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Flashback: Giraffe Pool Fun

In continuation of my “There is too much snow, let’s look at fun summer memories instead!” I present to you, the giraffe pool.

I picked this thing up on clearance for $12 in mid-July at Walgreens and we brought it out for our family get together in early August. Despite being much much much smaller than the picture on the front depicted it (the box showed several kids ages 4-8 playing in it and the pool was too small for one 3 year and one 4 year old), Mason and his cousin Chloe had a blast playing in it – mostly going down the slide in crazy positions and then jumping OFF the slide.

I took a zillion pictures but here were some of my favorites that just include Mason (since I’m not posting my niece in a swimsuit online without her parent’s permission….)





Mason and the Bunny – Wordless Wednesday 5/23


“Was dat??”

“A buuuunnny!!!”

Proud of his new friend

*No bunnies were harmed in the taking of these pictures. Gloves allowed baby bunny to not get too human-scented and mommy bunny has returned to the nest many times since*

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Two years ago – He’s Learning / Babywearing / Daycare Day Four

The Birthday Party, Part One

I decided to split this into 3-4 posts so I don’t drown you all in pictures.

Mason’s 1st birthday party started at 5:30 on Thursday. Both sets of grandparents, Auntie Sarah, Uncle Greg, Great Aunt Linda, and Uncle Ray and Cousin Chloe came for the festivities. Mason hadn’t seen his uncle and cousin in nearly a year, so he wasn’t quite sure of what to think of them! Chloe is almost 2 now, so she was ALL over the place.

The food wasn’t ready as fast as we expected it to be (hot beefs warming in the crock pot and cheesy potatoes warming in the oven) so there was a lot of sitting around in the living room, watching Mason and Chloe. Several times, I’d wished I’d planned actual activities, but there really isn’t much you can do with a 1 year old (such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey LOL) so watching him bat around a 1st Birthday Balloon was about as wild and crazy as that got.

Mason LOVED this balloon- I’m sparing all the relatives the “action” shots of the balloon bouncing off their heads or batted into their faces LOL

MY Birthday balloon!

Showing Cousin Chloe how the ball popper works
When the food was ready, we ate, and then Mason opened his presents. Those pictures will come tomorrow. :o)

A Baby Visitor

Last weekend, Mason had his first baby visitor!

Little Ayden, 3 months old, came to visit. Mason has obviously been around babies before at daycare, but he’s never had one in his house! And boy was he mad to have to share mom!

I was holding Ayden and Ayden’s mom was holding Mason and Mason would look at me, look at Ayden, and scream and sob and throw himself into Ayden’s mom. He’d calm back down and look over at me again and see I was still holding Ayden and the sobs would start all over again. It was a combination of hilarious and very sad all at once. As soon as we traded babies back, he was just fine.

We put them on the couch to pose for a few pictures together (which came out really crappy sadly) and the first thing Mason did was grab Ayden’s hand and hold on to it. Awwww!!!

It’s always interesting to talk to other moms and compare notes! Mommyhood is quickly teaching me that I need to choose my battles and respect other women’s decisions as moms. Ayden started solids at 3 months, was wearing like three layers on an 85 degree day (yes, this was the same day we had the freak weather last weekend) and a whole bunch of other things that made me raise my eyebrows (in my head at least, I do have some tact LOL) but to each their own! I have a feeling this is a lesson I’ll be learning again and again and again as Mason gets older.

But after seeing how cute these two were together (after I stopped making Mason cry anyway) I can’t wait until he gets a bit older and can have real play dates. That will be so much fun!

Weekend Recap

I had all these big plans for the my post today (and tomorrow) – Mason’s “real” six month photos today and and FINALLY the photo reveal of what was in the package (which we ended up giving to him as a half birthday present since we didn’t get around to it weeks ago) and guess what? I’m at work and all of those photos are at home. Boo!

