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Mason’s 4th Birthday – The Cakes

Mason’s 4th Birthday is going to be forever remembered as “The Year of the Cakes.”

We decided to have a separate “friend party” and a “family party” this year as I knew Mason would have a hard time playing with his friends and giving his relatives attention at the same time.

So on the 22nd, Mason celebrated his birthday with his friends with a “Jake the Neverland Pirates” themed party and cake.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Cake

Mason Blowing out his Candle

Then on the 23rd, we had a small family party at our house and Mason had a construction site cake.

Construction Vehicle Cake

Mason Blowing out the Candle

Mason’s actual birthday fell on Sunday the 16th, but I remembered last year that he was sad that they didn’t sing Happy Birthday to him at daycare and have a treat (I had dropped the ball thinking the daycare took care of this) so I sent him to school with monster truck cupcakes the Friday before his birthday. I unfortunately totally forgot to take pictures of them. #fail


Since his birthday party was a week after his actual birthday, we couldn’t just let the big day go by without any fanfare so we also had a tiny little cake at home as just the three of us.

Mason with a tiny cake

We definitely need to figure out something different for next year since four separate birthday celebrations seemed absolutely insane, but at least we can say we’ve had our fill of cake!!?

How do you guys handle it when a kid’s birthday falls on a different day than their school celebration or birthday party day?

Catch the Moment #10 :: Project 365

It’s been an insane past few weeks and between birthday party planning, birthdays themselves, being crazy busy at work, and trying to get to bed at a decent time, my Project 365 kind of fell by the wayside. Here I am, back-blogging to catch up!

Friday, March 7
Mason got a well past due haircut
Haircut time!

Saturday, March 8
I worked on Saturday and this fellow was one of our many patients that morning.
Dog at Work

Sunday, March  9
We had breakfast for supper and SuperDad made this itty bitty little pancake. I made the mistake of talking to Mason, pretending to be the pancake and thus was not allowed to even THINK about eating said pancake or risk breaking his heart. Oops.
Itty Bitty Pancake

Monday, March 10
I had to do some laundry since I didn’t get it done on the weekend and Mason joined me in the dungeon basement for some bowling
Basement Bowling

Tuesday, March 11
Another insanely busy day and the only photo I took was to show Echo the Equinox turning over to 31,000 miles.

Wednesday, March 12
We have an absolutely ridiculous dog.
Crazy Greyhound Feral Greyhound


If you do a “photo a day” project, be sure to join the fun and link up with us here:

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Mason at 4

I keep meaning to sit down and survey Mason for what HE thinks life is like at four years old, but I keep forgetting. So today, I bring you MY take of Mason at four – styled like my old monthly updates I did his first 2 1/2 years!

At four years old, Mason is

  • Still wearing 2T clothes, although some of the pants are getting a bit too short
  • weighing in around 36 lbs
  • still rear facing in his car seat
  • suddenly remembering he skipped the terrible twos – we’re all about screaming “No!” and throwing horrible tantrums these days
  • addicted to Wii golf
  • convinced he’s going to be a speedskater and a snowboarder when he grows up. Thank you Winter Olympics!
  • wondering when it will ever be Spring
  • getting the hang of riding his bike without training wheels
  • into Paw Patrol and Jake and the Neverland Pirates
  • looking forward to going to “Big Kid School” this fall (aka 4k)
  • great at playing the kid’s version of “Uno”
  • napping some days at daycare and never ever at home
  • taking karate classes
  • having a love/hate relationship with Sunday school.
  • STILL using a potty seat *sigh*
  • more particular about which pair of undies he’s wearing vs what pair of socks
  • always playing with monster trucks or construction trucks or tractors.
  • still the king of bedtime delays (It’s 10:10 and he just finally fell asleep
  • the boss of Charly – he’s the only one the dog ever listens to!
  • knows all of his primary colors and can count to 12 reliably and 30 with help.
  • very into giving hugs and saying “I love you”
  • “Can I tell you something?” is his most used phrase
  • playing with his first Lego sets (birthday presents ftw!)
  • convinced that any time it’s light out that it’s morning.

