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Disposable Diapers are NOT the Devil

When I was pregnant, I was incredibly interested in cloth diapering. I mean, what’s not to love – it’s better for the environment, it’s cheaper over the long run, and there really are some ADORABLE cloth diapers out there. And I mean ADORABLE.

But then, life got in the way. I discovered that cloth diapers are expensive. I read all about how they needed multiple rinse cycles every washing. I read about doing the wash every 2-3 days. I read about how front loaders are a pain in the butt to wash them in. Then my husband sealed the fate on the whole cloth diaper thing – he informed me that the drain for our washer is incredibly jury-rigged so poop and other items would get us into a bit of trouble. And thus, I set aside that dream and have used Pamper’s Swaddlers from day one.

I read endless posts about how cloth diapering is the way to go and I’m happy you can use cloth, I really am.  But please, for the love of god, don’t tell me how endlessly superior cloth diapers are when a lot of your reasons are just not true.

Myth One: Cloth diapering is incredibly cheap. People spend thousands on disposable diapers that they just throw away!

From what I’ve seen, cloth diapering is NOT cheap at all for the first kid. Your average brand name diaper costs $22. Times that by the 20+ diapers you’d need for a newborn to make it two days before doing laundry. That’s $440. Add the special soap that you can’t buy at Wal-mart, doubling inserts for the heavy wetter, the diaper sprayer many spring for, the wet bags, doing a load of laundry every 2-3 days with multiple rinse cycles, and all the other accessories, you’ve spent a LOT of money. Meanwhile, the $28 I spent on my last box of diapers will last Mason a month. Which means if he’s in diapers until age 2, that’s $672 from start to finish. No surprise costs, no frittering away $20 here and there on some new cute pattern. I realize that many people less expensive cloth diapers, skip some accessories, etc, but also many people buy cheaper disposables too. Either way, unless you’re buying the stupid 20 pack for $9.99 at your grocery store, disposable diapers will NEVER cost thousands of dollars a year and I’m sick of hearing this argument. And I fully realize that for those who have 2+ kids, you no longer have that initial $440 expense, thus making cloth diapering MUCH MORE cost effective. I’m not having a second kid, so that’s not part of my reality.

Myth Two: Disposable diapers cause a rash. My baby will never get a rash because we use cloth.

Come on folks, this argument doesn’t make sense either. Rashes are caused by moisture on the skin and/or sensitive skin. My son is 16 months old and has never had a diaper rash despite daily disposable use. I see many cloth mommies on twitter trying to figure out how to wash their diapers to stop a diaper rash from continuing. I see posts cloth users who have switched to using disposables for a few days while a rash clears up. I see posts about trying out a few cloth diapers while a disposable diaper wearing baby’s rash clears up. Diaper rash happens. Disposable users aren’t doomed to them any more than cloth users are exempt from them.

Myth Three: Disposable diapers cause chemical burns and I can’t believe you expose your baby to that.

There HAVE been cases of chemical burns by diapers, I will not deny that. But studies also show that every time one person claims their baby received a chemical burn from a diaper, thousands more people “phone in” claiming their diaper rash that they never thought twice about before was really a “chemical burn” hoping to cash in on a lawsuit. After the big Pampers debacle last year, it was found that a huge majority of the complainants had never even used one of the “new” formula diapers. Most of the hysteria is people crying wolf. In any matter, billions of babies wear disposable diapers every day without any sort of chemical issues.  I sometimes hear of “ammonia burns” in the cloth diapering world, so apparently there are similar risks with either diaper. Either way, if you poll your friends, parents, and relatives, I bet none of them were ever adversely affected by the “evil chemicals” in diapers. We all wore diapers. Diapers are more advanced today than they were 5, 10, or 20 years ago. These things are tested. Stop trying to make me feel like I’m feeding my child to coyotes because I’m putting a disposable diaper on him.

Anyway, I just wanted to put that out there. My 16 month old son wears disposable diapers despite my original intentions and he’s thriving. We’re not poor, covered in chemical burns and diaper rash, and while I think your cloth diapers are super duper adorable, I’m secretly happy I can throw his poop filled diaper in the Diaper Genie after my 10 hour workday instead of worrying about doing yet another load of laundry. I hope we can still be friends.

One Year Ago – 5 Month Photos 

Random Friday

I just had a big post typed up and when I went to hit save, my browser totally froze and crashed. TWICE.  It saved my title but not any of my entry.  Bummer.

On to the randomness….

* I talked to one of the other daycare moms. She is just as angry and other than being told that it would be smart for her son to wear a long sleeve shirt under his clothes, had no clue about the whole night heating thing. She was going to go talk to the director that next day. I’ll find out what happened when I see her on Sunday. On the bright side, despite me “rebelling” and only sending Mason to school in a single layer outfit, he’s been perfectly warm (as has the room) every time I’ve picked him up ever since my original entry. The temps have been in the 20s-40s, so it’s not because of a heat wave outside. If he starts seeming chilly or they bring up his “inadequate clothes” again, I’m going to be alll over them about the state law of bare minimum of 67º in a daycare (Thanks Leahan!) and raise some holy hell.

