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Currently 1/23/14

I am currently…

reading “Christmas Jars Reunion”. I read the original book right before Christmas and was happy to discover a sequel. I’ve got 12 more books checked out from the library right now and am somewhat worried about where I’ll find the time to read them all!

loving spending time with friends. Last weekend had me out with friends (baby registry planning and a playdate with Mason’s “cousin” Liam) both Saturday and Sunday and I really need to make it a priority to see these ladies more often!

wearing my scrubs. It was a goal of mine to change out of my work clothes every night as soon as I got home but I’m really bad about it. They’re just as comfy as my pajamas, so more often than not, I stay in them until bedtime. I’m fairly sure it drives SuperDad crazy.

avoiding a small list of chores I really need to do such as vacuuming the steps and cleaning out the cat’s water fountain.

laughing at Mason who is so earnest with his manners when he really wants something. It’s amazing how quickly the “Please oh please?!” comes out when it’s something that’s important to him.

Mason is currently…

reading “There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow” and “If you’re Cold and Know it Clap Your Paws” These books have been on repeat around here and I definitely like the second one more than the first. Mason, unfortunately, really feels the opposite.

loving ABC Mouse. This kid cannot get enough of ABC Mouse. If he was spending half as much time doing the learning activities as he was re-dressing his character, washing his puppy, or taking his fish in and out of their tank, I would be loving it too!

wearing things that make him happy. Lately, Mason has been super into wearing a certain character. One night, he was wearing his Thomas jammies, so he insisted on wearing his Thomas undies and Thomas socks and the next morning, he wanted to wear a Thomas shirt to school. Now last night, he was super excited “to be a Ninja Turtle” since he was wearing Ninja Turtle jammies. Too funny.

avoiding eating his supper. This boy asks for chicken nuggets EVERY NIGHT. When he was a baby and I lovingly made all of his food by hand and made sure he had VARIETY and VEGETABLES and was SUCH A GOOD EATER, yeah, that all went to crap. Chicken nuggets it is.

laughing at stuff crashing or stuck in the mud. He loves watching “Gold Rush” with his dad or silly YouTube videos and he FREAKS out whenever anyone gets stuck or crashes. It’s fairly hilarious.

When You’re a Mother, You…

put up signs you never imagined creating….

Yep, that’s totally the sign that I had hanging all over the daycare the past week.

Mason got a new really nice heavy weight zip up hooded sweatshirt two weeks ago. We use hoodies as coats. They allow him to safely buckle up (did you guys know that if the coat requires you to losen the car seat straps, you shouldn’t be using it in the car seat?? It’s not safe!) and this one was super warm because it was lined with that wooly fleecy stuff.

He wore it twice and then the third day, I went to pick him and it was gone. The daycare teacher said he didn’t have it when they played outside that afternoon and no one had seen it all day.  I was glad I had last year’s winter coat in the trunk of my car otherwise he would have had to go home in the 40º temps with no coat! The sweatshirt going missing obviously was not the end of the world, I know that I’ve accidentally grabbed other kid’s clothes before.

But the next morning, it was still gone. I started asking teachers and no one had heard anything or even knew the sweatshirt I was talking about. And the fact that it had disappeared well before pick-up seemed odd to everyone.

After a few days of asking teachers and everyone shrugging, I decided to take matters into my own hands and hang up signs.

They were up for several days and I started feeling a little bit silly. I meant to take them down last night but forgot.

This morning? His sweatshirt was waiting for him on his hook.

Part of me says it’s stupid to care so much about a friggen sweatshirt, but it’s the principle of the thing. Don’t take (and keep) stuff that isn’t yours. If you make a mistake, fixit sooner rather than later. Don’t take a toddler’s coat. I shouldn’t have to worry about Mason’s belongings at DAYCARE of all places.

I’m glad it’s returned and that I no longer have to feel silly about my signs. I’m going to continue assuming that it got taken by mistake (and maybe thrown in their laundry, thus explaining the time it took to come back) and that all is well in the world.

Ahhh, the joys of motherhood they never tell you about.

Small Style 10/13

So when I saw these awesome little overalls at the consignment sale last month, I knew Mason had to have them.

Do you see what’s on them? Greyhounds!
Coupled with the old school doggy turtleneck, this is the perfect outfit for my little puppy lover!

Overalls – Old School GAP Consignment
Turtleneck – Hand Me Down gift

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Stop, Pajama Time!

Last week they held “Pajama Day” at daycare where they encouraged all the kids to come in their pajamas.

As soon as I saw the signs, I knew just the pair of pajamas!!

Auntie Sarah bought these for Mason last fall and he wasn’t able to wear them last winter with his helmet (due to his constant overheating) so I was thrilled to have an excuse to put him in them before they were too small!

