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Warning: Sensitive When Tired

So Mason is really into history stuff – he loves the Titanic, “I Survived” books, and learning about famous presidents and such. I checked him out a “Weird But True History Facts” book and he’s been loving it.

One night, when we’d had a super busy day and he was well beyond tired, he went and laid down half an hour before bedtime and was reading this book. He got all excited and called me into his room and shared with me that the longest beard on record was 17 and some feet long and showed me the picture. I told him that that was pretty gross and let him continue reading. Ten minutes later, SuperDad comes in and asks if I knew that Mason had been bawling since I left his room? Nope, totally news to me! Turns out that he was heartbroken that I “didn’t like his cool history fact and he really loves history and I didn’t like it at all.”  I had to go make amends and promise him that I loved his fact and just thought the long beard was gross. I barely convinced him and he fell asleep moments later, still upset. #momfail

Fast forward to last night – up too late the night before for fireworks, long day at an outdoor nature camp, Homeboy was TI-RED.

He and SuperDad were watching funny videos and he found two he really wanted to share with me. The first one was a dog howling along to the Howlers on Zootopia and the second one was a white fluffy cat playing with a bobcat kitten. I said that it was super cute but I didn’t think it was right that people had a bobcat kitten for a pet. Cue M running out of my room sobbing. I never learn, do I? He was heartbroken that I would want to take the white cat’s friend away and wouldn’t the white cat be SO LONELY?!!?

I love his soft tender heart. I am also apparently a very slow learner. On the bright side? He was sound asleep two minutes later.

Toddler Sleep HELP!!

I know I JUST wrote about this, but I figured I would try again and pimp the heck out of this post in hopes that I could get some advice here.

Here’s the scoop. Mason is 27 months old. He’s always been an awesome sleeper, sleeping in his own room and falling asleep easily since he was very young. Heck, sometimes he would  even ASK to go to bed. He’s always demanded certain stuffed animals to sleep with and as long as we’ve made sure they were present, he’s been a happy camper. Recently, bedtime has become a total nightmare and I hope you guys can help because I feel like making things worse instead of better.

Suddenly, he doesn’t want to go to bed and will cry and scream until he is hoarse and having trouble catching his breath. He will cry literally for HOURS if we let him. He’ll demand milk and water and certain toys. Sometimes he will quiet down and go to sleep if we bring him water or the toy he’s asking for, but sometimes not. It’s a total crapshoot.

Two weeks ago, he started waking up in the night saying he was “scared” and would be crying and shaking. Now, he says he’s scared the second we leave his room. He demands his light be left on and sobs for the light if we don’t. Nothing in his room has changed, nothing seems shadowy, and he can’t point out anything in specific that is scary. We tried adding an additional nightlight before we started leaving the light on.

But now, with the light on, he stays up PLAYING with the stuff in his crib. Take tonight for example – been over an hour, and he’s still sitting in bed playing with his tractor. I know the logical answer is “Don’t give him his tractor” but he will literally cry and scream “Tractor! Tractor!” for two plus HOURS straight if I don’t. He will scream til he’s sweating and choking and eventually throws up.  I’ve tried waiting him out many times, but between the chance of choking and gagging, the fact that 2 hours of screaming is really irritating, AND knowing that sometimes, he just wants to lay next to his tractor and will fall asleep within minutes, I give in.

When we’ve tried “doing things his way” to see if something is missing from the routine, he wants to watch TV and fall asleep on Daddy. So not going to happen. He doesn’t have tantrums like this during the day – he never gets anywhere near as upset about anything as he does about bedtime. Nothing is new in his daytime routine – same schedule, caregivers, etc. I’ve tried explaining things to him, negotiating with him, getting mad, giving hugs, everything I can possible think of.

He has to be up at 7 am for school. He’s super hard to wake up in the morning and very crabby. He absolutely cannot stay up past 10 pm playing OR sobbing and screaming. It’s not good for him and it’s not good for my sanity either – this is my only “me” time of the day and dreading his bedtime and having it be a 2-3 hour ordeal is soooo stressful. We’re going on 6 weeks of this behavior and it’s getting worse and worse every night…. I feel like I’m one step away from being featured on “Super Nanny: The Bedtime Special” but am at a loss for what to do. I really miss my well-rested little boy….

