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Mason’s First Swear

Oh, the milestones you don’t want…

We’re all about “good words” and “bad words” around here. After a spell of saying saying stupid (and now living with the “Mommy, stupid is a NAUGHTY WORD! We don’t say stupid!!” police) and our decision to ignore “Oh my God!” and “What the heck!” Mason, at 3.75, uttered his non-parroted first swear word.

SuperDad got to daycare to pick him up yesterday and Mason looked right at him and said “D@mnit!!” After being chastised by his Dad and teacher, they went out to the truck where Mason proceeded to throw his Brobee backpack in the truck and say “D@mnit!” when his Daddy went to put him in the truck.

He was mighty upset when he wasn’t allowed to watch his usual after school TV show and cried off and on all night (oh, the drama) and promised to never say such a thing again. Some how I don’t believe it, but hey, the word hasn’t made another appearance.

How do you handle your preschooler’s potty mouth?

Out of the Mouth of Babes

I always tell myself that I need to be better about writing down the cute things Mason says, but I rarely do since I’m convinced “Surely I won’t forget THAT!” and then, boom, two weeks later, I remember the smile it created but not the details. So, let’s get some cuteness down on paper, shall we?

Lately Mason has taken to calling me “my love.” As in “Here is your milk, my love.” “Can I watch a show, my love?” I’m pretty sure SuperDad finds it creepy, but I find it absolutely adorable.

This morning, after a long night of thunderstorms, there was a big worm on our garage floor. Mason was SUPER excited about this. Among many cries of excitement, he said “We need to go get Daddy right away! We need him to put the worm outside in the grass! If he stays in the garage, he will turn into ANTS! We don’t want ants, mommy!!”

He got stung by a bee at daycare a few weeks ago and now always asks “Is that a sting bee???” in a horrified voice any time he sees or hears any bug.

He alternates calling the foster dog “Charly Bear” and Charly Boy” and usually says something like “Charly Boy is a good girl! She likes when I pet her!” It cracks me up every time.

At the beginning of September, there was a bounce house at church. Ever since then, you can see the anticipation on his face every time we get out in the church parking lot. He likes to explain why it’s not there that week, including good answers like “it must be too windy today!” or “I bet it’s gonna rain! They don’t want it to get wet!”

He frequently asks “Do you want to play with me?” and then immediately hands you either a monster truck, a tractor, or a firetruck and explains what’s going on.

He loves randomly singing the Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme song.

If I say “Ow” Mason usually responds with “What happened Mommy? Did Charly bite you? I can get  you a bandaid!” For the record, Charly has never bit anyone, so I’m not sure why he keeps asking this.

I accidentally told Auntie Sarah that something was stupid last week when we were walking our 5k and Mason freaked out. “No mommy! You shouldn’t say stupid! That’s a naughty word! Mommy, don’t say that!!!” I guess our lecturing him has finally paid off LOL

“When I get bigger, I’m gonna be THIS *points to the ceiling* tall. I’m gonna bump my head. That will be crazy, right Mommy?”

“Mommy, we use guns to boom bears and bad guys, right? But if we see one sitting there, we don’t touch and it and we tell our mommy and daddy, right?”

“When I’m at my grandmas and I ride my tractor, Rosie [the cat] barfs all over and grandma has to clean it up. She has HAIRBALLS!”

What have your kids said that has made you smile recently?

Mason at 3 1/2 (Survey)

Mason was in a cooperative mood tonight, so I asked him a whole bunch of questions to capture the inside of his little mind at 3 1/2. If it wouldn’t end up being tedious, I swear I’d do one of these every month – the answers amuse me so much!

What’s your name?  “Mason”

How old are you?  “Free. But I wanna be this many!” *holds up five fingers*

What’s your favorite color?  “Red!” (he happened to look around the room and see something red a few feet from him)

What’s your favorite toy? “Um, um, my monster trucks!”

What’s your favorite fruit? “Applesauce”

What’s your favorite TV Show? “Jake and the Neverland Pirates”

What’s your favorite outfit? “My black monster truck clothes” (totally not sure what this means)

What’s your favorite game to play? “Tag” (We’ve never played tag with him, but I guess he plays it at school. Learn something new every day!)

