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Mason at 4

I keep meaning to sit down and survey Mason for what HE thinks life is like at four years old, but I keep forgetting. So today, I bring you MY take of Mason at four – styled like my old monthly updates I did his first 2 1/2 years!

At four years old, Mason is

  • Still wearing 2T clothes, although some of the pants are getting a bit too short
  • weighing in around 36 lbs
  • still rear facing in his car seat
  • suddenly remembering he skipped the terrible twos – we’re all about screaming “No!” and throwing horrible tantrums these days
  • addicted to Wii golf
  • convinced he’s going to be a speedskater and a snowboarder when he grows up. Thank you Winter Olympics!
  • wondering when it will ever be Spring
  • getting the hang of riding his bike without training wheels
  • into Paw Patrol and Jake and the Neverland Pirates
  • looking forward to going to “Big Kid School” this fall (aka 4k)
  • great at playing the kid’s version of “Uno”
  • napping some days at daycare and never ever at home
  • taking karate classes
  • having a love/hate relationship with Sunday school.
  • STILL using a potty seat *sigh*
  • more particular about which pair of undies he’s wearing vs what pair of socks
  • always playing with monster trucks or construction trucks or tractors.
  • still the king of bedtime delays (It’s 10:10 and he just finally fell asleep
  • the boss of Charly – he’s the only one the dog ever listens to!
  • knows all of his primary colors and can count to 12 reliably and 30 with help.
  • very into giving hugs and saying “I love you”
  • “Can I tell you something?” is his most used phrase
  • playing with his first Lego sets (birthday presents ftw!)
  • convinced that any time it’s light out that it’s morning.

At four years old, Mason’s favorites are:

  • Favorite breakfast is pancakes or Kix Cereal
  • Favorite suppers are chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and pizza
  • Favorite drinks are milk and water (he’s not allowed to drink anything else)
  • Favorite snack is graham crackers with butter and/or peanut butter on them
  • Favorite vegetable is green beans.
  • Favorite movie is The Little Mermaid.
  • Favorite song is “The motorcycle song” (some adult rock song with motorcycles in the video)
  • Favorite friends are Aaron, Liam, Chloe, and Ethan
  • Favorite stuffed animal is his penguin collection.
  • Favorite game is golf
  • Favorite toy is the remote control digger he got for his birthday
  • Favorite thing to do is play games on the TV (aka Wii Sports) or play with his golf toys (sensing a theme here?)
  • Favorite treat is Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins or M&Ms
  • Favorite thing to do outside is play with his digger (which hauls lots of snow these days)

I’m really curious to see what Mason says are his favorites compared to what I believe they are. Stay tuned next week for HIS answers to his bi-annual survey!

What are your kids up to these days?

35 Months

In one month, Mason will be three. That is CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZYYY!!!  Since I’ve been so bad at blogging lately, I figured I would throw up a “Month Day” post, just to look back at the last month since we all can see this blog definitely hasn’t been a good reflection!

In his 35th month, Mason….

