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Catch the Moment 365 #3

Thursday – Mason had a super fun time playing his favorite game “Good Pirate Vs. The Naughty Cat” (aka Daddy)

Friday – The never ending negotiating at supper time. As you can see here, we settled on eating three more green beans

Saturday – with temps in the high teens instead of negatives, Joe and I enjoyed a quick walk

Sunday – I took Mason roller skating for the first time. Super disappointed that I didn’t bring a real camera and someone to take pictures. See all the pictures here.

Monday – We tried to enforce a “three animals in bed” rule. We lost. Mason was happy.

Tuesday – A tractor line up and a happy boy

Wednesday – Temps back in the negative 20s again. Even this snowman was cold.

Despite the cold weather, we had a fun week. Hope everyone else did too!

Nurse Loves Farmer

Flashback: Giraffe Pool Fun

In continuation of my “There is too much snow, let’s look at fun summer memories instead!” I present to you, the giraffe pool.

I picked this thing up on clearance for $12 in mid-July at Walgreens and we brought it out for our family get together in early August. Despite being much much much smaller than the picture on the front depicted it (the box showed several kids ages 4-8 playing in it and the pool was too small for one 3 year and one 4 year old), Mason and his cousin Chloe had a blast playing in it – mostly going down the slide in crazy positions and then jumping OFF the slide.

I took a zillion pictures but here were some of my favorites that just include Mason (since I’m not posting my niece in a swimsuit online without her parent’s permission….)





First Time Rollerskating

I grew up rollerskating. We actually had a rollerskating unit in gym class when I was in elementary school! In second grade, I strapped some rollerblades on in my friend’s basement and next thing you knew, we were hitting the roller rink every weekend. While my groups of friends changed throughout the years, the weekly trips to the roller rink lasted basically up until high school.

Today, I took Mason to that very same roller rink for his first time skating. He was beside himself with excitement all morning and by the time we had got there, I had convinced him to try “big kid skates” (aka regular rental skates) as opposed to the plastic Fisher Price skates I had brought with us.

I unfortunately brought my camera but NOT it’s memory card but I’m not sure that would have mattered as I could never get far enough away from Mason to take a decent picture of him anyway LOL

Oh well, mediocre pictures of milestones are better than no pictures at all, right?!

So excited to get started

Hanging on for dear life

In between laps around the rink, he tried hard to convince me to dig up change to play alllll the games.

He conned me into paying $2 more dollars so he could play in the play land. He ran himself ragged and I now wish we could come here just for the playland.

He then set a world record for hot dog eating in the 3 year old division

“The shiny floor was a lot more slippery, Mommy!”

Unlike Cole and his athletic prowess, I don’t see a future in Olympic Rollerskating for Mason. In fact, it’s possible he could try out for a part in Broadway’s production of “Bambi on Ice.” But I’m so proud of him for trying as long as he did and having a good attitude about the number of times he fell down. (And yeah, I ended up totally regretting talking him into NOT using his little kid skates LOL)

The next time we go, I’m going to be prepared to be nickeled and dimed (the frame he’s holding on to was equivalent to the price of admission!) and I’m going to make sure that I have a real camera and a third person to either walk with him or take pictures.

As for Mason? He is already asking if we can go back tomorrow.

Did you grow up rollerskating? Have you taken your kids?

Catch the Moment #2

I really loved looking at everyone’s pictures last week and can’t wait to peek into everyone’s lives again this week.

Here is a little bit of what our week looked like – and since 90% of these were taken in my kitchen or living room, can I just say I’m SO ready for spring to be here?!


SuperDad and I had a date night, which included going to a delicous pizza place that had some neat wintery decorations up.

We celebrated Christmas with my brother’s family finally. This was the best picture I managed to get of Mason and his cousins – they were allll waaaay too wiggly (Chloe is about 4 1/2 and my nephew is 16 months)

Mason was so excited about his Ninja Turtles track suit that he got at Cousins Christmas that he demanded to wear it right away on Sunday.

Mason received a super fun Christmas present from his friend Emma.

Mason was super excited to be able to plow snow with his daddy (not so excited about posing for this picture)

Then he came in so wet and tired and that had to take his shirt off to eat supper. And didn’t notice that Joe was sneaking his chicken nuggets.

When I picked Mason up from school, he was having so much fun with this Cars computer he asked to stay there all night. LOL

I also learned that a picture I took of Charly earlier in the week had been featured in a popular Buzzfeed article (along with a slam against our stereo *rolls eyes*)

So there you have it – our week in a handful of pictures. Unlike the first week, I took several pictures almost every day this week and had a hard time choosing between them. I’m trying to slow down and pay more attention to things like “Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t have the pile of mail and random junk in the very obvious background” and begging Mason to stop wiggling for just two seconds! Both are works in progress!

What was the favorite moment of your week?