So instead: our weekend. Friday night was a rough night that involved Mason screaming his head off from 6:00 until he went to bed. He’d only gotten 45 minutes of sleep ALL DAY at daycare, so he was tired beyond belief. I wish babies were smart enough to sleep when they were exhausted instead of screaming angrily.

Saturday, I got to spend the day shopping with Mason’s Auntie Sarah. We hit a “Here We Grow Again” kid’s consignment sale and I scored 26 items of Mason clothing for $57. He is now officially ready for this colder weather! Auntie Sarah splurged and bought him an adorable jean jacket, coat, and cute shirt that will fit in a few months. He’s going to be a stylin’ little dude! We bummed around the city, got some lunch, and just had a wonderful baby-free morning/afternoon. Mason’s Grandma B came over around noon to hang out with him while SuperDad mowed the lawn, so I think everyone had a good day!

Then, once it started getting dark, we had a bonfire. We usually start them after Mason goes to bed and bring the baby monitor out with us, but since it’s getting darker earlier (boo) we started earlier and brought Mason out with us.

He was pretty entranced with the colorful jumping crackling orange thing. Unfortunately it got a bit too cold for him, so I had to cut his fun short!

On Sunday morning, I threw all of his new clothes in the wash and went to put the larger sizes in storage and discovered an entire tub of 6-9 month clothes I didn’t know he had. Oops. He now needs a walk in closet! It’s a bit nuts the amount of clothes he has. At this rate, he’s going to have to NEVER wear the same outfit twice for the next few months to get to wear each one before they get too small. I also discovered a bunch of stuff that would have really come in handy keeping him warm at the fire the night before. Dang, always a day late!

In the afternoon, Grandma J came over and hung out with the Wee Man while we went bowling and grocery shopping. He had fun showing her how high he can jump in his jumperoo and getting rocked to sleep at nap time, something I haven’t done since he was itty bitty.

She ended up putting him down for a late nap (at like 6:45) and we let him sleep until it was bath and bed time. Poor guy didn’t know what hit him when he woke up and two minutes later he was sitting in the bathtub! We introduced him to a bathtime friend – rubber ducky! and he thought that was pretty cool.

Then it was dinner and bedtime for him and I followed half an hour later. I’m not used to all that excitement in one weekend!


On Saturday, Mason got to meet his Uncle Russ for the first time.  He’d never met someone so tan or with a beard, so he wasn’t quite sure what to think. The fact that I woke him up from his nap didn’t help much either. Poor Uncle Russ, he drives over 5 hours to meet his only nephew and Mason definitely was not his usual smiley happy self while he was here.

We only get to see each other once or twice a year, so the visit was way too short and it makes me a bit sad to think that it might be next summer before I see him again. I guess that’s how it goes when you’ve got those dang jobs and lives and hobbies and such (well, he has hobbies, me, my hobbies travel are quite portable *cough* blogging/internetting *cough* Every summer we swear wer’re going to get down and see his new (well, new three years ago) house this year and every year, something comes up. This year, it’s the idea that taking such a trip with an infant seems quite daunting. And we’d have to find a dogsitter since we no longer have room to travel with them.

When thinking about family, I think of how crazy it is that Mason only has three uncles and two aunts and will probably only have 3-4 cousins. Heck, both of my parents have 9 sisters and brothers and P’s family is the same (if not more plentiful) so both of us are use to these huge family gatherings and lots of cousins and aunts and uncles to be with at every holiday and family picnics and that really probably won’t be the norm for Mason. It’s strange how just over one generation, times can change so much.

Which I guess is why it’s even more important for us to embrace the family we DO have and reach out to our extended “family” to make sure that Mason knows that he has lots of ‘Aunties’ that he can look up to that care about him a lot! And favorite uncles who live allll the way across the state!

Pictures from Last Night

Grandma J is here playing with Mason. Right now they are making funny noises at each other and it is very cute. You know what else is very cute? These pictures from last night! I can’t believe my little man is getting so big!! He looks much older than his 3 months in these pictures!