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Jamberry Nails Review & Giveaway

Jamberry Nails are vinyl adhesive nail wraps that form a water tight seal to your nail using heat and pressure. You can easily apply them at home and they last up to 2 weeks on fingers and 6 weeks on toes with no chipping, no dry time, and no nasty chemicals. It doesn’t matter if you have short fingernails, long fingernails, or are awful at painting your nails – Jamberry Nails work for just about everyone and there is over 300 styles to chose from. One sheet does 2 manicures and 2 pedicures and they come in both child and adult sizes.


My Story

I grew up with two older brothers who I idolized and thus, have never been much of a girly girl. I basically live in a t-shirt (or hoodie) and jeans and scrubs at work. I’ve always been awful at painting my nails. My bff and I use to go get manicures together (what fun!) and a day or two later, they’d be chipped all to heck and I’d feel bad about the wasted money. Thus, my nails have been naked for years.

In May, one of my friends started talking about Jamberry Nails on Twitter. She kept trying to get me to try a sample and I believe my response was “Eh, I don’t really have the time or patience to mess with a bunch of nail stuff these days. Plus, everything I do with my nails looks awful.” She kept offering and finally I took the bait and she sent me some samples.

I put them on the next day in my kitchen and the nails I didn’t have wraps on, I painted with glitter polish. The next morning, I wrecked the glitter polish buckling Mason into his car seat and had to touch it up at least daily, but even after two weeks, the Jamberry Nail wraps still looked great! I. Was. Hooked.

I participated in her Facebook party and won a SLEW of free stuff – enough Jamberry Wraps to do my nails every two weeks until December! Woohoo! The party was so fun and easy that I thought “What the heck, why don’t I have my own party?! More free nail wraps for me!”

To make a long story short, I decided I talk about Jamberry so much and since I was already trying to get everyone to try them enough that I should try to sell them! So I became a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant! Now I have amazing nails AND get paid for introducing others to them – it’s a total win win.

Using Jamberry Nail wraps is super easy. All you need is a sheet of Jamberry Wraps, a heat source (a blow dryer or rice bag work fine), some rubbing alcohol, a nail file, a scissors and a a cuticle pusher. While the first application takes a little longer (as does anything the first time you do it!), I can apply a full manicure in under half an hour and don’t have to think about it again for two weeks!


For the first time in my LIFE, I’m getting compliments on my nails. Like, stopped by random strangers type compliments. How awesome is that?!

Here are some Jamicures I’ve done

Here are some that I’m super excited to try out!

The Giveaway

There will be TWO winners – one winner will win a pedi-pack which is  enough to do one pedicure. A lot of people like to JUST do their toes, so here’s your chance!

One winner will receive a free wrap of their choice – a full wrap is enough to do 2 manicures and 2 pedicures

AND keep checking back because if I hit 100 likes on Facebook, I’ll add a 3rd prize!

Enter via Rafflecopter between NOW and Thursday, August 21st. Winner will be contacted via e-mail and have 48 hours to respond. Must be in the US or Canada to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(This giveaway was not sponsored by Jamberry in any way. I am a Jamberry Independent Consultant and product being given away will be purchased with my own funds for the purpose of this giveaway. Jamberry hasn’t given me a thing to provide this review, I just truly think Jamberry Nail Wraps are amazing and want to share them with my blog friends)

So Many New Things! – Wilderness Resort 2014

This month, we took our first trip to Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells, but since going there, we’ve talked to half a dozen different families who have been there before and make it an annual (or regular) vacation spot and man, I can see why. Not only do they have so many fun things to do just in waterpark features alone, there is so much more to the resort than just waterparks and every year, they add new features and activities.

New for 2014 is a 4,000 square-foot, two-story lazer tag arena that looked super awesome. Teams of up to 15 players can challenge each other to a showdown! It looked like a great time. Mason was a little too young for this activity, but I would have done it in a heartbeat had he not been with.