Christmas 2013

At first, I felt like it was “too late” to post Christmas pictures seeing as we are now half way through January, but then I realized that I’M the one who uses this blog to look back at our memories and it’s NEVER too late to add something worth remembering to it, right?

Christmas 2013 was awesome. Santa was very very very (a bit too much) good to Mason and so were the Kohl’s $10 off a $10 purchase coupons LOL Christmas Eve he was convinced he was going to stay up all night and catch Santa (but fell asleep quickly) and it was nerve racking getting everything ready because I was scared to death he was going to wake up and catch us!!

We had him pose for a few pictures Christmas Eve




He agreed to take more pictures if he was allowed to make silly faces


Christmas morning – we’ve done this “Mommy and Mason coming down the hall” pose every Christmas so far and I hope we continue it until he’s, I dunno, 20 LOL



Charly was the official videographer of Christmas 2013


He was more than thrilled with his presents and very good about posing with them. Each present was more exciting than the last.





About half way through opening, he had a little melt down because he didn’t want to pick up the wrapping paper himself and he was mad that I wouldn’t let him do 100% of the opening of MY presents as well as his own. After a brief break for a Christmas cookie, he was back to having fun.



So much excitement and wonder. What an awesome Christmas!

Mason’s First Swear

Oh, the milestones you don’t want…

We’re all about “good words” and “bad words” around here. After a spell of saying saying stupid (and now living with the “Mommy, stupid is a NAUGHTY WORD! We don’t say stupid!!” police) and our decision to ignore “Oh my God!” and “What the heck!” Mason, at 3.75, uttered his non-parroted first swear word.

SuperDad got to daycare to pick him up yesterday and Mason looked right at him and said “D@mnit!!” After being chastised by his Dad and teacher, they went out to the truck where Mason proceeded to throw his Brobee backpack in the truck and say “D@mnit!” when his Daddy went to put him in the truck.

He was mighty upset when he wasn’t allowed to watch his usual after school TV show and cried off and on all night (oh, the drama) and promised to never say such a thing again. Some how I don’t believe it, but hey, the word hasn’t made another appearance.

How do you handle your preschooler’s potty mouth?

Mason’s Christmas List

Friday night, I sat down with Mason and had him make his Christmas list.

He sat in my lap and carefully thought of what he would like for Christmas. I wanted to do this before he became inundated with toy catalogues and (the very very few) TV commercials he sees.

So without further ado:

Mason’s Christmas list
(with zero prompting from Mom & Dad)
New tires for Mommy’s car so it can go through the snow *
Ninja turtles
Own 4-Leeler
Toy Cookie Maker
Basketball thing
New Mittens – Spiderman ones
Green Garbage Truck**

I just love how varied his list was. Cracks me up that the first thing he asked for was something for Mommy. What a sweetheart.

What’s on your kids Christmas lists?

*I don’t need new tires and have no idea why he thinks this
** This was added after a trip through ToyLand on Saturday


Voting with a Three Year Old

Today we had a special election in our school district to vote on whether or not to spend 20 million dollars to replace our 100+ year old elementary school and create new sporting fields in our community. I served on the committee that was given the task of feeling out what the community felt about the proposal and what they were hoping for in a new school. On the handful of nights we had meetings, Mason knew I was “at a meeting to talk about his new school” and he’d even asked me questions about how the school was going to be built so it wouldn’t fall down. (Oh, the worries of a three year old!)

I picked him up at daycare when I got done with work and headed to our polling location. As we drove there, I told him that we were going to vote before heading home. He asked what that was and I said “Mommy is going to go press a button on a computer that tells people whether or not we think we should build a new school here. Because it’s the community’s money, everyone gets to say whether we think it’s a good idea or not and whichever side has the most yeses or no’s, that is what will happen” I then explained to him that he needed to be quiet in the buidling and it would be real quick, yada yada.

We go in the building, he’s quiet waiting in line. I sign the form and he’s quiet and patient. As he holds my hand, I’m pretty sure everyone around me is impressed by how quiet and cute my adorable son is.

And then we walk up to the polling computer…

Mason, NOT whispering by any means – “Mommy, are you telling that computer if I should get a new school or not?!”

Me: “Yes, Mason, you need to be quiet, I’ll be done in a second!”

Mason, louder: “Mommy, don’t say no!!!”

Me: “Mason, shhhhh!”

Mason, VERY loud: “Did you say no??! I hope you didn’t say no!!!”

I quickly ushered him out of there, hoping no no voters were chasing us and as we left, he announced “I really want a new school! I’m a BIG KID!!”

Next time, maybe I’ll wait to explain the election contents until AFTER I’m done voting and out of the building….

Out of the Mouth of Babes

I always tell myself that I need to be better about writing down the cute things Mason says, but I rarely do since I’m convinced “Surely I won’t forget THAT!” and then, boom, two weeks later, I remember the smile it created but not the details. So, let’s get some cuteness down on paper, shall we?