Unfortunately, once we got to daycare, he refused to pose for a picture because he wanted his breakfast. But even without his adorable face, you can still see how awesome his PJs were, right?!

This inspired a lot of envy among my friends who wished they could come to work in their pajamas that day too. Unfortunately, no such luck.

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Consignment Sale Prep

Tonight I started prepping Mason’s old clothes to sell at the huge consignment sale next month. The “pre-baby” plan was to have a huge garage sale, but then I discovered this sale and it’s a much better deal – for $10 and a 30% cut, you join hundreds of other sellers in an event that sees 5000+ people over three days. Every item is priced at a minimum of $2, so stuff that would sell for 50 cents in my front yard will sell for $3-$5 there. The sale is not until mid-September, but considering every item needs to be hanging on a hanger and tagged with very specific information, I knew this wasn’t a last minute project.

I knew it was going to be time consuming. I knew it was going to be tedious. I knew it was going to seem like a daunting task, I mean, that’s SIXTEEN months of outfits for a boy who barely wore the same outfit twice his first 8 months. But I wasn’t prepared for how sad it would be.

The outfit his Great Aunt Linda gave him? Or how about the outfit he wore home from the hospital and then wore on his first day of daycare 9 weeks later? How about his first 4th of July outfit or that adorable cow outfit? The turtle outfit I tried to lure his Auntie Michelle into taking him home with or the 1st Father’s Day shirt that I had custom made? Or maybe all the adorable clothes Auntie Sarah made him for his first Easter. They all seem too impossibly small to have ever fit my big boisterous toddler in, yet it seems like just yesterday he wore them. 16 months seems like a lifetime and a second ago, all at once.

Who know someone could get so attached to clothes? Certainly not me!

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Stop – Pajama Time!

With Mason being in his helmet from January – June, we missed out on the opportunity for him to wear a lot of his cute winter outfits because we were limited to stuff that a: he wouldn’t get too warm in (aka no long sleeves or bootie feet) and b: had a large enough neck to fit over his helmet so daycare could dress and undress him without removing his helmet.

One of the things that bothered me the most was his huge collection of adorable pajamas. I mean, there is nothing cuter than a little boy in footie pajamas, right?

We took advantage of a stormy morning and cool central air the other day to break out some serious cuteness and have a pajama morning.

“Seriously, would you want YOUR picture taken first thing in the morning, Momma?!”

“Yay for blocks!”

“Yep, I’m cute and I know it!”

“Ooooh, do you see what I see?!”

“There’s something under here!!”

“Butt paste! Yay!”

Digging in the cupboards is so much fun!”

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Mason’s Got Style!

Anyone who knows me “in real life” is probably shocked to see how well Mason is dressed because I’m definitely a t-shirt and jeans type of girl and I think nothing of wearing a t-shirt for a few hours on a Friday night and then throwing it back on on Saturday (assuming I wasn’t out somewhere smokey or getting dirty or sweaty, obviously) Mason on the other hand, has a wardrobe twice the size of SuperDad and mine combined and friends and the daycare staff are always commenting on how cute his clothes are. Up until he got his helmet in January, I don’t think Mason had worn the same outfit to daycare twice before. And no, we’re not crazy people who spend a million dollars on baby clothes – I’m just a thrift sale and JCPenney (and other similar stores) clearance junkie!

I don’t know if you’ve looked at little boy’s clothes lately, but once they hit one year old, it’s alllll about the sports and the toughness. “Football Champion” “Daddy’s Tough Guy” etc etc. Me? I want my little man to be an animal lover and at this age would much rather he wear a puppy or penguin shirt than the same “Future Brewer’s All-star” shirt that everyone and their cousin has. The other big thing is cartoon characters of course. If Mason could care less about Thomas the Tank Engine or Cars, I figure I might as well enjoy not seeing them on every square inch of his body while I can, since I know the days of character obsession are on their way!

Scouring the thrift stores and clearance racks, we manage to find adorable t-shirts and overalls filled with happy animals. Puppy overalls, rainbow bear tank tops, all sorts of fun creative outfits that could possibly be why he’s often mistaken for a child younger than he is – but you know what? I figure the next year or so is the only chance I will have to dress him adorably without him going “No! This one!” so I’m going to take every opportunity I can to take advantage of that!

He may still be at the age where he’s too young to run to the closet and pick out his own clothes, but Mason definitely adds flair to his outfits all on his own. Mason will probably hate me later in life for telling you guys this, but this kid loves bracelets! You know the rubber bracelets (such as Live Strong, etc)? He’s OBSESSED with them. He gets super excited anytime he sees one and immediately throws it on his wrist. Every time he puts his arm down, it falls right off and boom, he’s right there putting it back on! Auntie Sarah gave him a beaded (adult) bracelet from her jewelry store and he carries that thing around the house and puts it on his wrist over and over. If he sees me wearing a bracelet, he tries his hardest to take it off me to put it on himself.

