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Catch the Moment #11 :: Project 365

Thursday, March 13
We had a wild un-handable pot belly pig in today at work to get neutered. It made the morning very… interesting.
Pot bellied pig

Friday, March 14
My friend and I road tripped nearly 80 miles one way so I could see the Veronica Mars movie. I’m a HUGE fan of the show and a definitely on Team LoVe and the movie DID NOT disappoint (even though my friend nearly fell asleep during it, oops)

Saturday, March 15
My friend gave birth to her first son today, an adorable baby boy (Totally cheating, as I took this picture 8 days later)

Sunday, March 16
I still have a birthday post coming, but on Mason’s birthday, we took a quick trip to Wal-Mart, hit the Children’s Museum, went out for frozen yogurt, and then at his request, stopped to play with his Cousin Chloe. We tried to get a picture of them together but they’d only sit still long enough to make silly faces.

Monday, March 17
Mason was so thrilled with the golf clubs he picked out at Wal-Mart on his birthday that we totally forgot to open his “real” present on his big day. So we opened it the next night and he was SUPER thrilled as he’d been waiting for four months for this digger!
Birthday Boy & his Digger

Tuesday, March 18
Missed this day :o(

Wednesday, March 19
Mason got a new book order and Charly thought they made REALLY good bedtime stories.
Greyhound Bedtime Story

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Catch the Moment #10 :: Project 365

It’s been an insane past few weeks and between birthday party planning, birthdays themselves, being crazy busy at work, and trying to get to bed at a decent time, my Project 365 kind of fell by the wayside. Here I am, back-blogging to catch up!

Friday, March 7
Mason got a well past due haircut
Haircut time!

Saturday, March 8
I worked on Saturday and this fellow was one of our many patients that morning.
Dog at Work

Sunday, March  9
We had breakfast for supper and SuperDad made this itty bitty little pancake. I made the mistake of talking to Mason, pretending to be the pancake and thus was not allowed to even THINK about eating said pancake or risk breaking his heart. Oops.
Itty Bitty Pancake

Monday, March 10
I had to do some laundry since I didn’t get it done on the weekend and Mason joined me in the dungeon basement for some bowling
Basement Bowling

Tuesday, March 11
Another insanely busy day and the only photo I took was to show Echo the Equinox turning over to 31,000 miles.

Wednesday, March 12
We have an absolutely ridiculous dog.
Crazy Greyhound Feral Greyhound


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Catch the Moment #8 :: Project 365

This week’s photos sponsored by the words SNOW, COLD, and SICK OF WINTER.

Thursday, February 20
All week led up to severe winter storm warnings. It was forecasted to start snowing around 1:00 and snow 8-16″ on Thursday into Friday. This was our view at 4:00 when the snow finally started.Snow & Barn

Friday, February 21
School was cancelled and daycare was cancelled. SuperDad had picked up an extra shift, so Mason and I had a snow day.
Mason in the Snow

Saturday, February 22
So, I know I live in Wisconsin and I know it’s winter, but this right here is proof that this winter has been RIDICULOUS.
Weather Forecast

Sunday, February 23
We started playing Uno with Mason this weekend and he loves it. He also wins more often than not, even without our help!
Mason playin Uno

Monday, February 24
Monday night was my first Financial Peace University class. I had to settle for a picture of the kit as I didn’t want to creep out my new classmates.

Tuesday, February 25
It never figures that when I’m running late, I get stuck behind the school bus (or a tractor)
Behind a School Bus

Wednesday, February 26
Charly apparently was very worried no one was going to remember to feed him.
Charly with his Bowl

Congrats to all of my fellow Catch the Moment bloggers – we’ve taken a photo a day for two months now!

Catch the Moment #6 :: Project 365

Thursday, February 6
When it was time for bed, Mason decided to pretend to already be sleeping. I didn’t quite believe him.

Friday, February 7
I met a friend at a huge fundraiser for a shelter near her place. Charly wasn’t thrilled to be there and spent the entire night hellbent on pulling me out the door, so I ended up taking five pictures the whole night and all of them were awful. This is Brandy and Lenny.

Saturday, February 8
We took Mason bowling for the first time. Expect a photo post next week!

