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Still Loving Giveaways!

So like I posted before, we are in LOVE with Blog Giveaways around here!

For those who don’t know, a lot of blogs do reviews of stuff and then GIVE something away – they might review an online store and then give away a gift certificate to that store. To enter, you have to comment in regards to a specific question (such as “What would you buy?”) and after you do that, you can also get additional entries for things like following them on twitter, liking them on Facebook, reading other posts, etc etc. It’s easy and it’s fun.

This past month, our luck has definitely continued!!

First off, we won a MamaRoo from Thanks Mail Carrier

For those of you who haven’t heard of a MamaRoo (which, since it sells for $200, definitely isn’t something you find at Wal-mart!) – it’s the baby swing of the 21st century.  It has 5 different motions – it mimics a car ride, a tree swing, a kangaroo, a wave, and rocking and also has multiple different speeds! One of these days I’ll be dedicating an entire post to the MamaRoo, but in the meantime, Thank you SO much Xenia at Thanks Mail Carrier!

We won an adorable Baby Bouquet from What’s in Stork over at Smart and Trendy Moms



What you can’t see here is that this bouquet is actually a onesie, socks, bib, hat, and burp cloth cleverly disguised as a bouquet. How cool is THAT?! Thank you so much Jennette at  Smart and Trendy Moms!

We won a SuperGoop Sunscreen Package from Children Teaching Mama

The package included a tube of SuperGoop, SuperGoop in a stick applicator, and 8 Sunscreen WIPES. SuperGoop is a great SPF 30+ sunscreen that avoids a lot of the popular nasty chemicals that you find in most sunscreens out there. Thanks a lot Roxanne at Children Teaching Mama!

And then last night, I got great news! We won a Safety First AdapTable Highchair from Familyicious Reviews and Giveaways

With Mason starting solids some time in September, this is just PERFECT as we hadn’t bought him a high chair yet. He’ll be just fine eating in his Bumbo until the high chair arrives, but we’re super excited to have this expense taken care of AND I no longer have to spend hours researching the best high chair because “won as a prize” works for me! Thanks so much Debra at Familyicious Reviews and Giveaways!

I’ve NEVER won anything (except an Easter Basket from W@lm@rt in 4th grade) so the fact that I’ve had such great luck with these blog giveaways is SO exciting! A lot of people ask me “Where do you find the time to enter all these?” and the answer is – I can use the internet at work! When I’m home with Little Man, I rarely seem to have the time to get online (until after he goes to bed) but my workplace has a very lenient internet policy as long as my work is getting done, so I get time every afternoon (usually) to enter some giveaways and try to stay up on my blog reading. And that little time investment is definitely paying off!

Here are some giveaways you guys might be interested in:

Bumbo Baby Seat and Tray (we love ours!)

Powermat (I want one!)

Evenflo Car Kit (We plan on lots of car trips next summer!)

$50 Gap Giftcard (we don’t have one around here, but you might?)

$20 Gift Card (Who doesn’t love Amazon?!)

$100 Children’s Place Giftcard

No-Throw Sippy Cup Leashes

SodaStream Soda Fountain Thingy (Gadget + pop = love)

Ergo Baby Carrier (REALLY want one of these!!)

$25 Target Gift Card (I love Target!)

Anyway, so that’s my monthly giveaway report! Hopefully next month I’ll have more great winnings to report and maybe you guys will too! Thanks so much to all the great blogs who host these fun giveaways and even more thanks to the Random Number Generator when it picks our entries! Yay!


The Woombie – Our Review

So as I’ve posted about before, Mason still sleeps swaddled but it’s becoming a battle. He wants to sleep with his arms free but if they’re free, he wakes frequently. If he’s swaddled, he sleeps soundly through the night. We went from using a hospital size receiving blanket to the Kiddopotomus Swaddle Me, which worked for a few weeks and then we started waking up and finding him with at least one if not both arms free.

So I contacted Kim at Woombie and asked if she could help us out. I’d heard nothing but good things about Woombie and really wanted to try one before we gave up the swaddle and the peaceful nights.

For those who are not familiar with the Woombie, it looks like this:

Information from their website:

The Woombie comforts, softly confines arms & gently compresses baby’s unique curves to hug baby… preventing startling issues, face scratching, overheating.

The Woombie is a proud winner of the PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved), Moms Best and Creative Child Awards. We have been seen on television, in numerous popular baby magazines and are endorsed by Doctors, Doulas, Postpartum Baby Instructors, Nurses and countless moms and dads worldwide. In a nutshell, The Woombie is a great easy swaddle for babies with the Startle Reflex & who are in need of a cozy yet gentle confinement.