  • saw Yo Gabba Gabba Live! in the Cities and had a great time!
  • got a big kid’s sled but hasn’t been able to play with it much due to lots of 0º temps
  • wears mainly 24 month clothing with some 18 month and 2T stuff thrown in
  • loves to wear his train and monster hoodies he got for Christmas, as well as his “John Deer Shirt and pants” (the pants are actually plain camo pants LOL)
  • went to his first birthday party for a non-relative and had a great time swimming and eating cake (Thanks A and Q!)
  • Started seriously transitioning into the “Big Kids Room” (aka 3 year old room with 4-12 close by) at school
  • loves to say “Mommy/Daddy, I like you” randomly. Like when he calls you into his room at 2 am.
  • worries about whether Joe is sad when we are not home.
  • loves to bring us our things – he’s constantly bringing me my Kindle and both of us our phones or bottles of pop. Even if we’re in the bathroom or somewhere where it’s obviously NOT needed.
  • didn’t see his Grandma J much as she was sick most of the month
  • ate his last meal in our favorite family cafe.
  • really enjoyed shoveling with SuperDad.
  • celebrated Valentine’s Day at school with a tea party and his favorite stuffed puppy was his special guest.
  • decided napping at home is for babies, but laying in his crib and watching “Bob the Builder” on the Kindle is fantastic.
  • favorite inside activities are watching TV (ugh), play with his tractors or monster trucks, playing with his trains, and playing hide and seek.
  • favorite TV shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Chuggington, Doc McStuffins, and Yo Gabba Gabba.
  • favorite outside activities right now are shoveling and stomping in the snow.
  • likes to play the “one parent against another” game by coming bawling to one of us going “Moommmmyyy, Daddy said I couldn’t have a cookie!!! *sob* *sob* *sob*” It’s very pathetic and hysterical all at once.
  • is spot on with most of his colors and can count actual objects up to 14 if he feels like it.
  • loves to talk about Auntie Sarah and Baby Liam.
  • missed two days of school with a fever and a bad cough
  • still refers to his grandmas by the colors they wore last. “My pink grandma” “my blue grandma” It keeps us guessing
  • cried for half an hour when he came home and Joe wasn’t there (Joe was at the vet) Telling him Joe was at the doctor made him cry harder. Poor guy.
  • roleplays with his cars and trucks and there is usually a mommy, daddy, and baby or kid
  • insists on wearing his “Monster shoes” even though they are getting too small and he has awesome Yo Gabba Gabba shoes in an appropriate size
  • would wear his winter boots everywhere if we let him
  • gets mad if we talk while he’s watching TV. “Shhhhhhhhh!! be quiet!!!” is a common phrase during his two TV shows per day.
  • rarely eats a decent amount of food at supper time. He eats all his food at breakfast and lunch at school, so I try not let this bother me.
  • favorite snacks are still little muffins and teddy grahams.

I can’t believe this dude is going to be THREE in less than a month! Man, time flies!!

Mason at 32 Months Old

This past weekend, Mason turned 2.666 years old. Some days, I think that 666 is pretty fitting and other days, he’s downright delightful and by far the funniest person in our house.

Just to do a quick update, here is a summary of Mason right now:

  • Still a small fry. Had his 2 1/2 year checkup and he was just under 30 pounds (by mere ounces) and 36 inches tall.
  • Size 24 month pants and shirts, size 7-8 shoes. He still fits into many 12 and 18 month shirts though.
  • Is 80% potty trained. Dry after most naps, haven’t even started attempting bedtime yet. He averages one accident a week, which I think is AWESOME.
  • Is ridiculously addicted to TV and most of his tantrums are related to us shutting it off.
  • Loves to make us laugh. If we laugh at something he says in public, he will say it again and again, louder and louder. This sometimes makes it go from funny to embarrassing really really fast.
  • Got to play outside of school with his buddy, A, one day and was THRILLED about it. We hadn’t gotten together since April.
  • Is addicted to watching Mickey Mouse and that’s his first choice these days, followed by Chuggington. Wonder Pets and Yo Gabba Gabba are still on the list, but not requested nearly as often.
  • Loves riding his Strider Bike and talking about bikes in general, especially the adult bikes that recently moved to the basement for the winter
  • Loves to pretend to cook, but much prefers Daddy’s pots and utensils to his own
  • First words out of his mouth every morning are “Don’t gotta go to school today??” in a very hopeful voice *sigh*
  • Loves taking a special blanket or toy to school every morning to leave in his cubby
  • Welcomed a new baby cousin into the world (well, in thought, as we haven’t met him yet)
  • Begs to sit on SuperDad’s shoulders any time SuperDad is in any way doing anything cooking related. Surprised he can even open the fridge alone these days.
  • Working on an 8 pm bedtime again. Some days this means he’s sleeping by 9, other days… not so much. But it’s better than 11 pm, right?!
  • Nearly got kicked out of Halloween story time at the local library for doing everything BUT listening to the stories
  • Went to the pumpkin patch and rocked trick-or-treating
  • Loves giving Joe hugs and petting Katze
  • Still insists on roaring like a monster or hopping like a frog depending on what hooded bath towel he’s wearing
  • Likes to talk about the weather “It’s sunny today. Not raining anyone?” and comment on “yesterday” – hasn’t talked about tomorrow much yet!
  • Was excited to see his first snow of the season two weeks ago
  • Takes 10-15 minutes to warm up to activities and people in a new setting.
  • Has started asking why, but not to a horribly obnoxious extent yet.
  • is always asking us to “talk quiet” or “be quiet” when we’re trying to talk a: when he’s watching TV and b: when we’re eating supper
  • Loves being called a “Big Kid” and hates being called a “Big Boy”
  • Is great at playing quietly until another kid starts running or throwing things. Then all bets are off for future calm behavior.
  • Requests pizza or tacos for supper ever night and eggs for breakfast
  • Still is super shy if someone talks to him first but if he talks to them first, he’s a little flirt. All about being on HIS terms apparently.
  • Loves playing on the “Big Side” (aka ages 3+) at daycare
  • Wakes up 1-2 times a night several nights a week with a weird request – like a certain book or truck, and then (thankfully) goes right back to sleep when his request is met
  • Has an awesome pumpkin hat that he actually loves to wear. He’s also feeling love for his sunglasses again. LOL
  • Wants to play “Hide and Seek” at inappropriate places – like the store
  • Loves playing “chase me” and “let’s run” which involves taking turns chasing/being chased from one end of the house to the other.