At four years old, Mason’s favorites are:

  • Favorite breakfast is pancakes or Kix Cereal
  • Favorite suppers are chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and pizza
  • Favorite drinks are milk and water (he’s not allowed to drink anything else)
  • Favorite snack is graham crackers with butter and/or peanut butter on them
  • Favorite vegetable is green beans.
  • Favorite movie is The Little Mermaid.
  • Favorite song is “The motorcycle song” (some adult rock song with motorcycles in the video)
  • Favorite friends are Aaron, Liam, Chloe, and Ethan
  • Favorite stuffed animal is his penguin collection.
  • Favorite game is golf
  • Favorite toy is the remote control digger he got for his birthday
  • Favorite thing to do is play games on the TV (aka Wii Sports) or play with his golf toys (sensing a theme here?)
  • Favorite treat is Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins or M&Ms
  • Favorite thing to do outside is play with his digger (which hauls lots of snow these days)

I’m really curious to see what Mason says are his favorites compared to what I believe they are. Stay tuned next week for HIS answers to his bi-annual survey!

What are your kids up to these days?

Currently 1/23/14

I am currently…

reading “Christmas Jars Reunion”. I read the original book right before Christmas and was happy to discover a sequel. I’ve got 12 more books checked out from the library right now and am somewhat worried about where I’ll find the time to read them all!

loving spending time with friends. Last weekend had me out with friends (baby registry planning and a playdate with Mason’s “cousin” Liam) both Saturday and Sunday and I really need to make it a priority to see these ladies more often!

wearing my scrubs. It was a goal of mine to change out of my work clothes every night as soon as I got home but I’m really bad about it. They’re just as comfy as my pajamas, so more often than not, I stay in them until bedtime. I’m fairly sure it drives SuperDad crazy.

avoiding a small list of chores I really need to do such as vacuuming the steps and cleaning out the cat’s water fountain.

laughing at Mason who is so earnest with his manners when he really wants something. It’s amazing how quickly the “Please oh please?!” comes out when it’s something that’s important to him.

Mason is currently…

reading “There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow” and “If you’re Cold and Know it Clap Your Paws” These books have been on repeat around here and I definitely like the second one more than the first. Mason, unfortunately, really feels the opposite.

loving ABC Mouse. This kid cannot get enough of ABC Mouse. If he was spending half as much time doing the learning activities as he was re-dressing his character, washing his puppy, or taking his fish in and out of their tank, I would be loving it too!

wearing things that make him happy. Lately, Mason has been super into wearing a certain character. One night, he was wearing his Thomas jammies, so he insisted on wearing his Thomas undies and Thomas socks and the next morning, he wanted to wear a Thomas shirt to school. Now last night, he was super excited “to be a Ninja Turtle” since he was wearing Ninja Turtle jammies. Too funny.

avoiding eating his supper. This boy asks for chicken nuggets EVERY NIGHT. When he was a baby and I lovingly made all of his food by hand and made sure he had VARIETY and VEGETABLES and was SUCH A GOOD EATER, yeah, that all went to crap. Chicken nuggets it is.

laughing at stuff crashing or stuck in the mud. He loves watching “Gold Rush” with his dad or silly YouTube videos and he FREAKS out whenever anyone gets stuck or crashes. It’s fairly hilarious.

Cousin Time!

Mason has a second cousin (as in SuperDad’s Cousin’s Kid, not “Cousin #2”) that is a little less than a year older than him. They took swim classes together this spring and this weekend, they hung out at Grandma’s together.

Of course, being Grandma, she had to feed them junk food.

At least she took pictures, right?!

I hope these two get to hang out a lot more in the future. Maybe that will teach Mason to share his tractor better! (not counting on it LOL)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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The Unpopular Choice

The other day, I was walking into daycare as one of the teachers and her daughter were walking out. Her daughter, nearly 3 years old, was screaming and sobbing, and the teacher looked at me, rolled her eyes, and said “This girl is SO addicted to chocolate and candy, it’s just ridiculous!!”

A few weeks ago after  swim class, Mason and his best daycare buddy escaped the changing room (how the heck they pushed that door open is beyond me!!) and went running down the hall. Thankfully, I was dressed, so I ran out after them. Mason ran down the hall, laughing his little head off and his buddy ran right to the vending machine and started screaming “Candy!! MINE!!” while hugging the machine.

