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Currently… 8/7/14

It’s been a long while, but I’m linking up today with Harvesting Kale and Ot & Et to share what we’re CURRENTLY up to.  If you’ve done a similar post, feel free to go link up too!

Mason is currently…

craving smoothies – this boy LOVES his smoothies and asks to make them all the time. Well, all the time when I have zero good smoothie ingredients, it seems.

cleaning nothing much these days. It seems like the days of dragging out 30,000 toys are behind us as our living room hasn’t looked like a bomb has went off recently, There’s been no real need for him to do much other than put away Legos or a tractor lately. I probably just totally cursed myself by posting that on the interwebz, huh?

daydreaming about vacation. He asks all the time when we can go on “bay-cation” again and then asks if this baycation can include baseball. I’m not really sure what he means by this because there’s no chance he’d sit through an actual entire baseball game as he makes it about ten minutes at the local games. But he’s been thinking about a “baseball and swimming baycation” a lot recently.

growing up way too quickly. National Night Out was Tuesday night and unlike last year where he wanted to drive all the trucks and climb on everything, this year he was more about running the obstacle course and playing on the playground. It was kind of bittersweet. Him and his BFF DID stop long enough to pose for their annual fire truck photo though!


                                                    2013 Above, 2014 Belownono14

reading a book that I picked up at Goodwill where Clifford teaches about math and Mason can move around magnetic bones to go along with the math problems. Best $1.29 I’ve spent lately.

I am currently…

craving ice cream. I’ve had an upset stomach all day and realize this would be a bad idea, but it sounds oh so good.

cleaning not as much as I should be. My computer desk is a disaster of epic proportions. Taking the usual mess of mail + stuff I bring home from work + stuff that comes home from daycare and then adding in all  my Jamberry stuff (samples, mailing supplies, etc) and ohhh man could this desk use some serious cleaning and organizing!

daydreaming about what will happen if I can ever get my Jamberry business off the ground. All it takes is one or two Facebook parties to get the ball rolling and I can’t wait until that happens to me (hopefully in two weeks!) My friend who got me hooked is making a killing just a few months in and I really hope I can follow in her footsteps!

growing larger by the day. I really need to get my mindless eating and butt-sitting under control. Good thing I didn’t throw out all my bigger clothes when I lost all those inches last year…

reading is awesome. I didn’t read much of anything in June and July and now am back at it. Just finished Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson and tomorrow I will pick up Keep Quiet by Lisa Scottoline.

Pick a topic and tell me what you’re CURRENTLY doing in the comments!

Catch the Moment Weeks 13 & 14 :: Project 365

March 30
SuperDad surprised me with roses for no reason. He’s the best!

April 1st
Mason went to the doctor for his FOUR YEAR check up!

And we celebrated Joe T Greyhound’s 12th birthday. My bff made AMAZING doggy cupcakes for the occasion.

April 2nd
Joe and I were excited to see the snow starting to melt. It may be dirty, but there is grass under all that muck!

We also went out for Mexican night at a real sit down restaurant. Rare for us!

April 3rd
Fun with relay races at karate class.

April 4th
Remember how we were excited about grass? We got 7″ of snow this day….

April 5th
We celebrated “Cousin Chloe’s” 5th birthday at a gymnastic center!
april5 april5-2

April 6th
We spent the whole day prepping stuff to sell at the consignment sale and built this beauty to try to keep the toy mania under control. No more monster trucks at the bottom of the toybox. Woohoo!

April 7th
I discovered that I can have dog food shipped straight to my house from Amazon for less than it costs at the pet store. AND I found a 20% off coupon. How cool is that? (For some reason it arriving in a box amused me enough that I had to take a picture)

April 8th
The first sign of spring!

April 9th
The second sign of spring – massive amounts of water leaking into our basement :o(

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Catch the Moment #11 :: Project 365

Thursday, March 13
We had a wild un-handable pot belly pig in today at work to get neutered. It made the morning very… interesting.
Pot bellied pig

Friday, March 14
My friend and I road tripped nearly 80 miles one way so I could see the Veronica Mars movie. I’m a HUGE fan of the show and a definitely on Team LoVe and the movie DID NOT disappoint (even though my friend nearly fell asleep during it, oops)

Saturday, March 15
My friend gave birth to her first son today, an adorable baby boy (Totally cheating, as I took this picture 8 days later)

Sunday, March 16
I still have a birthday post coming, but on Mason’s birthday, we took a quick trip to Wal-Mart, hit the Children’s Museum, went out for frozen yogurt, and then at his request, stopped to play with his Cousin Chloe. We tried to get a picture of them together but they’d only sit still long enough to make silly faces.

Monday, March 17
Mason was so thrilled with the golf clubs he picked out at Wal-Mart on his birthday that we totally forgot to open his “real” present on his big day. So we opened it the next night and he was SUPER thrilled as he’d been waiting for four months for this digger!
Birthday Boy & his Digger

Tuesday, March 18
Missed this day :o(

Wednesday, March 19
Mason got a new book order and Charly thought they made REALLY good bedtime stories.
Greyhound Bedtime Story

If you do a “photo a day” project, be sure to join the fun and link up with us here:

Nurse Loves Farmer

“The Favorite Part Of My Day”

I recently finished the “Slammed” Trilogy by Colleen Hoover and while the third book was horrible, the series inspired me to start a new family tradition – every night at supper, before we eat, we go around the table and each share the favorite part of our day.