What is your favorite snack? “I already told you, graham crackers!”

What’s your favorite animal? “My stuffed puppy”

What’s your favorite book? “Little Critter Santa Claus Book” (We haven’t actually read this yet, but got it two weeks ago from Scholastic Book Order. I guess he’s excited about it!)

Who’s your best friend? “Aaron”

What is your favorite drink? “Chocolate milk at my grandmas!” (Milk with a bit of Nesquick)

What’s your favorite holiday? “Playing in the snow”

What do you like to take to bed with you at night? “My stuffed puppy”

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? “Pancakes!!”

What do you want to eat on your birthday? “Cake!!” (most enthusiastic response of the entire survey)

What do you want to be when you grow up? “I want to cook supper when I grow up. I will stand and stir all by my self.”

Do you have any brothers or sisters? “I got a brother! His name is Aaron!”

What is your favorite movie? “Ninja turtles at my Grandmas and robots! (aka Wall E)

What is your favorite thing to do outside? “Ride my bike on the road”

What is your favorite thing to do at Grandma’s? “Play with the ninja turtles upstairs!”

What do you want for your birthday? “The same ninja turtles that Aaron has!”

What does mommy do at work? “I don’t know”

What does Daddy do at work? “Eats his supper in his truck”

What is your favorite song? “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”

What is your favorite meal? “Kix”

What is your favorite food to eat at breakfast? “Pancakes!”

What is your favorite food for supper? “Pizza and chicken nuggest and pancakes!”

Who is your favorite person? “Aaron!!”

His 3 year survey

Mom’s Notes: He also must sleep with his soft “blank” every night and I have no clue where the Ninja Turtles obsession came from. This was the first time he’s ever really mentioned them. LOL

Talking with Mason

I had high hopes of doing one of those toddler surveys (you know, the ones where you ask your kid what their favorite food and best friend and favorite toy is and then repeat it every six months or so?)  but Mason doesn’t seem to understand what we’re talking about when we say “favorite” or “best” so apparently we need to work on those concepts first. Then again, not a real big deal, since he’s only 2.5 and all.

He definitely is talking up a storm these days. And making LOTS of crazy (and loud) noises for all of his trucks and trains. Here are some of my favorite Mason-isms

Mason says “big much” when he wants a lot or something is full. For example – “That cup has big much!” On the opposite end, when it’s not enough, he says “go little.” When he’s gets on a swing, the first thing he says is “I don’t wanna go little” which means he wants to swing HIGH.

He calls the 4-wheeler the “4-leeler” and talks about his adventures on it all the time – “The 4leeler go over the tracks. The 4leeler back up. The 4leeler went through the mud!!” He’ll bring this up at random times and asks to go for a ride nearly daily.

He can pronounce pumpkin correctly this year, which is sad because I was pretty fond of last year’s “Pun-koo-koo” pronounciation.

The other day he was in the bathroom when I was getting ready to jump in the shower and he pointed to my bare chest and said “Those are funny mommy!!” and when I said “What?” he pointed again and said “Mommy has two funnies!!” at which point I about tipped over from laughing.

He constantly asks “What’s that noise?” and wants to know what we drive over when we hit a bump in the road. “Go over tracks?? Road is bumpy??”

Shouts “I did it!!” with such pride and a big smile over random accomplishments.

I think I posted about this before but I still find it hilarious “Daddy go to work. Daddy make money to buy more muffins” hahahaha “Mommy go to work. Mommy helps animals.” Awwwwwwww

Loves loves loves singing his ABCs. The other day he sang them over and over for basically an entire 15 minute car ride.

Has started grabbing our hands and saying “Mommy, get off the couch” “Mommy get off your phone” Holy guilt trip!

Tonight he ran his toy tractor on my arm and said “Tractor get you all dirty! Tires are all poopy!” He then went on to tell me that the trailer was full of carrots. Hmmmm….

“No wanna go to school. No wanna go to bed. No wanna go in the car” are popular phrases.