Wilderness Lazer Tag

While we didn’t play lazer tag, we had a blast in the all new Marshall Training Lazer Maze. In it you have to use your speed and agility to successfully navigate through the maze. If you break a beam, your time is penalized. This totally reminded me of all the old TV shows where someone is trying to steal the diamonds and rubies and the building has super duper security so you have to crawl under all the lazer alarms and such. With three levels of difficulty, there is something for everyone, agile or not. Mason and I tried the Lazer Maze twice and while at first he was a little freaked out (he’s not a huge fan of the dark) we had a blast and he asked to do it again and again. (In case anyone is curious, I was the one who tripped the alarm the first time and Mason tripped it the second time, but we successfully completed both of our missions!)

Marshall Training Lazer Maze

While we were hanging out at the WaterDome waiting for the waves to appear, we could see the well disguised construction area where Wilderness Resort is opening a swim-up bar capable of serving 88 guests! The wave pool was fantastic but killing time between waves with a margarita would have been even MORE fantastic! Margarita’s Swim-Up Bar opens in May 2014 and you can bet I’ll be having a drink there on our next trip!

Margarita's Swim Up Bar

And if there weren’t enough food and drink choices already, this summer the Klondike Boardwalk will open upon the mezzaninen level of the Klondike Kavern, offering fun sounding eateries like Yukon Yogurt, Klondike Kate’s Libations, & Klondike Pizza Kitchen. I know when my husband was waterparked out, he would have been more than happy to munch some food and watch Mason get soaked by the giant bucket again and again. Next time, right honey?

The other fantastic addition coming this summer is the Wilderwoods Go-Kart Trail. They already have outdoor Go-Karts, but the indoor track will offer a fun option for those of us vacationing in less fortunate weather! The 525 foot long course will feature crazy turns, corkscrews, and 12 cars. I would love to challenge my husband in a Go- Kart race and I’m sure Mason would get a real kick out of it too.

With all these great things to do, one thing that made them even more enjoyable were our Wild Fun Passes. These passes each cost $24.95 and they really making having a great time easy and fun! Each Wild Fun Pass gives one person the chance to do the sky ropes course, two mini golf courses, the bumper boats, lazer tag, the Marshall Lazer training maze, the upcoming go-kart trail and a discount at Pistol Pete’s ice cream shop. We each had a Wild Fun pass and it made things SO convenient – hand them the pass and go have fun. No worrying about how much money each activity costs, if you should do one thing over another, instead, save some money and do EVERYTHING with one convenient pass! In the summer, there is an Extreme Wild Fun Pass for $29.95 which includes additional outdoor activities as well. We totally loved the passes and since they were running a Buy Three, Get One Free promo, we used our extra pass to repeat some of our favorite activities! Plus they never expire so you can save them and use them again if you don’t have time to do all of the activities. So much fun!

Disclaimer: Wilderness Resort provided a one night stay for my family in exchange for telling my readers about our awesome vacation and their upcoming attractions. All opinions are 100% mine. Photos in this post are property of Wilderness Resort.

Wilderness Resort – The Waterparks

If you’ve been around here for any amount of time, you know that Mason LOVES water! We took his first swimming lessons just shy of 6 months old and going to the swimming pool, beach, and playing in his backyard pool are the highlights of his summer. We’re also lucky enough to live within driving distance of the waterpark capital of the world – Wisconsin Dells! We recently spent a whirlwind three days in Wisconsin Dells and despite the sub-zero temperatures, Wilderness Resort had us floating, sliding, swimming, and splashing to our hearts content! Which makes sense because they just happen to be America’s largest waterpark resort!

Wilderness Resort has over 500,000 square feet dedicated to just waterparks alone and four of these parks (over 200,000 square feet) are completely indoors and ready for play even in the dead of winter! Unlike other vacations where you’re worried how you’ll possibly be able to keep the preschooler entertained, I was worried we wouldn’t possibly have time to play everywhere we wanted to play!

With four completely different indoor waterparks, we had a hard time choosing what we wanted to do. SuperDad wanted to do the wave pool (America’s biggest indoor wave pool, at that!), I had my eye on some slides (like the Hurricane and the Black Hole) and I wanted to make sure that Mason got plenty of time in the areas just designed for kids his age as well as family raft rides, of which there was several!

We started out our wet and wild vacation at Klondike Kavern. It was here Mason fell in love with the dumping bucket. Every five minutes or so, a chime would ding and over 750 gallons of water would dump from a giant bucket. Standing under that gush of water was Mason’s nirvana and he could have done that for several hours a day had we let him!