The Woombie follows Pediatrician & S.I.D.S. guidelines, maintains airflow and will not overheat baby, no loose blankets covering airways,  and prevents face scratching. It also prevents unnecessary waking due to the Startle Reflex, soothes babies with colic, will not come undone, promotes natural motor development, and is easy to use – just zip it up.

My thoughts:

First, I was incredibly impressed by the very short amount of time it took me to get the Woombie. It arrived in just a few days and was well packaged without a lot of extra packaging that seems so common these days.

The Woombie itself is nice soft stretchy fabric and there are no tags or anything that made me concerned about Mason’s comfort. The zipper pull has a velcro cover-up so there is no chance of  it poking him.

It was very easy to put Mason into the Woombie. Simply lay him on top of it, stick his feet in the bottom, and zip it up to his chin. No wrapping, no pulling anything tight. Just zip and you’re done! Sometimes he is faster than me and puts his arms up before I can get it zipped all the way up, and then I take advantage of the handy dual zipper that lets me unzip it from the bottom – I can leave the top zipped, gently pull his arms back down in positition, and zip him back up! Simple! This would also come in handy for any middle of the night diaper changes, which fortunately, are rare around our house.

We’ve been using the Woombie for about two weeks now – I wanted to make sure the first few days of success weren’t some sort of fluke! At first I was really concerned because he refused to keep his arms down and instead keeps his hands up by his face, which pulls material up by his face. I quickly realized he’s unable to pull the material up past his shoulders and the material is designed to be breathable. Unlike traditional swaddle blankets, he’s able to have some range of motion so he can make himself comfortable without dealing with total freedom that causes the startle reflex. The pictures on their website show babies with arms crossed over their chests, at their sides, and in various positions while in the Woombie. Apparently my little guy likes his hands up by his face.


Since getting the Woombie, the final steps of getting Mason ready for bed take seconds instead of minutes. There is no “Okay, attempt number five, will we be faster than him this time?!” race. We no longer have to go check on him half a dozen times to see if he’s worked his way out of his swaddle and is thrashing around. He smiles happily when getting wrapped , adjusts his arms to where he likes them, and sleeps soundly with no flopping arms scaring him in the night. Our nights of sleep have been saved!

You can buy your own Woombie online at their website and they come in sizes that fit babies from 3 lbs to 25 lbs! They also come in lightweight summer fabric and fleece winter fabric so you can Woombie year round without worrying about your little one getting too hot or too cold. There is also a convertible Woombie that allows for free arms  while keeping the rest of the body gently hugged. Reasonably priced from $26.99 – $28.99, this is definitely a must have for any baby who enjoys being swaddled. Stop fighting with those receiving blankets and velcro closures!

In conclusion, We give the the Woombie 6 thumbs up (Mine, Mason’s, and P’s!) It’s very easy to use and keeps my strong little man confined enough that he is still sleeping through the night like a champ. Thank you Woombie!


Thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own. I received a free Woombie for  reviewing but was not compensated monetarily or in any other manner for writing this post.

Mommy Must Haves – Months 0-3

When I was pregnant, I scoured the internet for lists of “must haves” and read endless reviews of everything from bottles to diaper brands. Having no friends who had had babies in the last several years (except for my sister-in-law, who seemed to deem everything as useless) I really wanted to make the “right” decisions and not buy a bunch of crap I didn’t need, but also not miss out on stuff that would make my life a lot easier. Looking back, these are my Must Haves for those first 3 months!

We received the Fischer Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker as a baby shower gift and it wasn’t even something we’d considered getting. We’re SO thankful that someone else thought of getting it because it is by far, hands down, THEE most used baby item we have. For the first few months, Mason took almost ALL of his naps in this chair. It was also basically the only place we could put him down and he could amuse himself at for a period of time longer than 30 seconds. He has spent HOURS in this chair and it’s just been a lifesaver – he hangs out there while I’m pumping, after he’s eaten, and just if I need my hands free for a few minutes. I dread the day that he outgrows this chair.

As a breastfeeding mother, the Boppy pillow has been a lifesaver. While breastfeeding is often advertised as “easy” and “natural” I definitely didn’t find it either and the idea of holding up a squirming squealing newborn to my breast to eat would have been even more overwhelming without the help of the Boppy. Using the Boppy, I could feed Mason using only one hand or even handsfree, which I found really helpful. The Boppy also allowed me to make seamless “sleeping baby” transfers from my lap to the Pack & Play, something I never mastered otherwise.