These things are so fleeting – one days punkookoos are the next days pumpkins. I really want to get better at writing them down before he’s speaking more clearly than we do.

What were/are some of your favorite toddlerisms?

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Mason Makes Words

Okay, so this series should no longer be called “Mason Makes Words” but maybe “Mason Makes Sentences” or “Talking with Mason” LOL Oh well, maybe next time.

Before I was a parent (you know, back when I knew it all) I rolled my eyes at people who talked “baby talk” to their kids and swore that I would correct my kid’s mispronounciations and odd labels for things and wondered why parents were encouraging their children to speak improperly.

Now, having a two year old, I know why. It’s freaking adorable. Mason calls broccoli “brocky” and birds are “tweet tweets” Bananas are “neenas” and he says “bouf bouf” instead of “woof woof” In fact, on Sunday he actually said “Birdie” and I am totally sad that soon “tweet tweet” might be a thing of the past. While I encourage words that I can’t understand (Such as I often can’t figure out if he’s asking for a nap or a snack) the adorable (understandable) mispronunciations will be enjoyed and embraced while we can.

As he talks more, he becomes more demanding “TV ON, Mommy!!” “No, Mommy, Mason’s!!” “No Mommy, Mason do it!” and last week, the worst one yet – “Mason no like it” He has said this about my first attempt at getting him to watch Mr. Rogers and multiple times over the foods I offer him, opening up a whole new headache to meal times.

As soon as he gets into a crabby mood, he says “NO!” (or “Nuh!” when he’s really worked up) to EVERYTHING. Half the time, we end up laughing at him and asking “Do you want to go outside? Do you want your own tractor? Do you want a giant bowl of candy?!!?” just to hear him shout “Nuh!” while we shake our heads and go “Yep, he’s two…”

For the longest time, when you gave him two choices, he would always pick the second option – leading us to ask “Do you want a pickle or an orange?” (orange!) “Orange or a pickle?” (pickle!) over and over to see that he was just repeating the last item offered. Now, a lot of the time, he actually makes a decision and picks the one he really wants instead of the last one you said. Other times, he’ll make a choice and then instantly want the other option soon as you get his first choice ready for him, which sometimes drives me a little insane. Ahhh, two year olds.

And just for laughs, here’s a wildly inappropriate conversation that happened in the car this weekend.

We passed a billboard for a gentleman’s club and jokingly, I said:
“Hey, Mason, do you want to go Club Chubby’s Gentleman’s Club?”
Mason: “No!”
Me: “Are you sure? There will be lots of boobies!” (I’m not a perv, he was breastfed for 15 months, hence I assume he likes breasts)
Mason: “YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of boobies!!” He the proceeded to chant “Lots of boobies! Lots of boobies!” several times while we laughed, half highly amused and half absolutely horrified by what I had started.
After a pause, I heard him say “Foofahs too???”
Me to SuperDad: “Oh thank god, he thought I’d said “lots of BROBEES” Whew!”

But, the lesson was learned. No more gentleman’s club offers for this little boy.

What’s your toddler saying these days?

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Shower Antics

Due to my love of long showers, I’ve taken very very few showers while Mason and I are the only ones home when he wasn’t sleeping. I’m pretty sure the last one I took while on watch involved him sleeping in his vibrating chair conveniently relocated to the bathroom, so yeah, it was a long time ago.

On Sunday, with our family Easter celebration starting at 12:30 and an awesome toddler who let me sleep until nearly 10 am, my best laid plans to take a shower before he woke up were off track. Plan two was to take advantage of his new love of showers and have him shower WITH me, but that didn’t pan out either – as I was pretty sure the screams of “No! No show-er!!” would eventually wake SuperDad.

So, I decided I would turn on a new shiny episode of Yo Gabba Gabba, leave the bathroom door open, and take the world’s fastest shower.

Minute One: Shampooing my hair, all is silent, then in pops Mason’s head through the shower curtain. “Mommy! Shower-ing! Mommy shower-ing!!!”