Lately Mason has taken to calling me “my love.” As in “Here is your milk, my love.” “Can I watch a show, my love?” I’m pretty sure SuperDad finds it creepy, but I find it absolutely adorable.

This morning, after a long night of thunderstorms, there was a big worm on our garage floor. Mason was SUPER excited about this. Among many cries of excitement, he said “We need to go get Daddy right away! We need him to put the worm outside in the grass! If he stays in the garage, he will turn into ANTS! We don’t want ants, mommy!!”

He got stung by a bee at daycare a few weeks ago and now always asks “Is that a sting bee???” in a horrified voice any time he sees or hears any bug.

He alternates calling the foster dog “Charly Bear” and Charly Boy” and usually says something like “Charly Boy is a good girl! She likes when I pet her!” It cracks me up every time.

At the beginning of September, there was a bounce house at church. Ever since then, you can see the anticipation on his face every time we get out in the church parking lot. He likes to explain why it’s not there that week, including good answers like “it must be too windy today!” or “I bet it’s gonna rain! They don’t want it to get wet!”

He frequently asks “Do you want to play with me?” and then immediately hands you either a monster truck, a tractor, or a firetruck and explains what’s going on.

He loves randomly singing the Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme song.

If I say “Ow” Mason usually responds with “What happened Mommy? Did Charly bite you? I can get  you a bandaid!” For the record, Charly has never bit anyone, so I’m not sure why he keeps asking this.

I accidentally told Auntie Sarah that something was stupid last week when we were walking our 5k and Mason freaked out. “No mommy! You shouldn’t say stupid! That’s a naughty word! Mommy, don’t say that!!!” I guess our lecturing him has finally paid off LOL

“When I get bigger, I’m gonna be THIS *points to the ceiling* tall. I’m gonna bump my head. That will be crazy, right Mommy?”

“Mommy, we use guns to boom bears and bad guys, right? But if we see one sitting there, we don’t touch and it and we tell our mommy and daddy, right?”

“When I’m at my grandmas and I ride my tractor, Rosie [the cat] barfs all over and grandma has to clean it up. She has HAIRBALLS!”

What have your kids said that has made you smile recently?

Mason at 3 1/2 (Survey)

Mason was in a cooperative mood tonight, so I asked him a whole bunch of questions to capture the inside of his little mind at 3 1/2. If it wouldn’t end up being tedious, I swear I’d do one of these every month – the answers amuse me so much!

What’s your name?  “Mason”

How old are you?  “Free. But I wanna be this many!” *holds up five fingers*

What’s your favorite color?  “Red!” (he happened to look around the room and see something red a few feet from him)

What’s your favorite toy? “Um, um, my monster trucks!”

What’s your favorite fruit? “Applesauce”

What’s your favorite TV Show? “Jake and the Neverland Pirates”

What’s your favorite outfit? “My black monster truck clothes” (totally not sure what this means)

What’s your favorite game to play? “Tag” (We’ve never played tag with him, but I guess he plays it at school. Learn something new every day!)

What is your favorite snack? “I already told you, graham crackers!”

What’s your favorite animal? “My stuffed puppy”

What’s your favorite book? “Little Critter Santa Claus Book” (We haven’t actually read this yet, but got it two weeks ago from Scholastic Book Order. I guess he’s excited about it!)

Who’s your best friend? “Aaron”

What is your favorite drink? “Chocolate milk at my grandmas!” (Milk with a bit of Nesquick)

What’s your favorite holiday? “Playing in the snow”

What do you like to take to bed with you at night? “My stuffed puppy”

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? “Pancakes!!”

What do you want to eat on your birthday? “Cake!!” (most enthusiastic response of the entire survey)

What do you want to be when you grow up? “I want to cook supper when I grow up. I will stand and stir all by my self.”

Do you have any brothers or sisters? “I got a brother! His name is Aaron!”

What is your favorite movie? “Ninja turtles at my Grandmas and robots! (aka Wall E)

What is your favorite thing to do outside? “Ride my bike on the road”

What is your favorite thing to do at Grandma’s? “Play with the ninja turtles upstairs!”

What do you want for your birthday? “The same ninja turtles that Aaron has!”

What does mommy do at work? “I don’t know”

What does Daddy do at work? “Eats his supper in his truck”

What is your favorite song? “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”

What is your favorite meal? “Kix”

What is your favorite food to eat at breakfast? “Pancakes!”

What is your favorite food for supper? “Pizza and chicken nuggest and pancakes!”

Who is your favorite person? “Aaron!!”

His 3 year survey

Mom’s Notes: He also must sleep with his soft “blank” every night and I have no clue where the Ninja Turtles obsession came from. This was the first time he’s ever really mentioned them. LOL