The ItzBeen is something that really helped keep me sane the first month or so after Mason came home. Basically, it’s a fancy kitchen timer. Each of the first four buttons is a timer – one for diaper changes, one for feedings, one for sleeping, and one for whatever you want to use it. When Mason came home from the hospital, he was badly jaundiced and the hospital wanted us to wake him every 2 hours to eat. The ItzBeen made that a lot easier. Having a great co-parenting relationship, it was also really nice to just glance to see how long it had been since a diaper change since I wasn’t the one changing all the diapers. I used the last timer to track how long the milk in the bottle hooked to the pump had been sitting out. The ItzBeen has since been retired, but it sure saved my frazzled brain the first few months.

The Pack and Play was something else I obsessed about. There are SO many to chose from. I originally thought I wanted one with small bassinett  and a diaper changing table attachments, but then I realized that a: Mason could sleep on the bassinet level that was found on all of them just fine and b: there was no way I could justifty spending an extra $75 to not have to walk down the hallway to change a diaper ($130 for one with a changing table as opposed to $55 for the one we purchased). Having two large dogs, the Pack & Play has been invaluable as a place to allow Mason to lay and play without worrying about being pounced on, which not having him shut away in his room. The toys on the toy bar velcro on and we’ve had great luck hanging other toys from it as well. We’re just now (at 5 months) reaching the point where we’re going to have to take the bassinett level off and turn it into a “play pen” because he’s exceeded the weight limit on it. While it definitely turns our living room into “A Baby Lives Here!!” it’s been a nice compromise of a safe place for Mason to play and nap while being nearby while we watch television, cook supper, etc.

I Wish Batteries Grew on Trees

So I know that as kids get older, they get all sorts of ridiculously noisy annoying musical toys that we will want to lock in the closet or “forget” at Grandma’s every chance we can get. And that all of those toys will take batteries and we might as well buy stock in Energizer in order to feed the battery habit.

But I had no clue that this problem started at BIRTH. The vibrating chair takes batteries. The swing takes batteries. The mobile takes batteries. The singing car mirror takes batteries. The musical seahorse takes batteries. The remote control for the mobile takes batteries. Basically everything except for the crib and his diapers seem to take batteries! It is just nuts!

We try to use rechargeable batteries as much as we can because I’m not comfortable with throwing away a dozen batteries every month! The problem with rechargable batteries is that I often plug them in and forget them for days. Or they take forever to charge. Or they take forever to charge because I left them plugged in for days and now they’re junk. Or the fact that I don’t have enough rechargables for all the needs I have for them, so I’ll charge a set of batteries and have to throw a set of disposables in whatever just died, which defeats the purpose.

Then there is the other big issue I run into! Mason FINALLY falls asleep for a nap, and I go to use my computer or laptop and the wireless mouse is DEAD. By the time I find new batteries for it, Little Man has woke up. Sometimes I can’t find batteries at all and have to wait the 12 hours it takes the batteries to charge in my current charger before I can use my computer! What a pain!

This is why I want an  Energizer Smart Charger! I just learned about them from BlogHer Energizer Warrier Xenia over at Thanks Mail Carrier and I think this is the answer to all of my battery related problems! I’d know how long until the batteries were charged and could make a mental note “I can take those out in half an hour!” which would make me NOT accidentally forget to take them out for a week.  And if I did forget them in there, it would shut off and not wreck my batteries! The fact that it will reject some of my old NiMH batteries sounded bad at first, but, to be honest, I probably shouldn’t be using the same rechargeables I got in 1996 anyway, so this would encourage me to get new batteries which will hold a charge a lot longer and not be nearing that “I’m about to become a dangerous old leaky battery” stage! I also love that it charges AAA batteries, which is what my MP3 player takes and that thing eats disposable batteries like nuts!

It’s definitely time to trade in my 15 year old battery charger and all those old batteries that barely hold their charge and move into the 21st century with the Energizer Smart Charger! I can’t wait to be more earth friendly and end my dependance on those dang disposable batteries!


**Posted in hopes of winning my own Energizer Recharge Smart Charger and $15 Gift Card from Energizer**

We LOVE Giveaways!

Mason is taking a nap right now and he’s going to be thrilled to hear the good news when he wakes up! We won another giveaway!

For those of you who aren’t knee deep in the “mommy blogging world” internet giveaways are VERY VERY popular. Basically, a company (from big brands down to home run etsy shops) gives a blogger a product to review and a product to give away. The blogger then uses the product, posts about what they thought about it and how their readers can buy one and then gives them the chance to win one. To win, readers are able to do a multitude of different things from just commenting on the post to friending them on facebook or twitter, answering a question from the manufacturer’s website, tweeting about the giveaway, posting the giveaway site’s logo on their own blog, etc etc. The more stuff you do, the more chances you have to win, but basically, taking two seconds to comment (usually answering a question like “What other product of theirs do you like?” “Who would this be for?” or “What pattern do you prefer?”) gets you a chance to win awesome stuff. Then, a comment is randomly picked at the end of the giveaway time period and someone gets their own chance to try out a great product!