Wilderness Resort Bucket Dump

We hit up some family tube slides and SuperDad and I took turns playing with Mason while we went down some solo slides too. Every single slide was fun and added to the “let’s do that again later!” list. Then we headed over to the Wild WaterDome and played in the wave pool for a LONG time. Mason and I shared a double tube and SuperDad got his own tube and was responsible for pushing us back out into the deeper water as the crazy crashing waves pushed us back to dry land. We had a great time as a family laughing and hanging on tight as waves big and small crashed against our tubes. I was also totally in love with the 100% windowed roof (aka dome) There was sunshine on my skin for the first time in 5 months despite the extreme temperatures outside. It was glorious! In the end, the only thing that got us out of the wave pool was our hungry tummies!


The next day, we hit up the “Wild West” which is the biggest of the four indoor waterparks. The presence of another dumping bucket made Mason super happy, as well as his chance to do another family raft ride with us. He loved being able to go on a big slide with Mom & Dad and we loved the quick lines and the opportunity to do something where all three of us could participate. I waited in line for the much anticipated Black Hole slide and it didn’t disappoint. You guys, this was the FASTEST waterslide I’ve ever been on and quite frankly, I could have went down it another twenty times had the rest of the family not been waiting for me! Then Mason and I played on the Ransack Ridge Play and Spray Structure and did some smaller slides while SuperDad hit up the body slides. So. Much. Fun. We ended up back at Klondike Kavern and I went on the Hurricane slide that I’d heard so much about. I had never been on anything like it and it definitely lived up to the hype!

On our third day, we attended the rubber ducky races at the Lazy River and then hit up all of our favorites from the first two days. We spent a ton of time crashing the waves in the Wild WaterDome and doing family raft slides and watching Mason get 750 gallons of water dumped on him over and over and over. We also took several laps around the Lazy River and Mason felt like a super Big Kid getting to ride his own tube around the tame, but relaxing, river.

We never made it over to Cubby’s Cove despite our best intentions, but I’m sure Mason would have loved all the Mason-sized slides, geysers, and spray guns! We also never remembered the bumper boats when we had our swimsuits on so they’re definitely on our to-do list for our next visit!

I loved that there was something for every age at each of the parks. Mason was more than thrilled to play in the youngest child areas in each park or go down some of the bigger slides with us and we were more than thrilled to have a great selection of tamer and more adventurous slides, as well as have stuff that we could do both with and without Mason. The provided life jackets and life guards at every turn helped give a real feeling of safety and security and allowed us to give Mason a bit more freedom, which gave him a bit more confidence to do things he might not have normally tried. And really, fun waterpark or not, that right there is always a parenting win!


We also loved that the waterparks were open to resort guests only. While we intentionally went on a Sunday-Tuesday so there would be fewer people there, the fact that they don’t open up their waterparks to everyone who walks in really helps keep the traffic down and the lines for the slides a lot shorter than they are at other waterparks we’ve been to. And, yeah, as a mother of a 4 year old (and a slightly impatient person myself), less time waiting in line and more time playing is always a customer service win to me!

I was initially worried about the walk between waterparks being too much for a (nearly) four year old but the hallways were well heated and once we figured out the best route between locations, it was a snap getting around the resort. While it sounds strange, Wilderness Resort’s awesome towel service (which let us trade our wet towels in for dry ones at any moment) made things a lot less stressful too! We’d get fresh dry towels anytime we had to walk anywhere and turn in our wet ones when it was time to play again. This made it so handy to not have to worry about where our towels were and we never had to deal with wrapping a chilly kid up in a soggy towel. A total win if you ask me!

Throughout our three days there, we got a chance to see parts of the (empty and snow covered) waterparks outside through the windows. They looked like so much fun and Mason frequently asked “Can we go down THAT slide?!” With four MORE huge outdoor waterparks and several walk up dining and drinking establishments in each waterpark, I have no idea how or why anyone would ever leave the waterpark area in the summer!

If you’re trying to figure out a fun winter OR summer getaway for your family (or just as a couple?) we give six thumbs up to Wilderness Resort and their amazing waterparks!

