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Mason at 4

I keep meaning to sit down and survey Mason for what HE thinks life is like at four years old, but I keep forgetting. So today, I bring you MY take of Mason at four – styled like my old monthly updates I did his first 2 1/2 years!

At four years old, Mason is

  • Still wearing 2T clothes, although some of the pants are getting a bit too short
  • weighing in around 36 lbs
  • still rear facing in his car seat
  • suddenly remembering he skipped the terrible twos – we’re all about screaming “No!” and throwing horrible tantrums these days
  • addicted to Wii golf
  • convinced he’s going to be a speedskater and a snowboarder when he grows up. Thank you Winter Olympics!
  • wondering when it will ever be Spring
  • getting the hang of riding his bike without training wheels
  • into Paw Patrol and Jake and the Neverland Pirates
  • looking forward to going to “Big Kid School” this fall (aka 4k)
  • great at playing the kid’s version of “Uno”
  • napping some days at daycare and never ever at home
  • taking karate classes
  • having a love/hate relationship with Sunday school.
  • STILL using a potty seat *sigh*
  • more particular about which pair of undies he’s wearing vs what pair of socks
  • always playing with monster trucks or construction trucks or tractors.
  • still the king of bedtime delays (It’s 10:10 and he just finally fell asleep
  • the boss of Charly – he’s the only one the dog ever listens to!
  • knows all of his primary colors and can count to 12 reliably and 30 with help.
  • very into giving hugs and saying “I love you”
  • “Can I tell you something?” is his most used phrase
  • playing with his first Lego sets (birthday presents ftw!)
  • convinced that any time it’s light out that it’s morning.

At four years old, Mason’s favorites are:

  • Favorite breakfast is pancakes or Kix Cereal
  • Favorite suppers are chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and pizza
  • Favorite drinks are milk and water (he’s not allowed to drink anything else)
  • Favorite snack is graham crackers with butter and/or peanut butter on them
  • Favorite vegetable is green beans.
  • Favorite movie is The Little Mermaid.
  • Favorite song is “The motorcycle song” (some adult rock song with motorcycles in the video)
  • Favorite friends are Aaron, Liam, Chloe, and Ethan
  • Favorite stuffed animal is his penguin collection.
  • Favorite game is golf
  • Favorite toy is the remote control digger he got for his birthday
  • Favorite thing to do is play games on the TV (aka Wii Sports) or play with his golf toys (sensing a theme here?)
  • Favorite treat is Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins or M&Ms
  • Favorite thing to do outside is play with his digger (which hauls lots of snow these days)

I’m really curious to see what Mason says are his favorites compared to what I believe they are. Stay tuned next week for HIS answers to his bi-annual survey!

What are your kids up to these days?

24 Months!

Now that Mason is a big TWO years old, I’m not sure I’ll keep doing these monthly updates, but I think we’ll play it by ear and see how it goes – he seems like he’s changing SO much even day to day that I can’t imagine giving them up, but on the other hand, I really doubt anyone cares that he’s STILL in size four diapers, ya know? Maybe they’ll become “Funny things Mason said this month” posts in the future, but for now, we’ll stick with what we’re use to!

In his 24th month, Mason:

  • wore size 4 diapers and size 6 shoes
  • wore mostly size 18 month clothing. Most of the pants are still too big in the waist
  • weighed in at 26 pounds (10th percentile) and shot up to 35 inches tall(70th percentile) Holy growth spurt, batman!
  • lets you know when he REALLY wants something by not just saying “More more!” but signing it enthusiastically. This is basically the only sign he uses anymore
  • took swimming lessons for the third time
  • got a really horrible diaper rash
  • spent a lot of quality time with Daddy while Mommy worked lots of 12 hour days
  • spent the weekend at Grandma & Papa’s
  • got his first real haircut (photos coming soon!)
  • started doing some bedtime procrastination
  • graduated to the “Two’s” at daycare (new room with different teachers)
  • took an interest in Elmo
  • went sledding and played in the snow for the first time all winter
  • loved reading books about tractors, trains, Elmos (hahaha) potties, and puppies
  • passed his two year screenings with flying colors
  • became more demanding “Mommy do it!” “Daddy SIT!”
  • Favorite snacks were crackers, favorite meal was mashed potatoes or mac and cheese
  • hated eating soup at home but loves it at daycare
  • It hit 70º the week of his birthday so he got to hit the playground early this year
  • LOVED opening and closing doors
  • favorite non-toy toys were the broom and Daddy’s flashlight
  • threw some epic tantrums about coming in from outside