Today, in the mail we received the Fresh Baby Baby Food Kit from a giveaway at Extreme Personal Measures

I can’t wait to try this out and imagine we’ll be using this a lot once Mason starts trying solids (which is about a month away)! I’d actually had something like this on our registry, so I’m excited to have won! Thanks so much, DW!!

A few weeks ago, we won a set of six of the Little Green Books from Dustin Nikki Mommy of Three. I’ve seen these at the bookstore and they are GREAT books!

Since I want Mason to care about the earth and animals AND to have a love of books, I was super excited to win 6 books to add to his shamefully small library! Thank you in advance for these great books!

Our biggest win yet was a Baby K’Tan from The Southern Belle Baby

I’m a huge fan of baby wearing and from what I read, is like a superior version of the Moby Wrap – no 15 feet of material and complicated wrapping! We got our K’tan and it was PINK and P said no way was his little man riding around in a pink carrier (men!) so Baby K’Tan is graciously exchanging it for a blue one, even though they gave it to us for free! Talk about WONDERFUL customer service! I’ll definitely be posting some pictures and a review of how we like it once we get the new one! Thanks so much Jessica (and Amanda from Baby K’tan!)

Now today, I checked my e-mail and found we won an O and El backpack from Chasing Twins in Louboutins

Since we’re about 4 years off from Little Man needing a backpack, I have a feeling that this is going to make a GREAT present for one of his favorite aunties whose birthday is coming up. Hopefully she’s slacking and not reading this! Thanks in advance, Amanda!!

So, that’s the loot we’ve won in the last month. All from posting comments on other blogs. How awesome is THAT?!!?  Thank you SO much to the lovely ladies who put the hard work and dedication into running these giveaways. They are so much fun!

Looking for some cool stuff you can win? Here’s a short sampling of the giveaways that we’re currently entered in!

Super Water Slide

$50 Amazon Gift Card

$50 Sam’s Club Gift Card/Membership

An Ergo Baby Carrier (Why yes, I AM obsessed with baby wearing…)

Custom Hand Stamped Jewelry

And since I could go on all day, I’ll just point you to entire lists of great giveaways! LeeAnn hosts my favorite one every weekend (Because that’s about the only time I have to really get into these! Go check it out

And another that I just found today here

So, if you’re ever bored while online (after you’ve fawned over all the Mason pictures you can handle, of course, go enter some great giveaways! There is seriously everything from Netbooks to Onesises out there for the winning! I Love You! – Best Diaper Sale Ever!

So I just got an awesome deal that I can’t help but brag about! is running a diaper sale right now and Mason’s size 2-3 diapers are a touch too large.  As in “I get a bit nervous when I hear a toot” too large. So I decided that even though I have nearly two boxes of size 2-3 diapers left, I better get him some size 2 diapers to avoid any tragedies.

While I’d love to start cloth diapering (tips on that anyone? Maybe I should do another entry about that??) we currently use Pampers Swaddlers. Hate Huggies and don’t like Luvs and after my experiences with those two big brands, I’m scared to try generic. Anyway, a box of 184 Pampers Swaddlers at Wal-mart is $43.26. On Amazon, they are $40.49 with no tax. No huge difference until you do this…


– Amazon’s 15% off diaper sale

– 15% off for signing up for subscribe and save

– $2 coupon featured in the monthly Amazon Coupons

– 20% off coupon found in August Parents or Parenting: The Early Years Mag

= Final price of $18.24.

WAHOO!! I just saved over $30 by NOT going to Wal-mart on my lunch break. Now let’s hope there are no diaper tragedies between now and when these show up on my doorstep Thursday morning.

I Love Savers!

Today I got my first chance to visit a Savers store and I am in love! First off, I’m a huge Goodwill fan, so a store that was like a cleaner, better organized CHEAPER version of Goodwill, well, I was nearly beside myself! I only had a short amount of time, so I skipped clothes shopping for myself and headed straight to the baby section. While they had way more girl clothes than boy clothes, I still was pretty dang impressed!

For less than $19, Mason made out like a bandit. I got him:

  • A cute ballcap (for 69 cents, I couldn’t resist!)
  • A desperately needed sunhat (also 69 cents)
  • One t-shirt
  • Four Onesies
  • A pair of adorable puppy overalls
  • Two bags of toys, both of which included Lamaze toys similar to Freddie the Firefly that I paid $14 at Kohls (Well, would have paid that had I not had a giftcard).

Despite the fact that they are an hour away, I’ll DEFINITELY be back!