Disclaimer: Wilderness Resort gave us 1 night of lodging in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are entirely my own and not influenced by this exchange in any way.

We Love Yummi Pouch! – A Review

If you’ve been reading here for a long time, you know a few things about me.Things like the fact that I am not that great of cook (that’s an understatement) and I have some strict rules about what Mason is allowed to eat (we really try to limit sugar and junk food, etc) When you combine these two things, snacks when we’re out and about can really be a challenge.

One of my “go to” road trip snacks for him have been fruit pouches. You know, the single serving squeeze pouches filled with baby food, fruit and yogurt concoctions, or applesauce to the tune of like $2 each? Mason LOVES them and they are super convenient, especially in the car. But, I definitely don’t love the price or the “constantly throwing stuff away” aspect of them. It seemed silly to be paying so much for something I could make at home if it wasn’t for the convenient mess free “toddler can feed himself anywhere” aspect of them.

Enter… Yummi Pouch!

Yummi Pouches are REUSABLE food pouches that you can fill yourself at home and reuse again and again. They are dishwasher and freezer safe and BPA and Phthalate free, so no worrying about how you’re going to clean them or what chemicals they may be leeching into your kiddos food. And, they’re so easy to use!

ypyogurt ypapplesauce ypapplesauce2

Filling the Yummi Pouch is easy because of it’s wide top zipper opening. I’m not the most graceful person ever, but pouring yogurt, applesauce, and my homemade smoothie mixture into these things is a breeze. If I can fill these without making a mess, anyone can!  I LOVE that they hold 6 oz (as many store bought ones are 3.5 or 4 oz) so when Mason has one, he really feels like he had something somewhat substantial and not just a small treat!


2 oz larger than the stuff you buy in store!

Mason was super excited to see his new pouches. He loves that they are different colors and enjoys picking which color he wants to try. I love that they’re super easy to wash. They’ve been through the dishwasher several times in the last month and still look and function just like the first day I got them! I’m super happy to be saving the environment AND not spending $1.89 a crack on something filled with a bunch of added sweetners and chemicals. As for Mason, he’s super excited to see something he knows is JUST his in the fridge.

ypmason1ypmason3 ypmason2

Four thumbs up here for Yummi Pouch! We’re thrilled we switched to Yummi Pouch and we think you will be too!

For smaller kids, they also have 2.5 oz pouches and for the kid in all of us, there are drink pouches that hold up to 10 oz. The set of four that we received is currently on sale for $10.99! Check it out here.   Not only does Yummy Pouch offer free shipping through their website, they also offer a money back guarantee! Head to their website today to learn more and order yours!

Disclaimer: I received a free sample of this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are entirely my own and not influenced by the company.

Mason’s 1st Hotel Stay – Kalahari Resort, Wisconsin Dells

Kalahari Toddler

Our trip to Wisconsin Dells was our first overnight trip with Mason. He’s spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s plenty, but we’ve never had him to a hotel before this and I was kind of concerned.

Well, our Kalahari experience was AWESOME and I’m pretty sure I’m ruined for staying in regular hotels with a child from here on out. Our suite had two bedrooms and two bathrooms. That’s right, Mason had his OWN ROOM and we didn’t have to worry about the TV, lights, or our voices keeping him awake past his 8:30 bedtime.  Unfortunately, he thought having to sleep in his pack and play next to two unused queen sized beds was totally unfair and tried hard to fight sleep. He did end up sleeping on one of the beds for quite a while the first night, but night two went a lot smoother. I don’t really blame him for wanting to sleep in the beds though, the king size bed in our room was seriously one of the most comfortable beds I’ve EVER slept on. I kind of wanted to bring it home with me….

Our suite had a full living room area with a huge couch that Mason loved, an armchair, a TV, and a fireplace. This was great because then SuperDad could stay up watching TV until 2 am without keeping Mason OR me awake.

Kalahari Balcony

We also had a big balcony that was accessible from the living room or the master bedroom area. Mason was super excited to have “big winnows” and I was happy that the balcony was of good quality – have you ever been on one that made you think it was going to tumble to the ground with each step? Not this one! Had it been warmer, the three of us would have totally eaten breakfast out there every morning with no worries!