According to BabyCenter, kids his age should be able to name simple pictures in a book and name at least 6 body parts. He points out things in books ALL the time (usually over and over until you go “Yes Mason, that’s a WAGON!”) and he can POINT to at least 6 body parts, but the only ones he announces usually are eyes, ears, and hair. I’ll have to quiz him to see if he knows more! He should also be able to make 2-3 word sentences, which isn’t an issue. Many kids his age are able to open doors (oh my gosh, does he ever!) sing simple tunes (other than occasionally taking up “Row Row Row Your Boat” and “Old MacDonald,” he doesn’t seem very interested in singing) and talks about self. Other than “Mason ni ni” “Mason runnin!” and “Happy!!” he doesn’t really talk about himself. He’ll answer “Does Mason want to….” with yes or no, but isn’t randomly announcing his likes and dislikes. He is able to do their other two milestones – jump and walk down stairs. Some kids his age ask why and are attuned to gender differences. I’m okay that Mason isn’t there yet!

So, all in all, it was a big month for Mason and he’s right on track!

Happy 24 months, little man!

This time last year – My Little Grower / Helmet Update #5

Two Years Ago – Some Good News

My Little Grower

On Tuesday Mason had his 1 year check-up and unlike his last scheduled check-up, she declared him to be right on target with his milestones and development, so that was nice! He weighs in at 20 lbs 8 ounces and 29.5 inches long, so he’s still a little peanut. (Totally evidenced by the fact that I got stopped three times at the store last weekend with exclamations of  “Oh my gosh, LOOK at all those TEETH!” and then when they found out how old he was, followed up with “Oh, nevermind, I guess that isn’t that many teeth, I thought he was a lot younger…” Nice, huh?)

I realized some time around 2 am that the pediatrician’s happiness with his growth is all because they weighted him with his (7 ounce) helmet – his chart has him down as 20 lbs 15 oz, so his huge growth spurt didn’t really exist. With the helmet on, he’s at 25% on the growth curve, which means he’s probably under 20% in actuality, but that’s okay! He’s eating three solids meals a day (80% table food), breastfeeding twice a day, and having three breastmilk bottles a day, so as long as he’s growing some, I think we’re doing fine. Granted, I’m already dreading the 15 month appointment when he magically “loses” that 7 ounces and she’s concerned about his “regression” but we’ll deal with it then.

The biggest change in our world right now is that he’s transitioning into the one year old room at daycare. This is way harder FOR ME than I thought it would be. He’s been in the same room for 10 months and had the same teachers for a good 6 months, so to be in a totally different room with teachers I don’t know and kids I don’t know feels like I’m leaving him for the first time all over again! He’s the only kid in the room who isn’t walking and I believe he’s also the youngest by 3 months. He looks like a tiny thing next to all of those big kids – two of which will be turning two soon!

The biggest changes in the one year old room are going from naps in cribs to naps on nap mats and having a morning and afternoon nap in the nursery to having one nap a day that starts at 11:30. We’ve definitely been struggling with this at home – he’s absolutely exhausted beyond belief by 6 pm and is all tears and tantrums. In the nursery, he would often wake up from a nap around 4 pm, so now to be awake from 1:00 til bedtime is rough. They say he’ll adjust, but the selfish part of me doesn’t want him to (yet) – I enjoy the three plus hours a day of nap time and I don’t look forward to having to move Mason’s bedtime earlier, which is what I’m guessing is going to happen.

He’s also not allowed to use a Nuk except for nap time (which is fine, that’s all we do at home) and they want him off the bottle ASAP. We were preparing for that change but didn’t realize that they don’t use sippy cups – they go right from bottles to small drinking glasses. I’m sure it will work eventually, but I have visions of breastmilk dumped everywhere, so that kind of bugs me. Right now they’re working with him to drink water from the cup at meal times and are letting him use the bottle for his milk, but I don’t know how long that will last. He’s got another good 2 months of frozen breastmilk to get through and I really don’t want to feel pressured to not use it, ya know?

In other news, this afternoon we make the trek down to the helmet doctor to hopefully get a head scan, see what sort of progress he’s made, and maybe possibly (but I’m not holding my breath) get some idea how much longer Mason will be in his helmet. So if you could keep your fingers crossed for us, that would be great – I’d really really love to be able see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

One Year Ago – 1st Walk

9 Months!!

Today, my little man turns 9 months old. Nine whole months! He’s officially been a little person longer than he was a tiny tot in my belly! That’s just amazing!!

Now, the boring “this past month” list that I like to have for my records and to put the rest of you to sleep!