It totally seems like just yesterday that I was updating these lists with new foods he tried or his progress on learning to sit up. It’s so crazy how fast they grow up, isn’t it?

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Two and a Half!!

Yesterday, Mason turned 2.5!  It seems like we were just celebrating his 2nd birthday, or really, that we were just getting pscyhed to go see Yo Gabba Gabba Live which was a year ago already!!

Mason is such a busy little boy, as I’m guessing all kids his age are. At 2½, Mason:

  • Loves playing outside, especially with his tractor at Grandmas, or his Little Tikes Truck or lawn mower at home
  • sleeps from 9:30ish to 8:30ish on the weekends (7:30 on weekdays)
  • naps between 1.25 – 2.5 hours a day
  • loves to watch TV and his favorite shows are Wonder Pets, Bob the Builder, Thomas/Chuggington, and Yo Gabba Gabba
  • just recently started really getting into “Cars” – it’s the only movie that’s kept his attention, which is fine
  • goes to daycare (“school”) from 8-5 every day and has 7 other kids in his class
  • sleeps with 3 books, two trucks, 2 tractors and trailers, two giant Gabba pillows, and 3+ stuffed animals in his crib
  • is wearing 18 month or 24 month clothes and size 4 diapers
  • pees on the potty reliably during the morning at daycare, but afternoons and at home are a struggle.
  • loves to wear hats and mittens
  • loves to go for “4-leeler” (atv) rides with Daddy
  • playing with cars, trains, and cooking are his favorite activities
  • loves stickers and wants them put on his shirt
  • can now be entertained by coloring for more than 3 minutes… if it was his idea
  • talks all the time – in sentences and loves repeating both himself and others. Thankfully doesn’t ask “Why?” yet
  • favorite snacks are graham crackers and mini muffins
  • loves pretending to be “stuck in the mud”
  • asks to eat pizza for supper every night
  • loves playing the drums and seeing drummers in parades
  • loves watching “funny videos” with Daddy that feature things crashing or people falling down
  • refuses to sleep at night without his lamp on 
  • likes babies, puppies, and kitties
  • tells us he doesn’t want to go to school every. single. morning but has a great time once he’s there
  • loves to cook with daddy – either helping him stir or sitting on his shoulders. Scrambled eggs are their specialty
  • gently pats your arm or leg when he says “Sorry” – cutest thing ever!
  • plays shy with new people or new surroundings, but after about 20 minutes or so is running around like he owns the place
  • is not a big fan of taking a bath, again *huge sigh*
  • chasing someone or being chased is one of his favorite games
  • loves being read to – especially books about tractors, trains, or mud

Happy happy 1/2 birthday little man! We love you!!

