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Catch the Moment Weeks 13 & 14 :: Project 365

March 30
SuperDad surprised me with roses for no reason. He’s the best!

April 1st
Mason went to the doctor for his FOUR YEAR check up!

And we celebrated Joe T Greyhound’s 12th birthday. My bff made AMAZING doggy cupcakes for the occasion.

April 2nd
Joe and I were excited to see the snow starting to melt. It may be dirty, but there is grass under all that muck!

We also went out for Mexican night at a real sit down restaurant. Rare for us!

April 3rd
Fun with relay races at karate class.

April 4th
Remember how we were excited about grass? We got 7″ of snow this day….

April 5th
We celebrated “Cousin Chloe’s” 5th birthday at a gymnastic center!
april5 april5-2

April 6th
We spent the whole day prepping stuff to sell at the consignment sale and built this beauty to try to keep the toy mania under control. No more monster trucks at the bottom of the toybox. Woohoo!

April 7th
I discovered that I can have dog food shipped straight to my house from Amazon for less than it costs at the pet store. AND I found a 20% off coupon. How cool is that? (For some reason it arriving in a box amused me enough that I had to take a picture)

April 8th
The first sign of spring!

April 9th
The second sign of spring – massive amounts of water leaking into our basement :o(

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Nurse Loves Farmer

Snow + Shovel = Happy Mason

Certain things make me question whether or not Mason is really my son. Like his love for barbeque sauce and ketchup, and most importantly, his love for SNOW!

What’s better than snow? Snow and a SHOVEL! Give this boy those two things and you’ll have to drag him in kicking and screaming hours later.

I’d be thrilled to find the snow (and cold) even 1/4 as fun as Mason does!!

Wilderness Walk

On Thursday, we took Mason to Wilderness Walk. It’s a combination petting zoo / actual zoo / old time pioneer village that both SuperDad and I have fond memories of visiting as a kid. Mason had a great time, but in my adult eyes, it wasn’t nearly as fun as I remember it – it seemed really run down and like an extremely run down petting zoo. I don’t think we’ll be going back, but at least we got some adorable pictures from this visit.

The “animal nursery” was mainly animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and kittens, something that we don’t have to go far to see at home. They were also trying to sell baby skunks and foxes, which didn’t thrill me (even though baby skunks ARE adorable)

Mason loved having free reign on the hiking trails

My favorite part of the day was watching dozens of deer in the woods, most of which crossed the trail 40 feet in front of us – one came close enough to touch had we tried.

Mason got to pet a camel

We spent a lot of time chasing following various birds, mostly roosters and peacocks

Panning for gold in the old mining village

Checking out the shops

The jail (unfortunately, Mason was too short to pose in the stocks)

Then we saw this crime bulletin

Since we did not want to get in trouble for harboring a criminal, we turned him in, pronto

Sadly, he perished while in jail. Sadly for this picture, we could not convince him to lay down in the “boat” Hahaha

We finished the day trying out the world’s most dangerous playground and feeding the fish, which are not very photogenic.

Mason had a great time

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The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a First Time Mom

Heat Advisory Sunday

When Mason started begging to go outside this morning at 10 am, I flicked my Kindle over to the weather and saw “Current Temperature: 86º Feels like: 97º” I LOVE my hot weather (Wisconsin is totally the wrong state for this momma) but after our 4th of July experience, I knew that temps in the 90s were not a whole lot of fun for an active toddler.

After half an hour, I decided to give in to his begging…

So here is how you entertain a toddler when it’s really really hot.

Step One:

Strip them down, apply sunscreen liberally, drag out their teeny tiny baby pool

Fill the pool with random items from the kitchen since you lack pool toys

Put them to work washing their “dirty garbage truck”

Take lots of pictures while making sure you both drink a lot of water (not pictured) and if you can stay out of the splash zone, read blog posts on your Kindle.

Ta da!