During his 9th month:

  • At his doctor’s appointment last week, he weighed 18 pounds and was 28″ long. He’s in size 2-3 diapers (and I’m still bummed that these are the last size Pampers Swaddlers)
  • Wears mostly 9 month sized clothes but still fits into a lot of 6 month stuff and even some 3-6 month stuff. Baby clothing sizes are ridiculous.
  • goes to bed at 8:30 and gets up around 7:15 am most days. Lately he’s been waking up 2-3 times a night but goes back to sleep fairly easily (thankfully)
  • On the weekend, he takes two good solid naps – one in the morning and one in the afternoon
  • They’ve been working with him at daycare and he usually gets at least 90 minutes of sleep there now, instead of the 45 minute horror shows we were having for a while.
  • Was diagnosed with pneumonia, pink eye AGAIN, AND got his first ear infection :o(
  • Likes to babble dadadada, mamamamama, and lalalalala
  • Thinks having his belly blown on or his face eaten are very very funny
  • His newest thing to laugh at is if you have anything sticking out of your mouth. Whether it be spaghetti, a baby toy, a piece of paper – he knows something isn’t quite right and laughs and laughs.
  • Still excusively on breastmilk when it comes to liquids.
  • Eats a meal of “solids” twice a day
  • Celebrated his First Thanksgiving
  • Lots of new foods this last month: turkey, mashed potato, chicken, blueberries, cherries, pineapple, blueberry muffin, and several more that I’m blanking out on.
  • Loves to stand with you holding onto his hands or waist
  • His favorite toys this month are two baby food jar covers, any sort of non-toy phone,  and his stacking cups.
  • Spent two nights (in a row!) with Grandpa and Grandma
  • finally starting Baby Sign Language with him (only 5 months after I intended to!)
  • is not at all intrigued by the Christmas tree.
  • still loves his Daddy and doggies best (I don’t think this is every going to change!)
  • The sippy cup remains a mystery to him
  • Loves to clap

I think that’s it for now! I can’t believe my Little Man is sooooooooooooo big! Happy 9 Months, Mason!! Check back on Monday for his 9 month photos! :o)

The Ped Who Cried Wolf?

Yesterday Mason had his pneumonia followup (his lungs sound great!!) and his 9 month check-up since that made more sense than coming back in 10 days. I left the appointment in tears and doubting everything I know about babies.

Like I mentioned yesterday, Mason isn’t crawling yet. Hasn’t really shown any interest at all. His daycare teachers even commented last week that he’s showing signs that he’ll probably skip crawling and move right to walking. Which, from everything I’ve ever heard, is perfectly normal. Some babies crawl at 6 months, some babies crawl at 10 months, some babies just don’t crawl. And you know what? I’m fine with having him not already crawling – it means we get to truly enjoy a fully decorated Christmas tree one last year and the critters are still safe for a while longer!

So back to the ped appointment. We do his height (28″) and his weight (18 lbs) and she listens to his lungs and his heart and looks at his eyes and his ears and decides that not only did his ear infection from a few weeks ago not clear up, now both of his ears are infected and the previously infected one looks worse. Explains why the poor little guy has been in such a bad mood lately!

Then the questions begin. The first thing she asked is if he was crawling and her face instantly turned grim when I said he was not. She then went into rapid fire question mode, her face growing grimmer and grimmer the more she asked.

Is he pulling up on furniture? (no, but we don’t really have much furniture for him to pull up on. He will pull up when we give him our hands)

Does he stand and play while leaning on furniture (no, see above)

If we’re holding his hands, does he take steps on his own free will? (no)

Does he imitate what we do when we make noises (repeat back) or sounds (cow, raspberries)?  (no, he makes his own back)

Does he exhibit stranger danger? (no, but he is handled by 15+ people a week at the daycare and I’m also not handing him to homeless men)

Does he have multiple repetative consanants that he uses frequently? (baba dada mama gaga) (No, but he does dada frequently and lots of other sounds/noises, just nothing repetitive.)

With those questions, she declared that we weren’t playing enough games with him, speaking to him enough, and that she’d really need to see him back in two weeks to judge his progress and possibly put him in therapy. WHAT?!?!? She gave us a handout of 16 different activities to do with him (which ranged from letting him crawl in and out of a box, playing Patty Cake and Sooo  Big, to reading to him and making him wave bye bye every time he left a room).

Then she gave us a six page worksheet to have filled out by our next visit. (Based on the ASQ3 program if anyone is interested). Basically, it asks several questions for every area of growth and you rate your baby via Frequently, Sometimes, and Never.  The handout says all over it to not do before your baby is 9 Months and 1 Day old and that it should be completed between 9 months 1 day and 9 months 30 days. Looking through it last night, it’s clear that his fine motor skills are great, but his gross motor skills and langage skills are non-existant according to them. One of the questions was does he follow 3 word commands such as “Put that back” “Come Over Here” and “Give It Here” Another was “Does he know three words that he can label to objects such as Mama, Dada, and BaBa? (for Bottle)” Color me clueless, but I had no clue that those were the standard for a 9 month old! Things like “While holding onto the couch, can he bend down and pick up a toy?” “Does he walk around clinging to furniture?” are not even on his radar. BUT, up until yesterday, I was pretty sure that’s pretty normal for AN EIGHT MONTH OLD!