I totally expected SuperDad to say “Coming home from work” every night and Mason to mimic whichever adult’s answer he liked better, but the results have been surprising – he totally understands what we’re asking and has even instigated this new tradition on several occasions! “Mommy, tonight when we share our favorite things, I think you should go first! I’ll go after Daddy!” It’s so cool that it’s on his mind throughout the day.

Some of Mason’s “favorite parts of my day” proclamations have included

“Going on a bike ride with Daddy”

“Going over to Grandma B’s”

“Eating pizza with my family”

“Digging a big poop hole with my daddy” (We were getting our septic pumped, the whole thing went over his head a little. There was lots of digging but zero poop involved LOL)

“Movie night with my family”

It’s definitely a sweet nightly ritual and I highly recommend it to any family out there!

Has your family ever tried anything like this?

Random Updates

The weather this weekend was not very impressive. 60 degrees and windy today with the threat of rain allll day. Instagram kept me in a constant state of jealousy over everyone’s outdoor barbeques, trips to the pool, and swimsuits on the beach pictures. Oh Wisconsin, what a crappy Spring you’ve given us.

Mason is FINALLY starting to call Grandma B “Grandma B” instead of calling her his black grandma. As you can imagine, the phrase “black grandma” always gets some funny looks considering we’re all pale skinned blondes around here. LOL But for the longest time, Mason called both grandmas by the colors they were wearing last and after a while, Grandma J became his “pink grandma” and Grandma B became his “black grandma” (despite neither of them wearing lots of pink or black) My mom successfully got Mason to call her “Grandma D” two months ago but despite millions of corrections, Grandma B stayed his Black Grandma. We’re finally getting there.

Last week, I took a weeklong hiatus from Facebook. I found that, unlike the other social media outlets I frequent (aka Twitter and Instagram), I was checking it a zillion times a day but never really interacting with anyone. Other than maybe one status update a week and liking a picture here and there, I don’t really interact with anyone on it, yet I was “checking in” on my phone or hitting refresh on my computer a zillion times a night. Totally a waste of time for what I was getting out of it. So I deactivated my account and instead spent time reading, interacting with my family, and being more active on Instagram. Totally worthwhile. It also got me re-excited about Instagram and taking more pictures, so that was an added bonus.

Mason and I started going to church a few weeks ago. I had been debating about this for a long time and while I haven’t been to church myself regularly since junior high, it was important to me that Mason get brought up in a “church family” so he could make educated decisions for himself. I’m totally impressed with the sermons I’ve heard so far (including the ones I’ve listened to online) and their kids program seems pretty fabulous. Mason asks if he can go see his “new friends” so that’s a plus!

I have a day date planned next week with my BFF and I’m super excited. It’s been way too long since we’ve gotten together.

I was suppose to run my first 5k this Saturday but instead I’ll be working so my dog can have a play date on the 22nd. I’m way more excited about a doggy sleepover than I should but, but I’m okay with that. It also helps with the fact that I’m stuck on Week 4 of Couch to 5k and I am starting to think that I’m never going to be able to run two five minute segments in one workout ever. Which is definitely an issue when I want to run an entire 5k, not a 2k. I’m doing a Color Run on the 8th, so yeah… I have a problem. At least that’s just a fun run and not timed or anything!

There are swim lessons I want to sign up for in July but they start at 5 pm. I’ve said it a million times but I really wish there would be more “working mom friendly” things available schedule wise. Or maybe all the other moms work 8-4:30 and getting there by 5 isn’t an issue? *sigh* (I work til 5:15….)

I really wish I could figure out a better commenting system for the blog. I HATE Disqus entirely because there is no spot for commenters to leave their URL. I’ve commented Disqus about this issue and they say they expect people to sign up for an account if they want to share their URL. Seriously?! And the plain old WordPress comments are kind of ugly and don’t offer threaded commenting. Ugh, six of one, half a dozen of the other!

Mason has gotten to have several playdates with his cousin Blake and even asked if Blake could spend the night. How cute is that?! I’m so happy that he has at least one relative he’ll grow up close to. It’s also nice that he comes home from said play dates totally exhausted and bedtime is a breeze. Anyone want to come over for a playdate? LOL

Mason & Blake

How about you guys? What randomness has been going on with you? Anything new?

Mason Has Another Cousin!

Congratulations to my brother and SIL on the birth of their baby boy this morning. Cooper was born a healthy 8 lb 11 oz and 20 inches long after a planned c-section this morning! He joins his 3.5 year old sister Chloe, giving Mason one male and one female cousin (by blood – he has several awesome “unofficial” cousins as well)

We can’t wait to meet him 🙂

Cousin Time!

Mason has a second cousin (as in SuperDad’s Cousin’s Kid, not “Cousin #2”) that is a little less than a year older than him. They took swim classes together this spring and this weekend, they hung out at Grandma’s together.

Of course, being Grandma, she had to feed them junk food.

At least she took pictures, right?!

I hope these two get to hang out a lot more in the future. Maybe that will teach Mason to share his tractor better! (not counting on it LOL)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Family Get Together

In December, we got together with SuperDad’s extended family for our annual Christmas gathering, which includes lots of good food, a great crazy dice White Elephant Gift Swap, and now, since having Mason, lots of time for him to get to play with his cousins! He has a cousin that is a year older than him and a year younger than him, so I predict a lot of fun to be had in upcoming years between this gang!

A relative asking Mason what’s on his shirt

Checking out the playroom with his cousin Nicholas

He found toys that met his approval (Shocking, huh?)

Showing off his mad slinky skills

Getting all ready to play the dice game

Picking a present out of the pile

Quality time with Grandpa

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