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Weekly Wishes #1

A few weeks ago, I came up with a fairly lofty list of goals for 2014. I figured the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, so coming up with some smaller weekly goals should really help me achieve my bigger goals for the year, right?

And, it just so happens that there is an awesome link-up called “Weekly Wishes” hosted by The Nectar Collective for people to talk about what they want to accomplish each week. Lots of great blogs with great weekly goals – you should check it out!

My goals for this week

1) Drink at least twice as much water as pop each day. That means if I’m drink 20 oz of pop throughout the day, I need to also drink 40 oz of water as well. I want to cut down on my pop consumption, but I know going cold turkey doesn’t work for me, so hopefully this will help.

2) Pick back up my 365 Days of Greyhounds photo project. I fell off the bandwagon and am
kicking myself.

3) Comment on an average of at least five blogs a day.

4) Spend quality time with at least one, if not two friends this week. Reach out to at least one friend daily via text message. (AKA – don’t get so sucked into blogging/trip planning/message boards that you’re ignoring everyone else.)

5) Strive to eat a healthier breakfast every morning (I’m currently eating three granola bars for breakfast. Don’t look at me like that, I KNOW!)

6) Reasonable bedtime this week. I’ve scrambled into bed near midnight way too often lately.

What are your goals for the week?

The Nectar Collective

Potty Training Help?

So, we’re at a crazy crossroads with potty training right now. Mason is nearly completely potty trained… while at daycare. He goes in the potty 4-6 times a day there and other than nap time, keeps a dry diaper all day long every day. He pees on the potty every two hours and as of last week, has been reliably pooping on the potty too. That’s fantastic, right?!

Well, it would be (more fantastic anyway) if he had anywhere near the same success at home. We ask him if he needs to go potty at home and usually we’re met with a “NOOO!! Don’t have to go!!” scream which is occassionally followed by him running away. He will use the potty at home maybe twice in a 12 hour day, compared to every time in 9 hours at daycare. Any mention of the potty at home gets him upset – if it’s not his own idea, he generally refuses to have anything to do with it. Occassionally, he asks to go directly AFTER he pees or poops in his diaper. In fact, I put the kabosh on “flushing the poopy down the potty” after it became obvious that he was THRILLED about watching me shake the poop out his diaper and into the potty. I was hoping that took away the “reward” aspect of pooping in his diaper but no such luck.

I’ve tried setting a timer to go off every twenty minutes in case he’s too distracted at home, I’ve tried copying his daycare schedule (they basically do potty breaks/diaper changes every two hours like clockwork) and nothing. Last weekend, we tried Thomas Undies and he was super excited and peed in the potty once; then an hour later, peed in his underwear and begged for a diaper so he wouldn’t “spill” again.

We have both a little potty like they have at daycare and a big potty with a special seat that he loves. He willingly climbs on the potty and pees when it’s his idea, so I don’t feel like he’s scared of it. They do jelly beans and stickers for prizes at school, we do jelly beans and things like toy cars etc at home, so it’s not a lack of rewards.  He is super proud and brags a lot when he does go at home – he’ll come running in the room and is all “Mommy, I a BIG BOY! I pooped in the potty!!” and wants a high five – so he gets that going in the potty is a great thing. But still the fact remains that he HATES going when we suggest it and will cry and scream if we try to press the issue. I just don’t get why he can be basically perfect at school and melt down if we even mention “potty” “pee” or “poop” at home….

So, other than feeling like a complete failure (since I KNOW he can basically keep a dry diaper alll day at school) what do I do?! Advice? Anyone? Bueller?

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Potty Training #Fail

So we are very casually working on potty training Mason. That means that he has a potty seat for the big potty and his own little potty, we’ll let him sit on them whenever he shows any interest, we tell him he’ll get candy (OMG candy!!) for going on the potty, and apparently at daycare he demands to sit on the potty every. single. time. any of the other 7 kids sit on the potty. To date, he’s peed in the potty three times (over a period of several months) and daycare and never at home. He is most interested in using the potty when he’s trying to get out of going to bed.

Tonight I showed Mason the candy bowl in the bathroom and reminded him that he would get candy if he went pee or poop on the potty. He immediately asked “Go pee on the potty get candy???” (Only he pronounces candy caaaaaann-eeee) and then says “I go potty! I pee on potty.” So I help him with his romper buttons and diaper and he sits on the potty. 30 seconds passes, he announces “All done!” and gets up and demands candy. I tell him no and he proceeds to start crying and screaming for candy. I proceed to put a new diaper on him and explain to him that he doesn’t get candy for just SITTING on the potty, he has to actually pee or poop. We head out to the living room and he cries and yells and throws himself on the floor dramatically.

Two minutes later, he comes up to me and says “Mason poop on potty, Mason get candy??” and I tell him that yes, he’d get candy if he pooped on the potty, but he didn’t pee OR poop so he didn’t get any candy. He cries some more and then says “Mason go potty? Mason poop on potty?” and again I tell him no. He says this two or three more times and again and again I explain the rules. He always poops before noon and he was JUST on the potty a few minutes ago, so I could tell this was just a ploy for candy.

Except, another minute passes and Mason runs to me “Mason pooping! Mason sit on potty!!” And sure enough, he’d pooped in his diaper. You know, right AFTER begging me to let him sit on the potty….. Crap. Literally and figuratively.

Mommy #fail

Apparently nothing, not even the year plus old pooping “schedule” is reliable these days. Lesson learned – expect the unexpected, let your poor kid use the potty whenEVER he asks, etc etc etc.

Make me feel better by sharing your potty training failures. Pretty please?


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Brushing the Toofs

One of the great things that daycare has done for Mason is instilled a deep love of brushing his teeth. They brush every day after breakfast and lunch like clockwork, and yesterday when I came to pick them up, they were brushing their teeth again just for the fun of it. The fun of it? Oh yes, Mason thinks it’s great fun!

As part of the new bottle free bedtime routine, he has a sippy cup with a small amount of milk or water, he gets into his jammies, and then, it’s brusha brusha time. Lately, he will throw down the sippy and start pointing at the toothbrush, full of excitement. First, we brush his teeth and then we let him. If he had it his way, he would keep brushing until the bristles were worn off and Mommy and Daddy were asleep on the floor.

(Please excuse the crappy cell phone pics. Low lighting in the room before bedtime, ya know!