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25 Months

In his 25th month, Mason:

  • is busting out of his size 6 shoes, which is a bummer since he just started fitting into them about 2 months ago (and he currently has these AWESOME penguin shoes).
  • had fun playing outside with his bubble mower and his truck
  • peed on the potty at daycare (just once)
  • got a new car (well, his Mommy did)
  • helped his brother Joe celebrate his 10th birthday
  • dyed Easter eggs for the first time (pictures soon… maybe)
  • says “Oopsies” and it’s the cutest thing EVER!
  • sold a lot of old clothes and toys at the consigment sale
  • fell in love with Joe’s new dog bed (pictures coming soon)
  • celebrated his 2nd birthday with a party with his relatives
  • knows a suprising amount of animal names that we didn’t teach him (giraffe, elephant, etc – yay daycare!)
  • likes to tell you his food is too hot and “blow please” even if it’s just warm
  • wants to watch Gabbas, choo choos, and tractors on TV 24/7
  • likes to announce “Mason farting” or “Excuse Me! Mason burped!”
  • tries to climb in his crib when he gets tired
  • is obsessed with sitting on his potty, even though he rarely ever goes
  • thinks taking pictures with my camera is the best thing ever
  • is getting better about saying “please”
  • became obsessed with candy (thank you daycare, GRRRRR)
  • has learned to like tacos and enjoys any food that can utilize dipping sauce
  • loves playing with anything Thomas or Mr Potato Head
  • Could care less about Thomas on TV though
  • asks to eat pizza nearly every night
  • follows “Go ask for Daddy X” or “Go get Mommy for supper” commands quite well
  • got to hunt Easter eggs twice
  • got a bloody nose at daycare
  • started requesting showers at bath time
  • loves to make train and truck noises while playing


And according to BabyCenter, most kids stack six blocks (Mason can!) and walk heel to toe smoothly (Mason does). A lot of kids use pronouns (Mason doesn’t – it’s Mason’s bear, Mommy’s pop, Mommy do it, Mason do it. When I try to help and say “No, Mason, say “My bear” he replies with “Not mommy’s bear, Mason’s bear!” Hahaha) He can wash and dry his own hands for the most part, which is the other many skill. A few kids speak clearly most of the time – Mason has his good and bad moments. Usually I can understand him perfectly and other times, I’m like “Kid, I have NO clue what you just said!” Drawing a vertical line is the other genius skill and I dunno, does his permanent marker artwork count as vertical lines?!

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24 Months!

Now that Mason is a big TWO years old, I’m not sure I’ll keep doing these monthly updates, but I think we’ll play it by ear and see how it goes – he seems like he’s changing SO much even day to day that I can’t imagine giving them up, but on the other hand, I really doubt anyone cares that he’s STILL in size four diapers, ya know? Maybe they’ll become “Funny things Mason said this month” posts in the future, but for now, we’ll stick with what we’re use to!

In his 24th month, Mason:

  • wore size 4 diapers and size 6 shoes
  • wore mostly size 18 month clothing. Most of the pants are still too big in the waist
  • weighed in at 26 pounds (10th percentile) and shot up to 35 inches tall(70th percentile) Holy growth spurt, batman!
  • lets you know when he REALLY wants something by not just saying “More more!” but signing it enthusiastically. This is basically the only sign he uses anymore
  • took swimming lessons for the third time
  • got a really horrible diaper rash
  • spent a lot of quality time with Daddy while Mommy worked lots of 12 hour days
  • spent the weekend at Grandma & Papa’s
  • got his first real haircut (photos coming soon!)
  • started doing some bedtime procrastination
  • graduated to the “Two’s” at daycare (new room with different teachers)
  • took an interest in Elmo
  • went sledding and played in the snow for the first time all winter
  • loved reading books about tractors, trains, Elmos (hahaha) potties, and puppies
  • passed his two year screenings with flying colors
  • became more demanding “Mommy do it!” “Daddy SIT!”
  • Favorite snacks were crackers, favorite meal was mashed potatoes or mac and cheese
  • hated eating soup at home but loves it at daycare
  • It hit 70º the week of his birthday so he got to hit the playground early this year
  • LOVED opening and closing doors
  • favorite non-toy toys were the broom and Daddy’s flashlight
  • threw some epic tantrums about coming in from outside