“Yes Mason, Mommy is taking a shower! Does Mason want to shower with Mommy?”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! NO SHOWER!!!!!!!!” *runs out of bathroom.*

Minute two: Rinsing out shampoo, in comes Mason. “Mommy. Mommy Showering! Mommy wash butt! Mommy wash butt NOW!!”

He proceeded to demand I wash my butt until, well, I washed my butt. Satisfied, he left.

Minute three and four were spent pondering his request and conditioning my hair.

In comes Mason again. “Mommy showerin! Mommy wash butt! Wash your butt Mommy!!”

A few more choruses of this (five or ten!?) and I was done with my shower. I shut the water off and with that came Mason’s gleeful screech of “Mommy all done showerin!! Mommy alllll done!!”

When I got out of the shower and put on my beloved frog bathrobe, he looked at it and went “Eww. Icky rag mommy. Icky rag off!” What?! Just because it doesn’t have a hood like your frog towel does not make it an icky rag, my dear! When I refused to remove my bath robe, he once again ran away, seemingly as horrified as he was when I suggested he shower with me.

Yeah, I think I’ll stick to 9 pm showers from here on out. A fast shower WITH demands of butt washing followed by bathrobe ridicule? I can only take so much!

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24 Months!

Now that Mason is a big TWO years old, I’m not sure I’ll keep doing these monthly updates, but I think we’ll play it by ear and see how it goes – he seems like he’s changing SO much even day to day that I can’t imagine giving them up, but on the other hand, I really doubt anyone cares that he’s STILL in size four diapers, ya know? Maybe they’ll become “Funny things Mason said this month” posts in the future, but for now, we’ll stick with what we’re use to!

In his 24th month, Mason:

  • wore size 4 diapers and size 6 shoes
  • wore mostly size 18 month clothing. Most of the pants are still too big in the waist
  • weighed in at 26 pounds (10th percentile) and shot up to 35 inches tall(70th percentile) Holy growth spurt, batman!
  • lets you know when he REALLY wants something by not just saying “More more!” but signing it enthusiastically. This is basically the only sign he uses anymore
  • took swimming lessons for the third time
  • got a really horrible diaper rash
  • spent a lot of quality time with Daddy while Mommy worked lots of 12 hour days
  • spent the weekend at Grandma & Papa’s
  • got his first real haircut (photos coming soon!)
  • started doing some bedtime procrastination
  • graduated to the “Two’s” at daycare (new room with different teachers)
  • took an interest in Elmo
  • went sledding and played in the snow for the first time all winter
  • loved reading books about tractors, trains, Elmos (hahaha) potties, and puppies
  • passed his two year screenings with flying colors
  • became more demanding “Mommy do it!” “Daddy SIT!”
  • Favorite snacks were crackers, favorite meal was mashed potatoes or mac and cheese
  • hated eating soup at home but loves it at daycare
  • It hit 70º the week of his birthday so he got to hit the playground early this year
  • LOVED opening and closing doors
  • favorite non-toy toys were the broom and Daddy’s flashlight
  • threw some epic tantrums about coming in from outside

According to BabyCenter, kids his age should be able to name simple pictures in a book and name at least 6 body parts. He points out things in books ALL the time (usually over and over until you go “Yes Mason, that’s a WAGON!”) and he can POINT to at least 6 body parts, but the only ones he announces usually are eyes, ears, and hair. I’ll have to quiz him to see if he knows more! He should also be able to make 2-3 word sentences, which isn’t an issue. Many kids his age are able to open doors (oh my gosh, does he ever!) sing simple tunes (other than occasionally taking up “Row Row Row Your Boat” and “Old MacDonald,” he doesn’t seem very interested in singing) and talks about self. Other than “Mason ni ni” “Mason runnin!” and “Happy!!” he doesn’t really talk about himself. He’ll answer “Does Mason want to….” with yes or no, but isn’t randomly announcing his likes and dislikes. He is able to do their other two milestones – jump and walk down stairs. Some kids his age ask why and are attuned to gender differences. I’m okay that Mason isn’t there yet!

So, all in all, it was a big month for Mason and he’s right on track!

Happy 24 months, little man!

