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Wednesday with Words – Mason’s New Highchair

On Friday, the highchair that we won a while back from Familyicous Reviews and Giveaways finally came. We’d been feeding Mason in his Bumbo chair on the kitchen counter for the past 5 weeks, so we were sadly pretty excited about a real high chair.

Apparently so was Mason

He got a little bored with us just sitting there staring at him and basically said LET’S EAT!

So, to add new to new, Mason enjoyed his first pickle.

And then like any well rounded baby, he washed it down with a rag

New highchair? Is a hit! It’s the little things, right??

Weekend WON It!

So I almost didn’t do a “Won It!” entry for October because I didn’t win enough things to make it worth an entry, but then I had a magical day on Wednesday and received notice that I won FOUR things! Every time I checked my e-mail, there was more good news! I meant to buy a lottery ticket on my way home, but I totally forgot. Guess I won’t be giving out millions of dollars to my readers this week. Bummer.

The first thing I won was a $50 Gift Certificate to Cards Direct from Kiddies Korner Deals. This is awesome because we LOVE our photo Christmas cards and are actually pretty “famous” in our family for them – people are generally asking by February what sort of wacky thing we’ll be doing in our Christmas cards the following Christmas. This year will really be a challenge with 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a MASON to fit in the photo!!


Then I won a Simple Wishes Pumping Bra from One Frugal Lady. I’ve toyed with buying one of these since I was pregnant and just couldn’t bear the idea of spending more than $14 for a bra. (Yes, I buy all my bras at Target, what’s it to you? LOL) I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and was super excited to win one, even though I only have 4.5 months left of pumping (Side note: WOOHOO!!!) I was super impressed that I received the pumping bra in less than a week of winning the giveaway – now THAT is customer service!

So then we get to the magical day that was last Wednesday.

First, I get an e-mail from Cole’s Mom saying I won The Robot book over at Cole’s First Blog. Mason’s still in the “books are just for chewing on” stage, but I’m sure he’s going to love this once he gets Cole’s age! Thanks so much, Sarah!

Then I got an e-mail that I won a Large Tangiball from Discovery Toys over at Lucas’s Journey with SPD. Lucas’s mom just did a HUGE awareness event for SPD and some awesome giveaways from some awesome sponsors were a part of that awareness event. I feel very fortunate that Mason and I were able to win something through her efforts to raise awareness about SPD!


Then, are you guys ready for this?? I WON AN ERGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right, I finally won my much covetted Ergo! From the lovely Christa over at Little BGCG & His Mom Review It! I’m glad my work office is empty other than me for most of the day because I spent a LOT of time squealing over this on Wednesday!! Now before you all go “Oh my god, you win EVERYTHING!” please note that I’ve entered every Ergo giveaway on the whole world wide web since July, including one where I entered at least 400 times over a month long period. So it’s not like I have just one entry and my luck is THAT good…. But still, I am one lucky gal! I can’t wait to get my Ergo!

And then if that wasn’t enoough, a few hours later I got an e-mail from Darcie over at Gusta Gab Reviews that I won a $35 CSN Stores Gift Card. I’ve entered a lot of CSN Card Giveaways and I always say that I want to get Mason the deluxe Radio Flyer Wagon, but I think I’m going to buy some smaller stuff with this instead since Christmas is coming. Now I just need to decide if I’m going to put it towards a dog bed or Mason things. Hmmm….

Other than my quest for an Ergo, I haven’t really spent much time entering giveaways lately (which explains why I almost didn’t do an entry until Magical Wednesday came along) but since I want you guys to see what cool stuff is out there to win, here are some I just looked up that I need to find some time to enter and so do you!

A Levano IdeaPad Laptop

$100 Think Geek Gift Certificate

RCA HD Video Camera

$50 Gift Certificate

$100 CSN Stores Gift Certificate

Scentsy Warmer Giveaway

Apple iPod Touch

$50 Wal-mart Gift Card

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

We have a winner for our awesome A Dog’s Dream Natural Pet Supply Store $50 Gift Certificate


For those of you who missed it, A Dog’s Dream is an awesome store in Seattle, WA owned by my friend Lori. They sell natural food, treats, toys, cleaning supplies, supplements, etc for dogs, cats, fish, chickens, and other animals and do custom orders for collars, doggy pajamas, and dog beds! They have a great online store and also promote greyhound adoption. 16 paws up from our family to A Dog’s Dream

And now, drumroll please…. The Random Number Generator picks comment…

(Note to self, get numbered comment before doing another giveaway)


Comment 71 is…

Congratulations Summer!!

I’m about to send your e-mail and you have 48 hours to respond, otherwise, I’ll have to pick another winner! Hope to hear from you soon! Congratulations and thanks  everyone who entered!