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Geocaching 2012

Last week, we took our maiden 2012 geocaching voyage. For those not familiar with it, you can read more here – but a quick summary is people hide containers (ranging in size from keychains to buckets) at various parks and scenic places and you find them using your GPS. Once found, you sign a log book and can trade “treasures” inside, which range from happy meal toys to things with actual value. When we first started years ago, there were only a handful of them within a hundred miles and now there are literally hundreds of them hidden within an hour or so of our home. It’s a great excuse to get outside and the hunts have taken us to some pretty cool places.


Geocaching with a toddler is much harder than geocaching with a baby. With a baby, you can sling them into their preferred baby-wearing method and hike in the woods for hours. Geocaching with a toddler, well, let’s just say one person hunts for the “treasure” while the other person makes sure the toddler doesn’t wander off a bridge/cliff/into a thornbush, or disappear into  the woods to be eaten by a bear.

Mason’s job was the official treasure box opener.

He would also sift through the contents while we signed the log book. Had we brought items to trade, I’m pretty sure he would now be the proud owner of that pearl necklace. LOL

A geocache at a park gave him a welcome play break

Yay for another successful find!

If you’ve ever thought about geocaching, Mason highly recommends it!

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Mason’s Tractor

Mason, being a stereotypical two year old boy, loves trains and tractors. School buses come in a close third and bikes and motorcyles are also pretty exciting to him. With his love of tractors, most every big piece of farm machinery is a tractor. Tractors (obviously), combines, street polishers, green riding lawn mowers, bobcats, diggers, etc etc. I know many parents take pride in their toddler’s identification of different types of machinery, but I have to admit that I find it adorable that he calls just about everything that’s not a car or truck a tractor. LOL

When he’s reading books about tractors, he likes to point out Papa driving the tractor. That’s because Papa has a REAL tractor at his house that was once used for farm things and is now just used for plowing their super long driveway. This winter, one of Mason’s favorite activities was to watch out the window as Papa plowed the snow with the tractor and ever since, every picture of someone on a tractor has been “Papa’s tractor. Papa’s plowing!”

With the arrival of spring, Mason has gotten to go out to the barn and “visit” the tractor and has labeled the big (real) tractor “Papa’s tractor” and their nice new lawn mower “Mason’s tractor” and their ancient lawnmower “Grandma’s dirty tractor” and it’s been quite the joke between all of us, except for Mason, who of course, was completely serious about this.

So last week, Grandma and Papa bought him a super special surprise and sent me a picture….

Yep, Mason’s very own “tractor!”

He got to ride it for the first time on Saturday (sadly, I was at work, but they took video for me!) and he had a blast. 

The tractor (and matching hat) will live at Grandma and Papa’s but we’re hoping to go over and visit it this week so I can see my little man in action with his new pride and joy.

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Easter Egg Hunt #1

Quite possibly the thing I hate most about being a working mom (for the record, there aren’t many – I really enjoy being a working mom and think daycare enriches Mason’s life) is missing the chance to do special activities with Mason. Book babies at the library, a one day petting zoo event, etc etc. This year, the Easter Bunny was at the mall only one day – Friday from 1-5 and the Easter Egg hunt was in the park on Saturday at 11, and of course, I worked 8:30 – 1. Ugh.

Thankfully, Grandma B was able to take Mason to the egg hunt this year (his first time!) and when she told me she took pictures, I nearly cried from happiness.

So, Mason’s first official-not-just-in-someone’s-backyard Easter Egg hunt:

 Just getting to the park. Grandma made him wear his ridiulous swimming hat and now of course, he wants to wear it everywhere he goes.

And the egg hunting is ON!

Something tells me his attention to detail could have been better LOL

As quickly as it started, it was over and all of the eggs was found. They spent three times longer looking through Mason’s stash than they actually spent hunting for it. Even though Mason doesn’t really know what candy is, he was still excited to get some!

Mason says “I hope YOU had a good Easter too!

“Want an eggie?”

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