The kitchen area included a microwave, coffee maker, full sink, and lots of cupboard space. It was awesome to be able to store away all of Mason’s snacks and microwave meals out of sight so he wasn’t begging for them all the time.

The master bathroom had a whirlpool tub that I took advantage of at 1 pm on Friday because nothing says vacation like a bath in the middle of the afternoon, right? One bathroom even had a pull-out clothesline for us to hang our wet swimwear on – how cool is that?!

Kalahari Bathroom

It wasn’t just our room that was amazing – so were the resort staff! From a super friendly check-in, endless comments on Mason’s cuteness, elaborate instructions on what were the best “family waterslides” from one of the lifeguards, to the woman in the tourist shop giving us the 10% discount even though we’d forgotten the coupon, all the staff we encountered out of their way to be kind and accommodating.

There are several restaurants ON SITE at the resort and most of them boasted a kid-friendly menu and one of them even had a “Kids eat for $1.99 for every adult entree” which I thought was pretty impressive – I was expecting to drop some serious cash for every meal! We ate at Damon’s our first night there and we were blown away by how quickly our food was ready and how GOOD it was. My burger was seriously one of the best burgers I’ve ever had! Had I not been set on going to the train restaurant (another post coming about that!) the following night, we probably would have eaten at Damon’s both nights of our trip!

When we passed this beautiful sight in the lobby, I was super glad that Mason doesn’t really eat candy or junk food, as I’m pretty sure he would have been screaming “Candy! Chocolate!! MINE!!!” upon seeing the Sweet Hut. I know I was drooling a little. I meant to bring home goodies for our dogsitter but realized I totally forgot until now…. #failure So Deb, if you’re reading this, pick something out from the picture and I promise I’ll pick it up next time!

While I was at first bummed to have to take a day and a half off of work for our vacation, I’m super glad I did. It felt like we basically had the place to ourselves on Thursday and Friday, although things started getting a little busier Friday night. When we were leaving on Saturday, the resort was a bit of a madhouse with long lines to get into the waterpark and to check into the resort itself. (In their defense, we were leaving right when the parks were opening) Such big crowds on a random cold weekend in April definitely make it clear how popular the Kalahari is, but it made us realize that when we go back, we’ll definitely be sticking to another weekday trip! Lines and toddlers don’t mix! We took advantage of the option to check out by dropping our bill and room keys in a box by the door as we left and that was really a nice hassle free way to end our vacation.

All in all, Mason’s 1st hotel stay was a total success. We had a great time and I’m much less concerned about future trips, although I can’t imagine any other location will have so much entertainment for our little guy! Six thumbs up to the Kalahari Resort from Wee Mason’s family!

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Disclaimer: The Kalahari Resort provided our family with a two night stay in exchange for a review of their resort. All opinions stated in this post and my other Kalahari related posts are 100% mine and have not been influenced in any way, monetarily or otherwise. Thank you, Kalahari, for this great opportunity!

Tiko’s Watering Hole – Kalahari Resort, Wisconsin Dells

I have to admit, when I think of Wisconsin Dells, I think of myself as a 10 year old, so excited to go there with family and again as a teenager, so excited to spend the day with friends, going down super fast slides while getting a tan. Before having a kid, I would have told you that a waterpark was no place for a preschooler, let alone a toddler Mason’s age. Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells definitely proves this wrong!

Just this past winter, they renovated their indoor waterpark and the renovations included a baby/toddler water area, called “Tiko’s Watering Hole.” Once I heard about this, I knew it would be a perfect vacation destination for our little fishy. And boy was I right!

Tiko's Watering Hole Sign

Complete with 10 waterslides, lots of geysers, musical turtles, and its own lazy river, this area was restricted to children under the age of 5 and under 48″ tall. We spent a LOT of time here both days of our vacation. The water in most areas was only a few inches deep and there were two lifeguards roaming the area on foot, so had we not been taking pictures (and possibly occassionally going down the slides ourselves *cough* me *cough*), we definitely would have felt comfortable to lounge on the ample seating and watch Mason play, possibly even enjoying a few adult beverages (maybe next time!)