Help, internet friends! How do I fix this?!

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ETA – The days where he gets NO nap (twice in the past week) or an hour or less (on occassion at school), bedtime does not go any better….

All Sorts of Anxiety

We’ve reached a new stage in Mason’s life – the stage where he’s afraid of things that we can’t see or understand and it really sucks. He’s really been having issues with sleeping for the last month or so (really ever since we came back from vacation) and now last week, he started having serious stranger worries, even when the people aren’t really strangers, and it’s really sad.

I went to drop him off at daycare last Thursday morning and we walked in, he took one look at the teacher, and turned around and clung to me like his life depended on it. I couldn’t physically peel him off of me and he was trying hard not to cry. Another teacher came in and suggested maybe he was being shy because the girl was new and they’d never met before, but he wouldn’t go anywhere near the teachers that he usually runs to hug, either. The next day, he encountered a Mom who we’ve played with on the playground before and he had the same reaction to her. That night, his Auntie Joy, who he just played with at the park a few weeks earlier was just as scary – total clinging, face buried, and practically crying if she talked to him. This morning? He clung to me when his best friend talked to him, another little two year old. I have no clue what is going on and it makes me so sad – if these were all daycare related incidents, I would think something happened there, but since they’ve happened in stores and elsewhere, it’s like someone flicked a switch in our usually very social son.

Then there is the whole sleep issue. After we came home from the Dells, he started having a hard time falling asleep. Now, Mason is a kid who has been sleeping through the night since he was 7 or 8 weeks old. He’s always been asleep within minutes and if he fusses in the night, he falls right back asleep. But once we got back from vacation, bedtime became an ordeal. First was the stalling – wanting to try to potty, wanting one more episode of TV, requesting certain stuffed animals, not liking his pajamas. Ignoring his pleas led to HOURS (literally) of crying. But even on those nights that he doesn’t have requests and seems super tired? He is still likely to stay up for an hour or two, alternating talking to himself and sobbing for us. We’ve tried comforting, we’ve tried later bedtime, earlier bedtime, later nap, earlier nap, shorter nap, longer nap, letting him cry it out, EVERYTHING it seems and he’s usually still up and crying hours after we put him down for the night.

And then there are the nightmares…. Several times in the past two weeks, he’s woken up sobbing and shaking – you go to him and he’ll cling to you and cry “scared, scared” and just cry his little heart out. It’s absolutely heartbreaking and it takes a long long time to calm him back down. And a lot of times, an hour later, he’s up again sobbing.

He’s got a night light in his room, nothing has moved or changed since he was born, nothing looks scary, he has two things in his crib that he can “light up” if need be, and he can never articulate what is scary, so I’m lost on what else we can do for him.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? Part of me is saying this is all related – like he’s getting such poor sleep it’s causing anxiety issues during the day and the lack of sleep and scary day is causing the bad dreams? Either way, I miss my outgoing little boy who was well rested. Any tips, experiences, or ideas you guys may have would be MUCH MUCH appreciated!!

Bedtime Procrastination

Mason has always been a super sleeper *knocks on wood* 3/4 of the time, you can put him into his crib and he’ll go to sleep without a peep and the other times, he may fuss for 30 seconds or so and then goes to sleep. Sure, he’s had his days where he stays up talking to himself for half an hour or drops a toy out of his crib and cries about it, but for the most time, super easy bedtimes.

On Monday night, when I went to put him to bed, he instantly began crying “Eat! Mason eat!” We’d had an early supper at a restaurant that night and he hadn’t eaten much – a cup of applesauce and a toddler jug of milk, so I could see why he would be hungry. I asked him if he wanted a pouch (so easy AND he could have it in bed!) and he said no. A banana? Nope. Crackers? Nope… My child, turning down crackers?! We were already an hour past bedtime so there was no way I was cooking him any food and finally. he ended up having a glass of milk and a few crackers and fussed for quite a bit after I put him back to bed.