According to BabyCenter, kids his age should be able to name simple pictures in a book and name at least 6 body parts. He points out things in books ALL the time (usually over and over until you go “Yes Mason, that’s a WAGON!”) and he can POINT to at least 6 body parts, but the only ones he announces usually are eyes, ears, and hair. I’ll have to quiz him to see if he knows more! He should also be able to make 2-3 word sentences, which isn’t an issue. Many kids his age are able to open doors (oh my gosh, does he ever!) sing simple tunes (other than occasionally taking up “Row Row Row Your Boat” and “Old MacDonald,” he doesn’t seem very interested in singing) and talks about self. Other than “Mason ni ni” “Mason runnin!” and “Happy!!” he doesn’t really talk about himself. He’ll answer “Does Mason want to….” with yes or no, but isn’t randomly announcing his likes and dislikes. He is able to do their other two milestones – jump and walk down stairs. Some kids his age ask why and are attuned to gender differences. I’m okay that Mason isn’t there yet!

So, all in all, it was a big month for Mason and he’s right on track!

Happy 24 months, little man!

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Two Years Ago – Some Good News

23 Months!

OMG, in (now less than) 1 month, Mason will be a TWO YEAR OLD!!! In all the time I spent imaging having a child when I was pregnant or when Mason was teeny tiny, I really never pictured anything past age two, so we’re heading into uncharted territory here!!

Here’s what Mason is up to at 23 months old!

  • Wearing size 4 diapers and size 18 month shirts and pants, with still some 12 month pants in the mix
  • Sleeps from 8 pm to 8 am every night and takes one 2-3 hour nap.
  • Insists on wearing shoes at all times and loves wearing his rain boots too. Size 5.5 shoes are too small, but size 6’s are still a tad too big.
  • Went to the Children’s Museum
  • Fell down and carpet burned his nose and then scratched that while sleeping. It was not pretty.
  • Loves watching “Real Trains for Kids” and Yo Gabba Gabba on TV and nothing else, other than the occassional cooking show.
  • Gets very concerned when a phone rings and expects us to answer it immediately.
  • Has a friend from daycare he asks about at home all the time.
  • Repeats everything he says, especially the last word. Strongly in the “will always pick the last word you say” phase if given multiple choices.
  • Wants to know what Grandma and Papa are doing all the time.
  • Got sick of just playing inside.
  • Has started having epic meltdowns over just about everything. Doesn’t get something fast enough? Sobbing on the floor. No more choo choos on the TV? Crying and screaming. Having to put his pajamas on? Kicking and thrashing. It’s been… interesting.
  • Watched his Mommy get her dream job
  • Loves pushing the toy bus and his big toy trucks in laps around the house.
  • Learned to use his sit and spin.
  • Got a new friend to play with in a year or so with the long anticipated birth of Baby Bean
  • Is getting better about petting the cat nice, but also wants to pick him up and hug him, which doesn’t go very well.
  • Finally got to play outside.
  • Likes watching squirresl and “tweet tweets” out the window.
  • Likes to boss around Katze and Joe. “No kitty!! No Joe Joe!!”
  • Likes to tell us “SIT!” and point to the floor.
  • Started round three of Swim Lessons
  • Professed his love of trains and went to a model train show.
  • Asked to sit on the poty at daycare.
  • Is bringing us books to read him more often and will sit in our laps for them instead of going and reading his own book… usually.
  • Ate a lot of mashed potatoes, oranges, and bananas.
  • Likes to Facetime with his Uncle Greg and show him how he bounces on Rhody Horse.

Just a few weeks until this adorable little man turns two. I can’t believe it!! Happy Last Official MonthDay Mason!!

22 Months

Today, my little man turns 22 months old. 22 months really means “Can you believe he’s two… just TWO months from being two!!!”

I totally missed his 21 month update, so  forgive me if this list is longer than usual. He’s been a a busy little boy!