We’ll find out next week in A Dog’s Dream was voted the best pet store in Western Washington! Yay!! And remember, if  you’re in need of some pet supplies and you want to support a family owned business that supports animal adoption, think A Dog’s Dream!!

Weekend WON it!

So as a spin off as LeeAnn’s Weekend Win It, where you can see a great list of all sorts of different things you can win in blog giveaways this week (or post your own links) I decided since another month has passed, it’s time to show you what we WON this past month! While I still haven’t won my much coveted Ergo (despite having probably close to 400 entries into one giveaway!!) I definitely still have some luck going on!!

We won a set of sticky labels by mabelfrom I am Wicked Cheap. Since Mason is a daycare baby and baring unforseen circumstances will be until he starts school, these will definitely come in handy! And they’re a lot cuter than that plain white labeler labels we use now!  Thanks so much, Alicia!!


We won a set of 5 cloth wipes from Chica BOO at His Little Mrs. Other than “boy fabric” I have never even seen a picture of these sure to be awesome wipes, so they are going to be a fun surprise! We don’t actually USE cloth wipes (sorry environment) but maybe these will make us change our minds and if not, I bet they will work much better than the dinky little washcloths we use for wiping faces and puked on chests. Thanks a lot Tiffany!!!

shoes We won an adorable pair of ShooShoos from Familyicious Reviews and Giveaways It was so much fun to look through all the ADORABLE little shoes and pick a pair out for my little man. He’s gonna love these once he starts becoming more mobile! Thanks a lot Debra!

Bag And then on the Hayneedle Twitter Party, we won a Kalencom Elanor Diaper Bag! For those of you who don’t know much about diaper bags (*raises hand*) this is a fancy expensive diaper bag worth $120! Holy cow!! I think at that price it should come stocked with diapers AND change the baby for me, don’t you? Okay, so I’m cheap! But hey, I won this! Woohoo! Thanks a lot Hayneedle and TwitterMoms! My first Twitter Party was fun!!

And then outside of the internet, I saw on Facebook that a local TV station was giving away a Packers Gift Basket if you sent in a text and my brother in law is a HUGE Packers fan. Imagine my surprise when two days later, I received a text saying I’d won! I picked it up and it turned out to be an ACME Packers gift basket, which really threw me for a loop since I know nothing about football and have never heard of the Acme Packers. It has a mug and a bobble head and a pendant and a few other things in it. Hopefully BIL likes the Acme Packers! Thanks local TV station!

People keep saying “You must invest hours every day into this if you’re winning all these giveaways!” and that’s so not the case! I spend about 15 minutes a day entering new giveaways and/or tweeting about giveaways I’ve already entered for additional entries. Then usually about once a week, when I have some free time, I spend 30-45 minutes doing the same. I’m already spending the time online and so why not? It’s a fun way to see new products (like, now thanks to Thanks Mail Carrier I’m obsessed with getting Cloudstar zip-off sheets) and 15 minutes a day for all the cool stuff I’ve won? Totally a great deal to me!

Some ongoing Giveaways that I’d love to win:

Adorable Animal Kidorable Umbrella – Seriously, I would have LOVED an umbrella like this as a kid. And I’m sure Mason would look adorable with his own super cute umbrella

$25 Amazon/Target Gift Card – My two favorite stores. Enough said!


$750 into my Paypal Account – Oh, what I would do with a free $750?? It would almost be like winning the lottery!

$50 GC to My Baby’s Green Store – They have such cool stuff! I could even buy an ARMY of Sophie the Giraffes. And then Joe the Greyhound could have one too! (kidding)

An Ergo Baby Carrier – Please oh please??

$90 GC to CSN Stores – There is so many cool things at CSN Stores that we’d love to buy! A Radio Flyer Wagon! A new dog bed! Gadgets!

Scentsy Halloween Set – I love Scentsy!!! We currently have a burner in our kitchen and about 29348 scents to go in it, but this adorable pumpkin plug in could bring the joy to the rest of the house during the holiday season!

Jumpin Jax Holiday Card Design – Becca did my awesome blog header and I plan on buying her holiday card design skills from her if I don’t win this. Seriously, no more boring “everyone else in town picked the same design” Christmas cards! Awesome!

So there you have it! My lucky winnings and some stuff I’d love to win! How about you guys? Any giveaway items you’re lusting after? Won anything fun lately? I’d love to hear about it!

PS – Don’t forget OUR awesome giveaway for $50 GC to buy stuff for your lucky pet!! Ends Monday night!

I want to win an Ergo!

If you’re one of my wonderful regular readers, you know that I’ve had awesome luck with online giveaways. I have so much fun entering them and have won quite a few (my September list is coming soon!), but no matter how hard I try, the item I want to win the most is just never in the cards.

