves how awesome they are!

Weekend WON It!

So I almost didn’t do a “Won It!” entry for October because I didn’t win enough things to make it worth an entry, but then I had a magical day on Wednesday and received notice that I won FOUR things! Every time I checked my e-mail, there was more good news! I meant to buy a lottery ticket on my way home, but I totally forgot. Guess I won’t be giving out millions of dollars to my readers this week. Bummer.

The first thing I won was a $50 Gift Certificate to Cards Direct from Kiddies Korner Deals. This is awesome because we LOVE our photo Christmas cards and are actually pretty “famous” in our family for them – people are generally asking by February what sort of wacky thing we’ll be doing in our Christmas cards the following Christmas. This year will really be a challenge with 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a MASON to fit in the photo!!


Then I won a Simple Wishes Pumping Bra from One Frugal Lady. I’ve toyed with buying one of these since I was pregnant and just couldn’t bear the idea of spending more than $14 for a bra. (Yes, I buy all my bras at Target, what’s it to you? LOL) I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and was super excited to win one, even though I only have 4.5 months left of pumping (Side note: WOOHOO!!!) I was super impressed that I received the pumping bra in less than a week of winning the giveaway – now THAT is customer service!

So then we get to the magical day that was last Wednesday.

First, I get an e-mail from Cole’s Mom saying I won The Robot book over at Cole’s First Blog. Mason’s still in the “books are just for chewing on” stage, but I’m sure he’s going to love this once he gets Cole’s age! Thanks so much, Sarah!

Then I got an e-mail that I won a Large Tangiball from Discovery Toys over at Lucas’s Journey with SPD. Lucas’s mom just did a HUGE awareness event for SPD and some awesome giveaways from some awesome sponsors were a part of that awareness event. I feel very fortunate that Mason and I were able to win something through her efforts to raise awareness about SPD!


Then, are you guys ready for this?? I WON AN ERGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right, I finally won my much covetted Ergo! From the lovely Christa over at Little BGCG & His Mom Review It! I’m glad my work office is empty other than me for most of the day because I spent a LOT of time squealing over this on Wednesday!! Now before you all go “Oh my god, you win EVERYTHING!” please note that I’ve entered every Ergo giveaway on the whole world wide web since July, including one where I entered at least 400 times over a month long period. So it’s not like I have just one entry and my luck is THAT good…. But still, I am one lucky gal! I can’t wait to get my Ergo!

And then if that wasn’t enoough, a few hours later I got an e-mail from Darcie over at Gusta Gab Reviews that I won a $35 CSN Stores Gift Card. I’ve entered a lot of CSN Card Giveaways and I always say that I want to get Mason the deluxe Radio Flyer Wagon, but I think I’m going to buy some smaller stuff with this instead since Christmas is coming. Now I just need to decide if I’m going to put it towards a dog bed or Mason things. Hmmm….

Other than my quest for an Ergo, I haven’t really spent much time entering giveaways lately (which explains why I almost didn’t do an entry until Magical Wednesday came along) but since I want you guys to see what cool stuff is out there to win, here are some I just looked up that I need to find some time to enter and so do you!

A Levano IdeaPad Laptop

$100 Think Geek Gift Certificate

RCA HD Video Camera

$50 Gift Certificate

$100 CSN Stores Gift Certificate

Scentsy Warmer Giveaway

Apple iPod Touch

$50 Wal-mart Gift Card

Weekend WON it!

So as a spin off as LeeAnn’s Weekend Win It, where you can see a great list of all sorts of different things you can win in blog giveaways this week (or post your own links) I decided since another month has passed, it’s time to show you what we WON this past month! While I still haven’t won my much coveted Ergo (despite having probably close to 400 entries into one giveaway!!) I definitely still have some luck going on!!

We won a set of sticky labels by mabelfrom I am Wicked Cheap. Since Mason is a daycare baby and baring unforseen circumstances will be until he starts school, these will definitely come in handy! And they’re a lot cuter than that plain white labeler labels we use now!  Thanks so much, Alicia!!


We won a set of 5 cloth wipes from Chica BOO at His Little Mrs. Other than “boy fabric” I have never even seen a picture of these sure to be awesome wipes, so they are going to be a fun surprise! We don’t actually USE cloth wipes (sorry environment) but maybe these will make us change our minds and if not, I bet they will work much better than the dinky little washcloths we use for wiping faces and puked on chests. Thanks a lot Tiffany!!!

shoes We won an adorable pair of ShooShoos from Familyicious Reviews and Giveaways It was so much fun to look through all the ADORABLE little shoes and pick a pair out for my little man. He’s gonna love these once he starts becoming more mobile! Thanks a lot Debra!

Bag And then on the Hayneedle Twitter Party, we won a Kalencom Elanor Diaper Bag! For those of you who don’t know much about diaper bags (*raises hand*) this is a fancy expensive diaper bag worth $120! Holy cow!! I think at that price it should come stocked with diapers AND change the baby for me, don’t you? Okay, so I’m cheap! But hey, I won this! Woohoo! Thanks a lot Hayneedle and TwitterMoms! My first Twitter Party was fun!!

And then outside of the internet, I saw on Facebook that a local TV station was giving away a Packers Gift Basket if you sent in a text and my brother in law is a HUGE Packers fan. Imagine my surprise when two days later, I received a text saying I’d won! I picked it up and it turned out to be an ACME Packers gift basket, which really threw me for a loop since I know nothing about football and have never heard of the Acme Packers. It has a mug and a bobble head and a pendant and a few other things in it. Hopefully BIL likes the Acme Packers! Thanks local TV station!

People keep saying “You must invest hours every day into this if you’re winning all these giveaways!” and that’s so not the case! I spend about 15 minutes a day entering new giveaways and/or tweeting about giveaways I’ve already entered for additional entries. Then usually about once a week, when I have some free time, I spend 30-45 minutes doing the same. I’m already spending the time online and so why not? It’s a fun way to see new products (like, now thanks to Thanks Mail Carrier I’m obsessed with getting Cloudstar zip-off sheets) and 15 minutes a day for all the cool stuff I’ve won? Totally a great deal to me!

Some ongoing Giveaways that I’d love to win:

Adorable Animal Kidorable Umbrella – Seriously, I would have LOVED an umbrella like this as a kid. And I’m sure Mason would look adorable with his own super cute umbrella

$25 Amazon/Target Gift Card – My two favorite stores. Enough said!


$750 into my Paypal Account – Oh, what I would do with a free $750?? It would almost be like winning the lottery!

$50 GC to My Baby’s Green Store – They have such cool stuff! I could even buy an ARMY of Sophie the Giraffes. And then Joe the Greyhound could have one too! (kidding)

An Ergo Baby Carrier – Please oh please??

$90 GC to CSN Stores – There is so many cool things at CSN Stores that we’d love to buy! A Radio Flyer Wagon! A new dog bed! Gadgets!

Scentsy Halloween Set – I love Scentsy!!! We currently have a burner in our kitchen and about 29348 scents to go in it, but this adorable pumpkin plug in could bring the joy to the rest of the house during the holiday season!

Jumpin Jax Holiday Card Design – Becca did my awesome blog header and I plan on buying her holiday card design skills from her if I don’t win this. Seriously, no more boring “everyone else in town picked the same design” Christmas cards! Awesome!

So there you have it! My lucky winnings and some stuff I’d love to win! How about you guys? Any giveaway items you’re lusting after? Won anything fun lately? I’d love to hear about it!

PS – Don’t forget OUR awesome giveaway for $50 GC to buy stuff for your lucky pet!! Ends Monday night!