I understand watching his milestones and keeping an eye on things, but I also understand that this assesment is incredibly crazy when you look at the fact that babies grow and change SO fast.  What he’s not doing today he could very easily be doing in 2 weeks. And the fact that this assesment is good until he’s 9 months and 30 days old? Means he’s got almost 6 weeks to learn all of these “tricks.” So the fact that our pediatrician is acting like he’s totally a baby failure? Doesn’t sit well with me at all. The fact that she made me look twice at my perfect little boy and wonder if something is “wrong” with him? Doesn’t sit well with me. It’s amazing how easy it is to take this stuff to heart, even though half of you says to just let it roll of your back.

I feel bad that both P and I now feel like we’re being “pressured” to teach him to walk and pull up on furniture and it kind of take the magic out of him doing these things on his own when he’s ready, just like he’s done everything else perfectly normally well so far. A big part of me just wants to throw the handouts away and find a different pediatrician, but our only other option (I hate living in the sticks sometimes!!) is this ped’s partner and is from a different country who’s accent that no matter how hard I try, I cannot understand.

What are your thoughts, lovely blog world? Is it baby boot camp time for Mason? Give our ped the boot time? Something in between?

Doctors Everywhere!

Today Mason had his 6 month checkup and before that, he had a physical therapy appointment. Two appointments by 8:30 am is not my idea of a good time. He didn’t seem to mind much though!

We had to have a physical therapy appointment shortly before his checkup because his physical therapist needed to give an update that would help the pediatrician decide if we were going to go see a specialist for his head shape or continue with doing stretches and positioning. Unfortunately, I forgot to schedule the appointment until Friday, so it was either DaddyMan get 3 hours of sleep after working all night and take him out of daycare in the middle of the day yesterday or we go when he got home from work this morning. This morning won.

Physical therapy brought nothing but good news! His head improved again and she felt we were doing a good job with him! The fact that he’s in his jumperoo or sitting up on the couch instead of on his back or in a swing at daycare I’m sure is helping too – the main weight on his head is now when he’s sleeping and we can control that pretty well (and rarely have to turn his head to the left in the middle of the night anymore)

We skipped shots at his doctor’s appointment since DaddyMan is going to be out of town for the rest of the week and I’m way too much of a wimp to deal with crying sad sleepless baby for the next two nights without him, especially if he spikes a fever and can’t go to daycare. We would have just rescheduled both appointments for next week, but his ped is on vacation then. Instead we’ll just stop in next week to get shots, since two nurses tag team him with the pokers (no ped involved), and it will be a quick in and out visit.

He went through a big growth spurt since his 4 month appointment and is now 27.36 inches long!! That explains why the Bjorn (set at 23-25″) just doesn’t seem to ride right anymore!! He’s now in the 75% for height and I guess I can stop telling him he’s short when all of his pants are too long and just go back to hating baby clothing companies! He weighed in at a whopping 17 lbs 6 oz. That’s apparently 50th percential, but dang he just seems so big to me! And in his carseat? He might as well weigh a million pounds!

The ped was happy with his development and said that we should just keep up with the physical therapy and positional therapy. Yay!!!!

I didn’t get any pictures this visit, but Mason was so enamoured with their huge mirror there. He kept giving the handsome little man staring back at him high fives. So cute!

All in all, a great visit. Now only if he hadn’t woke up all congested and snotty this morning.  Ahhh, the day in the life of a daycare baby….


Four Month Checkup

Yesterday was Mason’s 4 month checkup.

Little monster weighed 15.1 lbs and is 25 inches long. This is less growth than I expected but it puts him solidly in the 50th percential, which is good.

The doctor felt that everything developmentally looked real good and was not at all concerned about his lack of interest in rolling over. She gave us the go ahead to start solid foods, which we won’t be doing for at least another month.

He took his shots harder this time and cried for a long time afterward. Last time, he stopped crying as soon as I picked him up. Not so much this time, he was still crying when we left. Poor guy. He felt a little warm and slept solidly all night, which was good.

She did say she felt his head looked better than it did at the 2 month mark but if there isn’t at least some improvement at the next physical therapist appointment (Aug 2nd) that she’ll be referring us to a specialist in the cities. *sigh* Nothing like a little pressure, huh? But, said specialist is very conservative about using helmets, so that’s a plus I guess.

All in all, a good appointment. He’s growing and developing right on track. Now if only we could get his silly head rounded out better!

Updated Stats

Birth: 6 lbs 15.5 oz  (10th percential) Length:  19 inches (50th percential)

1 week: 6 lbs 10 oz, Length: 20.5 inches

2 weeks: 7 lbs 10 oz

2 months: 11 lbs 9 oz (50th percential) Length 23.5 inches (75th percential)