Sunday, February 9
In December, we went to see Monster Jam. It was there I learned that there is actually a dog themed monster truck. I was way too excited to find (and buy) it at Wal-Mart on Sunday.

Monday, February 10

I worked at the clinic all day on Monday and then worked at the bookstore in the evening so I almost missed taking a picture today.

Tuesday, February 11
Poor Charly was a mess on Tuesday. Yogurt on his forehead, dead Asian beetle on his nose….

I also must note that I’M SO SICK OF THE COLD WEATHER!

Wednesday, February 12
Took the old man kitty to the vet for his bi-monthly workup.

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Catch the Moment Week #1

It’s been fun trying to catch an interesting moment every day this week. These are the moments I caught in the first 9 days of January.

Day 1: Fresh from the tub

Day 2: Today, we put away Christmas. The dogs were super happy to get their regular beds back after 5 weeks without them.

Day 3: Mason is super thrilled about his Doc McStuffin’s pajamas. Me? I’m looking forward to being able to pee in private again some day.

Day 4: We played Chutes and Ladders for the first time. Mason thinks the chutes are slides. He won, but cheated badly.

Day 5: We spent the -12º day doing puzzles at the library

Day 6: I tried really hard to get a picture of the fun had during “Tickle Wars” between Mason and Daddy but failed. Missing this moment showed me not relying on soley my camera phone is a must!

Day 7: We broke out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that Mason got for Christmas. I was Raphael and he usually called me “Hey You!”

Day 8: The past two nights have been tied up by reading this book

Day 9: I love these sweet crooked little toofs

I charged up my Canon 300HS (decent point and shoot) with making my goal for NEXT week being pictures from a real camera, not just my phone.

Follow my pictures through the week on Instagram and if you’re a dog fan, I’m also doing #greyhound365 which involves a picture of my silly sweet greyhounds every day too.

Nurse Loves Farmer

If you do a “Picture a Day” recap post, whether it’s Catch the Moment, Project 365, or something else, please leave a link in the comments – I’d love to take a sneak peek into your week!

Meet Charly

As some of you may know, our sweet senior greyhound boy, Joe, has some… issues. He’s a high anxiety guy who is afraid of thunderstorms, loud noises, and being alone. In the 10 years we’ve had him, we’ve had to get a dog sitter when we go away for more than a few hours he gets really stressed out when left alone for more than five hours or so. Back when we had Daisy, we were able to be gone for 5-6 hours at a time, but since she passed away, he’s been an only dog and some days have been a struggle, especially since SuperDad moved to working days instead of nights.

Christmas 2010

It took me a long time after Daisy passed away to be ready for another dog to come into our lives. If you have animals that are part of your family, you understand – the hole that they leave behind sucks and I just wasn’t ready to sign up for that again. Then, once I was ready, SuperDad wasn’t ready because of his very real concern of getting yet another ‘fraidy cat like Joe.

I presented our case to our greyhound adoption group in May. We needed a boy who would get along with Mason and our kitty (99% of adoptable greyhounds are adults – it’s pretty rare for a puppy to be up for adoption), get along well with Joe, and just as important, NOT show signs of anxiety when left alone.

They found us a dog that sounded great and then the foster home kept him. Then along came Charly. We agreed to “test drive” him with the understanding that if he showed any issues with living with a loud unpredictable toddler, a senior cat, or anxiety issues that he’d be going back.


That was in September. We signed his adoption papers in early November and he celebrated his 4th birthday in December.

Mason loves him, Joe thinks 7-8 hours home alone with him is just fine, and the cat remains un-eaten. Life is good. Welcome to your forever home, Charly.


Happy Gotcha Day, Joe!

Nine years ago today, we brought this guy home

Joe's 1st Car Ride

Joe’s 1st Car Ride

It’s been nine years and lots of happy times and some not so happy times and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. This dog is my best friend and one of Mason’s best buddies.


July 2013

I love you, my sweet boy!

Currently… 11/8/12

Mason is currently…

Anticipating watching a new episode of Mickey Mouse tomorrow after school. He gets to watch one episode of TV every night and there has been Mickey Mouse ads on before his usual choice lately (Chuggington) which has left him begging for Mickey, proving that advertising really does work at every age

Buying – um, not a whole lot. He did get a dollar in coins while trick or treating to put in his piggy bank though!