Tiko's Watering Hole

Mason LOVED the musical turtles (their heads responded like xylophone keys) and could have played tunes on them all day long had not kept distracting him with waterslides and “kitties.”

Turtles at Kalahari

He loved “riding” all the various jungle animals

Tiko's Watering Hole

He wasn’t so sure about the lazy river, but he sure looked cute in the tube!

Tiko's Watering Hole Lazy River

After that, he tried to get us to chase him through the tunnel

Tiko's Watering Hole Tunnel

The geysers were a huge hit and totally made me wish splash pads were more common in Northern Wisconsin!

He LOVED the waterslides in Tiko’s Watering Hole and went down the same one about a hundred times. It was super nice that he was able to do the steps on his own without our assistance, because by trip 40, we would have been less than enthused by his love of this particular slide. LOL

Tiko's Watering Hole Slide

Tiko's Watering Hole Slide

There are more pictures of his waterslide fun here.

 Tiko’s Watering Hole was an absolutely perfect park for Mason (age 25 months) and I really liked not having to worry about him climbing up stairs that were too big for him or getting shoved aside by the bigger, faster kids. I can definitely see Mason still enjoying this area in a year or two and it seems like it would be a great area for kids who are a bit scared of the bigger slides or who aren’t very comfortable in the water as well.

Mason, SuperDad, and I give Tiko’s Watering Hole 6 thumbs up. Kudo’s to Kalahari Resort to really putting some thought into the ideal family vacation – one that includes stuff for the youngest crowd too!

Tune in later this week for way more vacation photos and fun!

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Disclosure: We received a 2 night free stay at the Kalahari Resort in exchange for this review. We were not compensated monetarily and all opinions are entirely my own and not influenced by their generosity in any way.

Kalahari Bound!

In the next few weeks, we’ll be taking our first real family vacation! We’re heading to the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells for a few days and couldn’t be more excited!

If you’ve never heard of the Kalahari, it’s a super awesome resort featuring an entire waterpark and amusement park INSIDE the building, as well as a waterpark outside, golfing, a full-feature spa, several restaurants, etc. etc. They’ve actually been dubbed “the Las Vegas of Waterparks” – how fun is that?!  Since it’s still 40º here, the fact that they have so much indoor fun is perfect for us, which ALMOST makes up for missing out on the awesome outdoor waterpark.

Newer to the Kalahari is Tiko’s Watering Hole, which is a waterpark area meant just for toddlers. It sounds like it’s an indoor splash pad with lots of slides AND a toddler sized lazy river!  With how much Mason loves slides and swimming (and taking showers or sticking his head in any running faucet) I think he’s going to be super excited.

This is the first time he’s ever slept at a hotal, but I’m pretty sure he’s going to be way worn out by the time bedtime comes around that it’s not going to be an issue. He sleeps at Grandma & Papa’s just fine and at daycare with a  zillion distractions, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I’ve bought him two new pairs of swim trunks and two new swim shirts just for the occassion too (Because I totally can’t remember how you deal with wet swim stuff when you want to use it again 4 hours later without getting into something soggy – help!) Wish it was as easy/inexpensive to find new swimstuff for me!

I’m tempted to bring Grandma along on the trip so SuperDad and I can go do some of the “big kid” activities like the go-karts and the climbing walls, but I guess we’ll just have to wait a few years until Mason is old enough. I do plan on taking him on the merry-go-round and ferris wheel, which will be new experiences for him and will also not involve long lines, so that will be fun!

Pictures of Kalahari Waterpark Resort Convention Center, Wisconsin Dells
Photo of Kalahari Climbing Wall is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Either way, we’re super duper excited about the trip and you should be prepared to be totally bombarded with photos of our trip in the near future! Have you ever been to
Wisconsin Dells? Or a cool place like this with your kids? I’d love to hear about it!

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Disclaimer: While the Kalahari has given us a complimentary hotel stay, this post is entirely my opinion and was not influenced in any way by their generosity – I’ve always wanted to go there!