Mason also LOVES shoes! Any time he’s not wearing shoes, he brings me every pair he can find. He brings me his shoes and sits down in front of me and says “Shoooooes!!” and sometimes tries to put our shoes on while wearing shoes. It’s adorable! The few times we’ve been near the shoe section in the store and he’s noticed it, he’s nearly lost his little mind! It’s totally adorable. Being in a rural area, basically the only options we have for kid’s shoes are Wal-mart type stores so everyone at daycare is always noticing his Stride Rite shoes that I buy off eBay. Speaking of shoes – have you ever noticed that there are 2-3 options for size 2-4 boy shoes and 15+ options for girl shoes?! SOOO annoying!

To finish off Mason’s personal style, he refuses to wear hats and thinks sunglasses are hilarious, but won’t keep them on for more than 30 seconds. But if you ever see us in a crowd, you’ll know it’s us by his adorable puppy shirts and shrieks of “Shooooooessss………” while he plays with his “Fix your critter” rubber bracelet. My boy? He’s got Mason style!

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Spring In Wisconsin – Wordy Wednesday 3/30

For nearly a week, we saw temperatures in the 50s and most of our snow melted.

And then last Wednesday, Mother Nature decided to dump another 10 inches of snow on us.

As much of a bummer as that was, we FINALLY got to put Mason into his fancy snowsuit that he got at his baby shower. This was his first experience with the white stuff, other than seeing it out of the car window.

And then he moved a little too far and rolled down the snow bank and landed on his face. Despite my best attempt to distract him, fun in the snow was DONE.

To add insult to injury, not only is that snow STILL all here a week later, last year at this time, we had zero snow and green grass. In fact, it was 70º the whole four days we were in the hospital. Now that we can come and go as we please, it looks like Old Man Winter isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Hope the view from your front yard is a lot warmer looking, even though I doubt it could be any cuter!!

If I Were Abducted…

The mother on Mission to Mars was abducted and her 9 year old son quickly realized how much he needed her! I’ve talked a lot on here about how Mason is definitely a Daddy’s boy, so at first, I was like “Eh, if I was abducted by aliens, Mason wouldn’t miss me at all!” so in a self esteem lifting exercise, SuperDad and I made a list together of things that Mason would miss if I ended up on Mars.

In no particular order:

1) The Boob Milk – this little boy has known no other food other than boob milk since he came home from the hospital. If it all went to Mars, he would be very very sad. Granted, we have quite a freezer stash, but without me around, that would disappear quickly.

2) He would miss bathtime with me. SuperDad and Grandma are all business at bath time. Scrub rinse and out. I like to give him ample time to play and he loves that!

3) Matching outfits – if SuperDad dressed him every day, unless it was blue pants with a blue shirt, his clothes would never ever match. Heck, yesterday Grandma J dressed him in jean pants, a swirly spotted shirt (that was meant to go over another shirt) and a striped bib. I know nothing about fashion, but this was scary!

4) He would miss being worn. The baby carriers mean that he’s about to go on an adventure and I can’t convince SuperDad to use them. He’d be stuck in his car seat in the store instead of hanging out in his Ergo carrier!

5) He’d miss our bedtime routine. There is something about me putting him in his Woombie that he just loves. He generally gets zipped up with a giggle and a clap when I put him to bed (him doing it, not me) and gives everyone else “wrestling a greased pig” combat moves.

6) He’d miss all my silly songs. At least I hope so. I like to sing about everything – from diaper changes to what he’s eating for dinner. Then again, even the cats run away when I sing, so this might not be something he would miss!!

7) He’d miss being an internet celebrity!! There would be no Adventures of a Wee Mason Man without me! Who would help him tweet with Cole and @eatsleeptwit if I wasn’t around? No one, that’s who!!

8) He’d miss out on getting the best things for the lowest prices. I research everything endlessly and when I finally make a decision, I then spend way too much time finding the best price. Most others walk into Wal-mart and buy the cheapest doo-dad there is and I read reviews and comparison shop to make sure that we’re getting the best bang for our buck. This will help his college savings, RIGHT?! (Or maybe I’m just neurotic!)

9) He’d miss the fun experiences that I think he should have that no one else thinks are “quite right” such as swim classes! I’m sure he’s already looking forward to our adventures this spring – after all, I tell him all about them all the time while trying to convince SuperDad that yes, he’s old enough to enjoy the aquarium and yes, I think he’d like a bike trailer!

10) He’d miss playing with my cell phone and cereal bowl. Who needs fancy toys when your mommy lets you play with everything she touches that won’t kill you??

Yes, I am pretty certain that Mason would miss me if I was gone after all. AWWW!!

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