Needing to get some better fitting pants. He’s still in that stage where his old pants are too short but bigger pants are way too big in the waist.

Thinking about trucks stuck in the mud. This remains his favorite line of pretend and recently his favorite blankie has become a “mud puddle” – we can’t even cover him up with it anymore because that’s apparently NOT what you do with a mud puddle.

Ignoring rules like “Peeing after you’ve brushed your teeth won’t get you another jelly bean” and statements like “The TV is broken” Woe is me.

Mason’s Mom is currently…

Anticipating the weekend. It’s been a long and hectic last two weeks and I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend with my family.

Buying my BlogHer ’13 ticket! Chicago is a mere 6 hours from me and just when I got wishy washy over whether or not to buy a ticket, I got a bonus at work. As of 1:25 pm, I’m officially going to BlogHer. Woot woot.

Needing a good book. I’m way behind in my 104 Book in 2012 Challenge and it’s mainly because the last 10 books I’ve brought home from the library haven’t kept my interest.

Thinking  that there is a lot of things I should be doing other than writing ths blog post.

Ignoring all of those things. LOL

Joe the Greyhound is currently…

Anticipating getting to run in the yard tomorrow. He’s been on strict leash restriction since August, so he’s thrilled to be able to go off leash during the day now.

Buying – we bought him a new bag of dog food yesterday, does that count?

Needing – pajamas at night now. He sleeps right next to the outer wall of the house and if he’s not in his jammies at night, he gets up and paces around several times. In his pajamas he sleeps through the night. Poor guy gets cold!

Thinking  that if he waits just another minute the toddler will be sure to drop a cracker or morsel of food for him.

Ignoring the fact his people ALWAYS come back home. Separation anxiety sucks.

What are you up to?

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Happy Gotcha Day, Joe!

8 years ago today, after spending the night in the Twin Cities, we came home with the “young, goofy, and good with cats” male greyhound we had been waiting for for for 4 months.

Joe 2004

Since then, Joe has gained a greyhound friend, went a little white in the face, gained a human brother and then last year lost his greyhound friend and a kitty friend, but through it all, he’s been MY best friend.

 Joe Today

Happy 8 years with us, my bestest boy!!

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The Dogs Named Our Kid

When we got our first greyhound, he came with the name Joe and we really thought that was an odd name for a dog. We spent the next three months trying to decide on a different name and never came close to agreeing on anything. At that point, we realized that even if we could agree on a new name, it would probably be pretty confusing since we’d been calling him Joe for months by then and he responded to it. So he stayed Joe.

Unfortunately, babies don’t come from the womb named. We spent months and months researching and debating. Name books, social security lists, polling other people, the internet, old family names, and on and on. We wanted something unusual enough that there wouldn’t be 54 of them in his class, but common enough that people wouldn’t struggle with spelling or pronouncing it. And then we had to deal with the “Oh, that’s our friend’s daughter’s name…” and the “Oh, I really dislike someone with that name…”, which really seemed to narrow our options. It got to the point where I was sure we weren’t going to be allowed to leave the hospital because they were going to declare us incompetent for being unable to name a baby. It seems like most people have Boy and Girl #1’s names picked out practically on conception… not us!

So when we reached the 7 or 8 month mark, we had finally both picked a name that we really liked. Only, it wasn’t the same name. Neither of us hated the other person’s choice, we just liked our own better. Given that neither name was a family name, both went equally well with his middle name, and we’re big on “equal parenting,” how in the world could we pick whose name to use?

Enter Joe the Greyhound. Who better to pick the name for our first child than “our first child?”

We rigged up some elaborate scheme based around dog biscuits. I bought a bag of those generic nasty ones that come in multiple colors but are all one flavor (supposedly, I can’t say I tried them) and we would put two treats across the room and tell Joe “Red is for name X, Brown is for Name Y” and let him choose. Over and over, even though we mixed up the treat colors, the location in the room, the “dog releaser,” and every other detail possible, and Joe picked the same name over and over.

We let Daisy Doodles have vote too and she picked the name Mason every time but once.

So that settled it. Our little unnamed baby became Mason James. No guilt, no resentment, a perfect name picked by the whole family.

Although he would have made a pretty good Owen too, right?

Vintage Baby Mason

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