  • Wore size four diapers and size 5.5 shoes
  • Wore mostly 18 month tops and pants, although 12 month in both still mostly fit
  • Obsessed with lights – tree lights, Christmas lights, lamp lights
  • Celebrated his second Christmas
  • Pretending to cook is his favorite passtime
  • new words every day that we don’t know where he learned them – such as horsie and snowman
  • Celebrated 6 months helmet free
  • has totally given up on getting to play outside (sad, yet a blessing all at once)
  • Constantly asks “Mommy doin’??” “Daddy doin’???”
  • Answers  yes and no questions very clearly and determidly
  • Unfortunately most of the no’s are about food I offer him
  • Attended bedtime story time at the library
  • Went swimming three times with his daycare friend
  • Has days where he babbles/talks all day long
  • Loves giving people and pets their things – is always bringing us our pop bottles or the pets their toys
  • Threw up for the first time
  • Started thinking it was funny to throw things. Every. thing.
  • Wants to watch his choo-choo video every single moment of the day
  • Loves drinking milk
  • Got his photo taken with Santa
  • Seems to have all of his teeth other than his back molars (dentist appointment soon!)
  • Loves saying hi to strangers unless they say hi first
  • Is starting to show interest in playing with smaller sized cars
  • Loves watching you tube videos with Daddy
  • Got his first haircut
  • Loves loves loves being chased
  • Cried for 45 minutes straight after leaving the Christmas light park
  • Spent one night at Grandma & Grandpas
  • Loves bananas. Except sometimes he wants to smash them instead of eat them
  • Spent 4 hours in Urgent Care
  • Sleeps with his blue puppy and a yellow wooden mouse shaped car
  • Spent the day with his only cousin (first time since July 4th)
  • Likes wearing “middys” (mittens)
  • Mashed potatoes and gravy is his favorite food
  • Favorite book of the moment is his Frosty book from Auntie Sarah
  • crawled through a giant digestive system at the Children’s Museum
  • suddenly likes wearing hats (ballcaps, not winter)
  • Loves reading books, but only on his terms when he feels like it
  • Donned his first suit
  • Have a love/hate relationship with his rain boots

Two more months till the big birthday #2! Right now we’re up in the air if he’s having a Yo Gabba Gabba birthday or a Choo Choo birthday.  Talk about a big decision?!

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20 Months Already!

Tomorrow, Mason turns 20 months old! That means he’s 1 and 2/3 years old!! That’s just crazy!!

In his 20th month, Mason:

  • still wore size 3 diapers but it’s the last box
  • wore both 12 and 18 month tops
  • wore mostly 12 month pants
  • uses his Nuk only at bedtime
  • went to the Mall of America
  • loves saying hi and bye bye to people
  • unless they say hi first, then all bets are off.
  • suddenly hates having his teeth brushed
  • likes to drag me take me around the house by holding my hand and pulling
  • celebrated his second Halloween
  • ate  his first candy
  • suddenly owns enough pajamas to clothe a small country (all of them seconds away from being too small….)
  • thinks climbing people is a better alternative than saying “Up!”
  • says “I get it!” (I giiiiit iii!!”) any time he drops something
  • has finally been brainwashed into enjoying a few minutes of TV here and there (but only YoGabba Gabba usually)
  • went trick or treating
  • loves bath time and helps get ready by throwing his toys in
  • finished another set of swimming lessons
  • got a booster seat for the kitchen table and spends time coloring and playing with playdough
  • went on a road trip to a huge pumpkin patch
  • really loves to play outside
  • hates his winter coat
  • loves scrambled eggs, fruit, and meat
  • refuses to go shoe-less in the house
  • really needs a haircut (but someone won’t let me cut it… ahem SuperDad)
  • is obsessed with lights
  • favorite toys include his school bus and tractor, his pushable penguin, his shopping cart, and his book bag and back pack.
  • loves being spun around, especially if he’s upsidedown
  • calls Grandpa B “Bopa” and is starting to recognize other people he doesn’t see as often (such as Grandpa J)

Happy 20 months, little man! We love you!!

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