Then last night came…. He’d eaten well only an hour earlier and was fresh out of the tub. I put him in his crib and before I even let go, the requests started. First, it was “More bath??” Then it was “Neena??” (banana) and so I got him a  little piece of banana. Then he started crying out for something starting with an R that I couldn’t figure out. Sounded like Reeko. So I took him to the kitchen and asked him to find a Reeko. He couldn’t but wanted some more banana. I gave him more banana and we went back to his crib. I put him down and he instantly said “I pooped! I pooped!” Lifted him back up and did the sniff test and he had NOT pooped. So I told him he must have farted (we have this conversation a lot) and put him back down and he says “Wet. Mama, wet. Diaper wet!” He’s never identified a wet diaper before, so this shocked me. So I said “Is your diaper wet, Mason?” and he goes “Yeaahhh….” and I said “Do you Mommy to change your diaper?” and he replies “Change diaper, Mommy. Wet!” At this point, I’m totally thrilled by what seems to be another potty training readiness sign. I bring him to the changing table, unzip his pajamas and… his diaper is not only poop free, it’s also dry. *sigh*

I ended up telling him that it was really time for bed and leaving him in his room to cry and scream alone for quite some time. What on earth!?

I totally remember the old “I’m thirsty mommy! I want some string cheese mommy! I have to pee! I’m thirsty again mommy!” thing when I was little, but I want to say I was like 5 at that time, NOT barely 2!! (At least Mason isn’t screaming “You don’t really love me, you never wanted me!!” like I use to do after my parents started ignoring my requests LOL)

So, what do you guys think? Is it just a coincidence that he is suddenly starving and needy the second we put him in his crib or is this little man playing us? Have your kids done something similar?

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Mason Makes Words #5

Right when Mason started talking, I found myself quietly shaking my head at all the bloggers who had started word lists and then declared them “too hard to keep up with.” I figured these parents had gotten lazy, decided they didn’t care, and just KNEW that I definitely would be keeping up Mason’s word list until he knew every word there was to know.

Cue screeching break sounds!

I now TOTALLY understand why those word lists end! If I were to actually try to make a list of the new words he’s been using since my last post, I probably wouldn’t even cover half of them. The pre-toddler me would declare this a total mommy failure but the me right now is declaring this a “My toddler has a big brain! Yay!” instead.

But, I can still at least tell you about the highlights:

Like I mentioned in his 20 month update, “I get it!” is probably his most used phrase (What can I say, he drops stuff a lot!)

He declares “I pooped!” every time he poops or farts. “Diaper” is another favorite word and he’s starting to say “butt” too LOL

“Cracker?” and “More Milk!” are his two most common demands.

Everything is suddenly his: “My blanky! My puppy! My shoe!” And just as popular, is “No kitty! My blanky!”

He talks a lot and in long sentences, rambling in paragraphs, but it’s still 85% in a special toddler language that I don’t understand. He especially loves talking animatedly when I am buckling him in after daycare or at dinner time. I feel bad because by the look on his face, whatever he is telling me is obviously very important, but I usually can’t even guess.

See, I told you my list was not going to be that great… But hey, he’s talking up a storm, saying new words every day and every day.  He seems right on track for his age and I’ve been doing really well not comparing him to other genius toddlers who were completing sentences by 18 months, so go me!

Every day is a new adventure! What will come out of his mouth next??

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Sleep Begets Sleep

The 2-3 hours between Mason’s bedtime and mine are my “me time” where I get the house picked up, read a book, blog, watch some tv, and just relax. Last night, I had planned to clean the whole house during this time, as well as write two blog entries – one for Father’s Day and today’s post about our day yesterday.

Apparently, Mason had other plans. I always forget that while toddlers are “little people” they’re not little adults. Their body doesn’t work in the same way. So while I can fall right to sleep after a long busy day that was totally off schedule, a toddler can not. Mason proved that last night.

We went to see a parade at noon when normally he naps from 11:30-2. Then we hung out with Auntie Sarah while she sold her beautiful jewelry and after running many laps around the park, exhausted Mason fell asleep in his stroller on the way back to the car. He napped through the stroller to car transition and again during the car to crib transition, then slept for about two hours.  I didn’t think much of this since he often naps from 5-7 after daycare and goes right back to bed at 8:00.

Bedtime rolled around last night, and we did the usual routine – pajamas, milk, helmet, and then into the crib. As soon as I stood up to carry him to his crib, he started sobbing. He cried in his crib until he was frantic and I gave up and took him out. Figuring maybe he wasn’t tired quite yet, I let him play quietly for a while. Once he started yawing and rubbing his eyes, we tried again. I picked him up and walked towards the crib and the sobbing bagan again. FAIL.