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Two Years Ago – Some Good News

Mason Makes Words

Mason has officially reached the stage where you have to be really careful what you say around him because he is repeating everything! I’ve caught myself saying stuff (Such as shouting “Okay!!” down the hall in an annoyed voice) and he immediately parrots it, tone and all, and I realize that it’s not only the words I say that I need to watch, but the tone of my voice and the way I express myself. It’s a whole new world – here I thought I just needed to avoid the curses!

Mason is so curious and is always asking “Momma doIN?! Daddy doIN?!” “Joe doin?!” and has started asking about people who aren’t around – this morning he asked “Grandma doin??” and then when I said Grandma was at home, his next question was “Papa (aka Grandpa) doing?!!?” and then when I say “Papa is working.” he sadly repeated “Papa workin…”

We did a random outfit change this weekend and we usually don’t change clothes unless we’re getting ready for swim class or bed. He instantly said “Simming?? Simming Ray-ray??” (His pronounciation of Aarron sounds like Ray-ray to me) and then when I said we weren’t going swimming, he said Simming? Ray-ray doin??” It’s a good thing their next swim date is less than a week away!

Anything that isn’t like it should be is broken. “Light broken!” “TV Broken!” He also demands “Light on” when he walks into a dark room, but doesn’t understand off yet.

We’re working hard on please and thank you and for the most part, he will parrot it when you say it or if you say “Can you please say please?” half the time he says “Peeez?” and the other half the time he says “Yah!!” and nods his head like “Duh mom, I can say that!”

Last night we stopped at a sub shop and when he saw the pizza spinning in the warmer, he said “Pizza! Pizza runnin!!” which totally cracked me up.

He has randomly said “Excuse me” after burping and if he bumps into you, he’ll pat you nicely and say “Sowwy” which is adorable. Those things must have been learned at daycare, because we haven’t worked on them at home.

He loves pointing out things he knows in books. His favorite things to point out are lights (of course), trees, kitties, tractors, and cows.

The other day his computer started playing the ABCs and he sang the “ABC” part right along and I about died from the cute. We tried to encourage him to keep going, but he was off and running with something else.

I really want to start taking better notes about what he’s saying because he cracks me up at least once a day, but when I sit down to write about it, I only think about the stuff I hear all the time. He’s saying a lot of 3-4 word sentences and I definitely want to share more here, so my goal for the next month is to get more down on paper!

What were some of the cute first things your kids said?

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Ever hear your kid say a word and you have no clue where it came from? No, not one of those words, just an every day label that you don’t remember saying a lot? For us, that word is snowman. Or rather, as Mason says “‘No-Man!!”

He points to snowmen in books, snowmen Christmas decorations, and when things (such as light up penguins) become covered in snow, they too are suddenly “No-Man!!”

Joe the Greyhound loves Snowman too. He has a favorite stuffed animal, a big stuffed snowman that honks that he gets every Christmas season. He carries it around obsessively and is very proud of it. Usually when Mason finds a Joe toy, he declares “Joe!” and goes and whips it at him gives it to him.

But not this time. Mason declared “No-Man!!” and carried it around for quite some time

THEN, he discovered that his new No-Man friend had a baby brother. You see, our Daisy Doodles hated big toys and was very partial to smaller toys. So when we found a miniature to Joe’s beloved snowman, we immediately bought it for her and just didn’t have the heart to leave it in storage this Christmas.

Mason quickly whipped the big snowman at Joe, scooped up the little one, and declared “My No-Man!!” and carried him around all night.

I guess both my boys are ‘no-man lovers!

(Christmas 2004)

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Speech Milestone

Today, Mason said what I thought was his first sentence. Clear as a bell, from his carseat, he said “No more car” when we were out running errands this week. I nearly died from the cute and quickly assured him we were on our way home. Then, later tonight, when I was hanging out with Mason and Grandma B (who had Mason all day as I wastied up with an animal shelter fundraiser), I realized he has been saying “I see you” (as in “Peek a boo” lately too. Not quite as clear as “No more car” was, but I guess I can stop stressing about the lack of “Go, mommy!” and other phrases I figured would be first!