An Ergo baby carrier! I’d most like an Ergo Performance, but any Ergo will do! My BabyBjorn hurts my back baaaad, my Moby Wrap is too hot for warm weather, and my Baby K’tan is just a bit too small, which really bums me out. Every where I go, people tell me “Get an Ergo! Get an Ergo!” Unfortunately, $120+ for a carrier is just not in the budget, no matter how much I want one!

I’ve probably entered 50 Ergo Baby Carriers giveaways in the last 3 months and the randomizer just won’t pick my number! So in hopes that my luck will change (or maybe you’ll have better luck) here are the sites currently giving away Ergos that I’m obsessively entering to win!

5  Vinez Monkeys

One Frugal Lady

Mama to 4 Blessings

Hopefully one of these awesome sites (running lots of OTHER awesome giveaways as well – definitely check them out, even if you don’t want to win an Ergo!) will decide that this should be my lucky week.

If not, I won a $120 Kalencom Eleanor Diaper Bag last week at the Hayneedle twitter party. Will trade for an Ergo! *up-to-no-good grin*

A Dog’s Dream Natural Pet Supplies – $50 GC GIVEAWAY!

My friend Lori owns an AWESOME pet supply store in Seattle, Washington.  A Dog’s Dream is a full service natural pet supply that specializes in premium pet foods. They sell supplies for dogs, cats, fish, birds,  small animals and chickens! Her store is AWESOME because not only does she just sell high end pet products (No Kibbles ‘n Bits or Old Roy there!), she promotes greyhound adoption, local artists, AND has a full featured online store. What’s even cooler is this is a family owned store (no crappy chain store with poor customer service!) and if you need a very cute toddler fix, you can usually find Lori’s 22 month old “hard at work” at the store as well!

The variety of different stuff that A Dogs Dream sells is just awesome!

Joe absolutely LOVES his grunting spider (I have a million pictures of him with it and of course I can’t find a single picture when I need one!)

Living in the Northwoods, we deal with fleas and ticks and protect our critters  from them with Frontline Plus from March – November.

Both dogs go wild for bully sticks. They are a great distractor and help keep their  teeth in good shape

My kitties went absolutely WILD for the TikkiCat cat food they tried this summer!

Joe thinks he should get this collar and then he could match Mason when he wears his robot outfit.

We’ve used our fair share of Nature’s Miracle at our house between one naughty dog, one mystery ailment dog, and two puking cats.

This is going on Joe’s Christmas list – he loves big furry grunting toys!

Mason’s Auntie Sarah’s jack russells would look hilarious in this great sweater!! Why do the little dogs get all the adorable stuff??

Now you to can experience how great A Dog’s Dream is! I encourage you to visit her store (online or in person) and purchase anything you’d like for your pets (Christmas is coming!) OR you could WIN a $50 Gift Certificate for A Dog’s Dream right on my blog!! Redeemable online or in person, this gift certificate is sure to help you make your pets’ Christmas a great one or maybe just help you stock up on some of those pesky necessity items!

Mandatory Entry: Go to A Dog’s Dream’s online store and tell me what item you’d like to buy for your pet(s)! (1 entry)  Must be completed before any additional entries will be counted

Additional entries: Please leave a seperate comment for each entry (if an activity is worth five entries, leave five comments)

* Browse their website and tell me something else interesting you learned about A Dog’s Dream. (1 entry)

* “Like” A Dog’s Dream on Facebook (and tell me someway to identify you on FB) (2 entries)

* Vote for A Dog’s Dream in the Best of Seattle Contest – 5 entries

* Tweet about this contest  – Enter to win a $50 Gift Certificate to A Dog’s Dream Pet Supplies. Your pets will thank you! @weemasonsmom #giveaway (Tweet once a day for 1 entry per day)

Follow A Dog’s Dream on twitter (post username) (1 entry)

* Heart A Dog’s Dream on etsy (1 entry)

* Purchase something from A Dog’s Dream and tell me what you bought – (10 entries)

* Follow Mason or me on twitter (post username) (1 entry per follow)

* Post this giveaway on a giveaway linky and tell me where you posted it – 3 entries

* Post my button on your blog and tell me where you posted it – 3 entries

* Blog about this entry on your blog and leave me the link – 3 entries

* Bonus entry for my loyal blog readers – if you ALREADY follow me on GFC (there are 168 of you) – 1 entry

There you have it – lots of ways to win! Help me support and promote a wonderful “Mom & Pop” pet store belonging to a great friend and a great mom and you could win a chance to make Christmas very merry for your furry (or feathered) family members!

This giveaway will end Monday, October 11 at 10:59 CST.  Your e-mail address must be in your comment or in the comment form in order for me to contact you if you win. The winner will be chose by and will have 48 hours to respond to my e-mail. I was not compensated in any way for this review and all opinions are entirely my own.