By 10:00, I had tried changing his diaper, changing his pajamas, checking his helmet, giving him Tylenol, putting him back in the Woombie (after not using it for weeks), rocking him, reading 18 pages of a book to him while he laid in his crib half asleep and NOTHING WORKED. I was out of every ounce of patience I had.

At 10:20, I started bedtime again. Checked his diaper, put his tornado of a crib back together, gave him another bottle, and put him to bed. I then went and locked myself in the bathroom and finished scrubbing his bath toys and by the time I was done, he was finally asleep and it was time for me to do the same.

He woke up crying a handful of times through the night and again this morning at 6:30 but luckily went back to sleep right after. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do the same….

Note to self: the 11:30 nap is never happening at 4 pm EVER again.

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My Little Grower

On Tuesday Mason had his 1 year check-up and unlike his last scheduled check-up, she declared him to be right on target with his milestones and development, so that was nice! He weighs in at 20 lbs 8 ounces and 29.5 inches long, so he’s still a little peanut. (Totally evidenced by the fact that I got stopped three times at the store last weekend with exclamations of  “Oh my gosh, LOOK at all those TEETH!” and then when they found out how old he was, followed up with “Oh, nevermind, I guess that isn’t that many teeth, I thought he was a lot younger…” Nice, huh?)

I realized some time around 2 am that the pediatrician’s happiness with his growth is all because they weighted him with his (7 ounce) helmet – his chart has him down as 20 lbs 15 oz, so his huge growth spurt didn’t really exist. With the helmet on, he’s at 25% on the growth curve, which means he’s probably under 20% in actuality, but that’s okay! He’s eating three solids meals a day (80% table food), breastfeeding twice a day, and having three breastmilk bottles a day, so as long as he’s growing some, I think we’re doing fine. Granted, I’m already dreading the 15 month appointment when he magically “loses” that 7 ounces and she’s concerned about his “regression” but we’ll deal with it then.

The biggest change in our world right now is that he’s transitioning into the one year old room at daycare. This is way harder FOR ME than I thought it would be. He’s been in the same room for 10 months and had the same teachers for a good 6 months, so to be in a totally different room with teachers I don’t know and kids I don’t know feels like I’m leaving him for the first time all over again! He’s the only kid in the room who isn’t walking and I believe he’s also the youngest by 3 months. He looks like a tiny thing next to all of those big kids – two of which will be turning two soon!

The biggest changes in the one year old room are going from naps in cribs to naps on nap mats and having a morning and afternoon nap in the nursery to having one nap a day that starts at 11:30. We’ve definitely been struggling with this at home – he’s absolutely exhausted beyond belief by 6 pm and is all tears and tantrums. In the nursery, he would often wake up from a nap around 4 pm, so now to be awake from 1:00 til bedtime is rough. They say he’ll adjust, but the selfish part of me doesn’t want him to (yet) – I enjoy the three plus hours a day of nap time and I don’t look forward to having to move Mason’s bedtime earlier, which is what I’m guessing is going to happen.

He’s also not allowed to use a Nuk except for nap time (which is fine, that’s all we do at home) and they want him off the bottle ASAP. We were preparing for that change but didn’t realize that they don’t use sippy cups – they go right from bottles to small drinking glasses. I’m sure it will work eventually, but I have visions of breastmilk dumped everywhere, so that kind of bugs me. Right now they’re working with him to drink water from the cup at meal times and are letting him use the bottle for his milk, but I don’t know how long that will last. He’s got another good 2 months of frozen breastmilk to get through and I really don’t want to feel pressured to not use it, ya know?

In other news, this afternoon we make the trek down to the helmet doctor to hopefully get a head scan, see what sort of progress he’s made, and maybe possibly (but I’m not holding my breath) get some idea how much longer Mason will be in his helmet. So if you could keep your fingers crossed for us, that would be great – I’d really really love to be able see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

One Year Ago – 1st Walk

Five Fingers of Thanks Friday


I’m thankful for the sound of Mason’s laughter. Whether it be little giggles, a full on belly laugh, or his mad scientist laugh (which makes us laugh hardest of all) I love how he laughs when he’s excited about dinner or laughing at a hound squeaking a toy.