* It should be illegal to smoke in a vehicle containing kids. And the fine should quadruple if you don’t even bother to roll down a window. Why are some people so stupid??

* Wednesday we had our first “dog growl at kid” incident and I feel like the worst mother ever. Mason and Joe and I were all sitting on the couch and Mason basically DOVE on top of Joe and pinched him and Joe growled and tried to get up. TOTALLY my fault and a huge eye opener that I need to be more diligent since Mason is obviously too young to know any better. I feel like a total mom failure to both Mason AND Joe, but at least it was the kick in the butt I needed to prevent it from ever happening again.

* Mason slept unswaddled last night for the first time since he was about 2 weeks old. I was hoping it was the cure to his mysterious sleep issues. I don’t know what happened between 9:30 – 2:30 (which hopefully means not much since it didn’t wake me) but from 2:30 – 7:00 he cried out (like wah-wah-wah-silence) twice and went back to sleep. Definitely an improvement, but I’m not holding my breath quite yet.

* Actually, I am holding my breath. Because after he cries out, I lay in bed for a good half an hour or so, convinced that the second I fall asleep, he’s going to start full out crying. I wish I could convince my mind to just say screw it and fall right back asleep because it sucks to get back out of bed either way, so I might as well be sleeping.

* Our big (okay, only) plans for the weekend include making babyfood tomorrow (applesauce, peas, beans, and carrots) and swim lessons on Sunday. Exciting, huh?

*I didn’t blog about it, but Mason had two days this week where he threw up a whole bunch at daycare, to the point where they called me to come and get him. We’d get him home and he’d be fine. We were totally miffed at what was going on.  I had them not feed him (solid) lunch yesterday and he made it through the day, but then when I fed him (milk) when he got home, he threw up again. This morning he had the dirtiest filthiest most giantly rank diaper of all of his seven months, as opposed to the little turds here and there he’s had the last week. So I’m now guessing that the poor guy was backed up and was throwing up because of it. We’ll see how he did today, but I’m thinking that probably solved our issue.

* I have a whole additional post coming with more pumpkin patch pictures (taken with Mason the Cow). Aren’t you excited to see yet MORE Halloween themed pictures?? I’m gonna be the last blog on earth still dragging out the holiday. Sorry!

* Be sure to check in this weekend to see my AWESOME blog giveaway winnings over the past month in my monthly Weekend Won It! feature! And have a great weekend!

Mason Peed My Pants

I am not a morning person. I hate mornings and I really miss hitting snooze half a dozen times – the screams of an angry screech owl have prevented me from even making it to the first alarm lately. I drag myself out of bed and don’t really start waking up until I’m in the car halfway to work.

Because Mason NEVER EVER wakes up in a good mood, I’ve taken to getting him right out of bed, feeding him, and THEN changing his diaper. I figure the extra 10-15 minutes in a soggy diaper aren’t going to hurt him nearly as much as his screaming hurts the blessed silence in the house. I felt pretty genius about this idea and for the past few weeks, there has been nearly no crying in the mornings because he eating before he can even get really worked up.

So yesterday, I’m sitting in our chair, feeding him, half asleep, half contemplating surfing the internet on my phone when suddenly, my lap feels warm.

“Hmmm, my lap is all warm….

Wait?! Did I just pee my pants!! It’s warm and wet?!!?”

Yes, I actually wondered if I had peed my pants. I sat there in total shock, thinking about how that just didn’t seem possible and I kept getting wetter and wetter.

Suddenly, I woke up and my brain came on. Mason!!

I stood up, got him to the changing table and at this point, his whole back, the Boppy, my work pants, and even my underwear were just SOAKED. Got him all cleaned up, pulled the cover off the Boppy, and went and changed my own pee soaked clothes.

I knew about the worries of “firehose on the loose” when changing his diaper, but have never had the chance to experience a diaper failure quite so… pants on.  You may not be able to pick a friend’s nose, but apparently you can pee their pants!

Rough Morning!

So this morning, I was running early. For those of you who know me in real life, you’ll know that this never happens. Especially in the morning. I’m at least 3 minutes late for everything. I’m pretty sure I’ll be late for my own funeral.

It was 7:10 am. All I had left to do was pump, dress Mason, and leave. Normally, it’s 7:30 or later when I’m at this point. I was pretty excited about the prospect of either enjoying a large bowl of Chocolate Cheerios before I left, or getting to work half an hour early and then leaving half an hour early. I should have known better.