These two scenarios are great examples of one of the big reasons that we chose not to let Mason have candy and chocolate at his age. We have no meltdowns over candy machines, in grocery store check-out lines, or over not understanding the concept of “just one piece.” He has enough tantrums over car keys, remote controls, cell phones, and us looking at him wrong. Why add junk food into the mix?

We’ve gotten a LOT of negative remarks over his “strict” diet – from strangers, friends, family, and lots of confusion at daycare. Up until recently, they though Mason was allergic to chocolate and that was the reason why he couldn’t have it. Secretly, I kind of preferred them thinking that so they would stick to our wishes out of fear for him instead of thinking we were just being ridiculous.

But here’s the thing – Mason’s nearing two years old and while it makes us “the weird parents with the strange rules” I’m just as happy with our choice as  I was when we decided that this was important to us way back when I was newly pregnant. At this moment in time, I have 100% control of every single thing that goes in his mouth and I don’t understand why I would chose to fill it with stuff that’s not good for him. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE candy, ice cream, and chocolate. Love love love it. But Mason has the rest of his life to eat that junk. Right now? He FLIPS out with excitement when he sees a container of oranges. He drinks milk and water like he can’t get enough. Fruit pieces are gobbled down like chocolate delicacies. I’m not worrying tha he’s drinking too much juice and not enough milk. He’s not demanding to eat cookies for breakfast instead of Cheerios.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care what you feed your kid. If she’s 6 months old and mowwing down a  Hershey Bar, I may raise my eyebrows in confusion… just like you’d raise your eyebrows at me when I say “Sorry, Mason can’t eat that chocolate rabbit, the fact that it’s a special occassion doesn’t mean much to a  young toddler….” but at the end of the day, your child is yours to feed how you see fit and Mason is mine. And, 20 months into this “feeding another human being” adventure, I’m quite happy with the unpopular choices we’ve made so far. That’s all that matters, right?

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Help Me Feed My Wee Man!!

The down fall of having a nearly perfect child (great sleeper, fairly easy going teether, great eater, etc etc) is that as a parent, I get spoiled. I’m use to my child sleeping, so I have no clue how to handle it when he does not. I’m use to noticing teeth before I ever notice any teething symptoms, so I don’t know how to calm him when he hurts.  While everyone else is use to their children who fight naps and sleep two hours at a time and have 239423 tricks up their sleeves, I’ve got nothin. While others go “Eh, maybe tomorrow will be better” I go “Oh my god, I bet he’s never going to sleep again!!!”

As  you can guess by the title, my good eater is gone. My “eats whatever is in front of him and shouts ‘More! More!'” has long since left the building. And I have NO clue what to do. I realize things aren’t nearly as bad as many have it (with kids who will only eat two cheetos and a piece of cheese all day) but being that this is all new territory to me, I’m lost. The daycare teachers say he’s their best eater, but he seems to barely eat anything at home anymore!

Take yesterday for example. For breakfast, I made his favorite oatmeal and some toast. He wouldn’t touch the oatmeal and had half a piece of toast. He endd up eating a strawberry filled breakfast bar, well, most of it anyway, and some oranges. For lunch, he refused his mashed potatoes (at daycare he eats thirds!!), had most of a chicken tender, and that was it. For supper, I gave him another favorite – a waffle. He ate two bites. So I attempted his oatmeal again (fail), tried crackers with tuna on them and he spit the tuna everywhere and handed the cracker back to me. He ended up having cheese and orange pieces for supper.

Most foods seem to be hit or miss. He’ll love something one day and refuse it the next day, which I realize is normal toddler behavior, but soooooooo frustrating. He’s anti pasta entirely now, after ravioli use to be his only “for sure” food. We try to have him eat what we’re eating, but he hates tacos and pasta and we eat those A LOT.

So, we need some new ideas. New strategies. Help me figure out how to help Wee Man exist on something other than cheese slices and oranges and preserve my sanity. Please?!

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Mason’s First Fast Food

On Friday night, we stopped to get some Culvers to take home with us and decided since they offer so many different options, that we might as well get Mason some “fast food” too. Eons ago, I would have told you no way would my good little eater ever be eating *disgusted whisper* fast food *end of whisper* but then I realized mashed potatoes, applesauce, and chicken nuggets really are no different than anything we feed him at home, other than these come in a bag and require no slaving in the kitchen.

As for Mason, I think he approved.

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