I’m  thankful for the wonderful relationship Mason and his Daddy have. SuperDad is the light of this boy’s world and has been since day one.  The sight of them playing together, Mason laughing so hard, and the nights when Daddy rocking him to sleep is the only thing that gets him to stop crying warms my heart.

I’m thankful that sleep has returned to our house. For four long miserable (for everyone) nights, 8+ wakeups a night were the norm and we all began our day exhausted. The last two nights have been much better and I think we’re all starting to feel more human.

I’m thankful that anti-kids Auntie Sarah (who was my co-conspirator in all things anti-children before I myself got knocked up…) loves Mason and even puts up with him when he cries allll the way home (an hour drive) from what’s suppose to be a relaxing shopping trip. On multiple occasions.

And I’m thankful for an awesome job that allows me the time to leave work early, come in late, run to appointments whenever necessary, pump whenever I want (and not in a bathroom!), and blog while at work. While I won’t be buying any vacation homes in Hawaii any time soon, the freedom I have here and the ability to take care of my kid when need be is such a weight off my shoulders!

Random Friday

I just had a big post typed up and when I went to hit save, my browser totally froze and crashed. TWICE.  It saved my title but not any of my entry.  Bummer.

On to the randomness….

* I talked to one of the other daycare moms. She is just as angry and other than being told that it would be smart for her son to wear a long sleeve shirt under his clothes, had no clue about the whole night heating thing. She was going to go talk to the director that next day. I’ll find out what happened when I see her on Sunday. On the bright side, despite me “rebelling” and only sending Mason to school in a single layer outfit, he’s been perfectly warm (as has the room) every time I’ve picked him up ever since my original entry. The temps have been in the 20s-40s, so it’s not because of a heat wave outside. If he starts seeming chilly or they bring up his “inadequate clothes” again, I’m going to be alll over them about the state law of bare minimum of 67º in a daycare (Thanks Leahan!) and raise some holy hell.

* It should be illegal to smoke in a vehicle containing kids. And the fine should quadruple if you don’t even bother to roll down a window. Why are some people so stupid??

* Wednesday we had our first “dog growl at kid” incident and I feel like the worst mother ever. Mason and Joe and I were all sitting on the couch and Mason basically DOVE on top of Joe and pinched him and Joe growled and tried to get up. TOTALLY my fault and a huge eye opener that I need to be more diligent since Mason is obviously too young to know any better. I feel like a total mom failure to both Mason AND Joe, but at least it was the kick in the butt I needed to prevent it from ever happening again.

* Mason slept unswaddled last night for the first time since he was about 2 weeks old. I was hoping it was the cure to his mysterious sleep issues. I don’t know what happened between 9:30 – 2:30 (which hopefully means not much since it didn’t wake me) but from 2:30 – 7:00 he cried out (like wah-wah-wah-silence) twice and went back to sleep. Definitely an improvement, but I’m not holding my breath quite yet.

* Actually, I am holding my breath. Because after he cries out, I lay in bed for a good half an hour or so, convinced that the second I fall asleep, he’s going to start full out crying. I wish I could convince my mind to just say screw it and fall right back asleep because it sucks to get back out of bed either way, so I might as well be sleeping.

* Our big (okay, only) plans for the weekend include making babyfood tomorrow (applesauce, peas, beans, and carrots) and swim lessons on Sunday. Exciting, huh?

*I didn’t blog about it, but Mason had two days this week where he threw up a whole bunch at daycare, to the point where they called me to come and get him. We’d get him home and he’d be fine. We were totally miffed at what was going on.  I had them not feed him (solid) lunch yesterday and he made it through the day, but then when I fed him (milk) when he got home, he threw up again. This morning he had the dirtiest filthiest most giantly rank diaper of all of his seven months, as opposed to the little turds here and there he’s had the last week. So I’m now guessing that the poor guy was backed up and was throwing up because of it. We’ll see how he did today, but I’m thinking that probably solved our issue.

* I have a whole additional post coming with more pumpkin patch pictures (taken with Mason the Cow). Aren’t you excited to see yet MORE Halloween themed pictures?? I’m gonna be the last blog on earth still dragging out the holiday. Sorry!

* Be sure to check in this weekend to see my AWESOME blog giveaway winnings over the past month in my monthly Weekend Won It! feature! And have a great weekend!