I decided I would dress Mason before pumping, that way, he’d have more time to digest before I got him into his car seat, a process that often seems to make him lose some of his breakfast. I picked him up from his little chair and there was something obviously very wrong. Very very wrong.

Yep, Little Man was COVERED in poop from his neck to the bottom of his diaper.  Oh my god, this was a diaper blowout of epic proportions. No big deal, I’m running early, we can deal with this.

Well, I manage to get his onsie off without covering him further in poop and I’m doing the “Can we clean this up with baby wipes or do we need the help of the bathtub?” Not feeling like having to scrub poop out of the bathtub, I figured I’d give babywipes a try. While I was washing his back, his wee rag shot off…

Yep, that’s right, baby firehose on the loose. So now, I’m covered in pee, the changing mat is covered in pee, and his chest is covered in pee.

At that point in time, I’m thinking “Well, I really don’t think baby wipes are going to do the job anymore….”

He turned and looked at me and threw up all of his breakfast. Onto my sock and leg.

So now my hands are covered in poop, my shirt is covered in pee, and my leg and sock is covered in barf. We match pretty well because his back is covered in poop, his front in pee, and his face and neck in barf.

Into the bathtub we went.

He enjoyed his bath, got all cleaned up, he cooed happily in his towel, and I changed my clothes. Lotioned him up, starting getting him dressed, and by the time I’d gotten one arm into the outfit I’d been saving for a few weeks until it got warm again (it’s been in the low 60s here lately…), it became obvious that this outfit was NOT going to fit. And he let me know this by protesting loudly.

Got him out of the shirt, and started putting another one on him. Same deal, only he was wailing at the top of his lungs now.

Third outfit? Barely fit, but now I was running late. Making sure it wasn’t pinching tight, I loaded him in his carseat and he screamed all the way to daycare. Where I pulled in right when I should have been getting to work. Crap.

I told the girls the 10 second version of my morning and let them know that they were welcome to take him home if I didn’t show back up for him (kidding of course)

Thankfully, the rest of my morning has went much much better.

Babies, they’re a handful!!

To Poo or Not to Poo?

So one of the things I remember from when my neice was a wee baby is that wee babies can go a few days without pooping and then when they do, it’s a giant mess.

After starting to do all of my “research” about having a baby of my own, I learned that this was quite common and happened to a lot of babies once they were around 6 weeks old. Some babies poop several times a day and some babies poop every several days.

Well, apparently Mason is a fast learner because at 4 weeks, he’s already started saving up his poop to create very impressively disgusting diapers. He’ll poop on Friday morning and then not again until Monday. By Sunday night, we were going “Well, if he doesn’t poop by tomorrow morning, we’ll call the doctor” and then before we could think about calling the next morning…. KABLOOEY!!

I’m pretty sure I’d rather have 1-2 reasonable dirty diapers every day than 1 horrifying diaper every few days, but I guess it’s not up to me.  My little early learner…. Although he’d be better off smiling or cooing early than reaching this “milestone” but what can you do??

Be glad I spared you all a picture with this entry….

Holy Dirty Diapers Batman!

Okay, I knew that babies went through a lot of diapers (one reason I was seriously interested in cloth diapering, although that ended up not being the route we went) but this is just ridiculous!

We are still using the tracking charts for feedings and diapers that the hospital uses (it basically breaks the day down into 24 1 hour segments and you mark down when the baby is fed and when the baby has a wet or dirty diaper) because it makes life a lot easier when both of us are so active in Mason’s care – no need to wake the other person up and ask “When was he last fed?” or “Do you know how long he’s been in that diaper?” because it’s all right on the sheet by his changing pad.

Well, because we’re tracking these things, it is even more obvious that holy cow do newborns go through diapers!! 14 wet diapers and 5 dirty diapers today! 16 diapers in one day!! (Some were wet AND dirty, most were just wet, some were just dirty) I totally don’t understand why anyone even BOTHERS buying the 40 pack of diapers – do they enjoy going to the store every 3 days?! The doctor said we should be watching to make sure he has at least 7 wet diapers and 3 dirty diapers a day, so I was expecting to be changing him 8-9 times a day – but 16!? Holy guacamole!!

And speaking of diapers, I find the fact that newborn (size O or N) diapers are MORE expensive than Size 1 diapers totally ridiculous! They are smaller! There are less in a package! The biggest package of Pampers or Huggies Newborn diapers that we can find (not including Sam’s Club, we haven’t had the courage to make that hour drive yet) is 84 diapers. Size 1? 216.  Yet, the 84 newborn diapers cost $20 where the 216 Size 1 diapers cost $39. Seriously, that strikes me as totally ridiculous! I understand that most people aren’t going to go THROUGH 216 newborn diapers before their little one grows out of them (I’m pretty sure we will *smirk* but the fact that smaller diapers cost more just doesn’t make sense to me….

Either way, it’s very clear that we have a pooping and peeing machine!