Yo Gabba Gabba Live – Part Two

So despite my qualms about taking a toddler with zero tv attention span to a live show, my fears were unfounded. Mason really enjoyed watching the stage throughout the show AND watching all the other kids. Kids dancing on their chairs, on their parents laps, and in the aisle.  And watching me laugh uproariously at things like a dancing Chicken Wing.
I was so impressed at how much the characters looked just like they did on TV. I remember when I was a kid, I went to see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at the mall and it ended up being two skinny guys in very very bad costumes. I’m still scarred from that experience and was hoping that Yo Gabba Gabba was nothing like that. I was in luck!
Unlike the confetti and streamers, when they were singing about the seasons, Mason loooooved the snow that fell down on the stage. He couldn’t keep his eyes off from it.
Since this show started at 3:00, I’m very glad that we brought snacks with, as Little Man was CRABBY when he woke up from his two hour car nap. Instead of his bad mood ruining a good time for us, I let him have at it with those awesome yogurt squeezy pouches and some yogurt drops and he became a happy little man once again.
We didn’t catch the name of the band, but they sang a song about geeks ruling the world that I loved.  I was really hoping for a guest appearance by Snoop Dog or Jack Black (a girl can dream), but it was definitely fun to have a live band there too. I was pretty surprised by how loud they were (since this was a toddler show and all) but that didn’t stop us from enjoying them!
My favorite part of the show was watching Mason in the aisle. Watching the other kids, dancing with them, and his random exclamations of “WOOAAAAHHHH….” and “WOW…..” Totally melted this Mama’s heart!!
And when they came out to sang the Goodbye song? I found myself wishing that there was more. Sure, we’d seen The Bug Song and the Seasons Song and the Party in My Tummy Song and more, but man, did the fun really have to end??Yes, apparently so.

So, in recap? We had a blast! We loved the Minneapolis State Theatre and found everyone we dealt with their from the will call booth to the ushers super friendly. The show itself was a LOT of fun for kids and adults alike and we would do it again in a heartbeat, 2 hour drive and all!

Thank you so much Hennepin Theatre Trust for sponsoring our trip and AEG Live for allowing us to give away tickets. None of our opinions were influenced by your gifts, but we sure had a great time!

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Yo Gabba Gabba Live – Part One

On Thursday, we took the 2 hour drive to the Minneapolis State Theatre and brought Mason to his first live show – Yo Gabba Gabba Live!! Mason isn’t a big TV watcher (well, that might be an understatement) but he loves music and loves to dance and I love Brobee, so I figured we couldn’t lose.

Yo Gabba Gabba Live was held at the Minneapolis State Theatre, a place where we had never been. Located near the Target Center, it was very easy to find and we were very happy to discover our walk from the parking ramp to the theatre was very short and all inside heated skywalks.  It was in the 40s, so this was much appreciated!

Kia Motors, the main sponsors of this year’s tour, gave out awesome DJ Lance glasses to everybody. Mason loved his.

The show started promptly at 3

Mason was afraid of the streamers and confetti that fell from the ceiling, so he enjoyed some cuddle time with SuperDad

There really was a wide variety of ages of kids and I was happy to see that Mason wasn’t the only one who was switching from watching intently to picking up confetti pieces off the ground. LOL For the most part though, he was enthralled.

Who could blame him though?

Stop back tomorrow for part two of our excellent time at the Minneapolis State Theatre with the Yo Gabba Gabba Bunch

This time last year – 1st Library Books / 6 Months Old!

Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE in Minneapolis!

So I get e-mails from Ticketmaster still from back in the day where it was nothing to drop $80 on a concert ticket and just GO without anything like dogs or kids holding me back. It’s been at least five years since I’ve been to a concert but I’m pretty excited that I still get the e-mails. Because if I didn’t, I would never know that…

Yo Gabba Gabba is coming to the State Theater in Minneapolis on September 15th and tickets go on sale TOMORROW! And there is not just one but TWO shows (3 and 6 pm) so I’m hoping that means that tickets won’t sell out immediately!

We don’t get Nick Jr but we still LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba and have watched the two episodes caught on another channel and stored sacredly on our Tivo dozens of times.

Mason should be at the perfect age (18 months) to really dig something like this and I’m hoping we can go! If the stars align and we can come up with the lots of spending money (tickets, gas for the two hour drive, souvenirs…) time off from work, and a dogsitter, you can bet that there will be some fun posts around here come September!

*crossing my fingers*