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Train Show 2014

Every year, the model train show comes to our local mall. I’ve been going since I was a little kid and I was thrilled when Mason showed interest in trains, if only because I wanted to pass on my childhood tradition. This is the third year we’ve went together and I was really sad when he was less than enthused about going this year. Then I got to thinking and he seems to be… over trains. He very rarely plays with his toy trains (Thomas and Friends just went to the basement), he never watches train shows any more, and he isn’t even impressed to hear the train whistle blow at night anymore. Not wanting to see the model trains seemed to be the final blow and this this momma was a little bummed.

We decided to go anyway since there isn’t much else to do when it’s -20ยบ out and when we got to the train show and he LIT UP. He was absolutely thrilled and had a wonderful time. It was so much fun. Whew.

For the first 1/2 a lap, he rode on Daddy’s shoulders, “oohing” and “ahhing” and telling us where to go and what to stop and look at. trainshow1

His favorite displays were of course, all construction/logging related.

trainshow13 trainshow5

This has been my favorite display since I was a litle girl. I remember I use to be just MESMERIZED by the tiny intricate rides as a kid.

After a while, we got to the shorter displays and he was able to get down off SuperDad’s shoulders and still be able to see the trains.
trainshow6 trainshow8 trainshow9

His absolute FAVORITE part of the train show…


Do you see what it is? A John Deere train hauling John Deere tractors and implements. Mason’s favorite train? Go figure!

The squealing and cries of “AWESOME!” seemed to be well appreciated by the display operators and other train enthusiasts. So cute LOL

Desite his dragging his heels about now wanting to go, I’m SO glad we did.

Mason Meets Llama Llama

For over a year, we read Llama Llama Nighty Night before Mason went to bed. Every single night. Mason enjoys other Llama Llama books as well (his favorite probably being “Llama Llama Time to Share”) and I’m a fan of the big camelid myself. So when I saw that Llama Llama was coming to our local (bigger) library for the 10000 Books Before Kindergarten kick-off, I knew we had to be there!

The library was set up with several activity stations to pass the twenty minutes or so before the guest of honor arrived.

Mason worked on a puzzle

And worked at the stamping station

He also checked out the gerbils, which were SUPER exciting this day because they were both awake and out “exercising” (aka running on their wheel)

Then along came Llama Llama. Mason wasn’t as excited as I expected (and even twenty minutes into the visit asked “When do I get my surprise!?” #fail) but it was still fun.

They played with Playdough

Llama Llama attempted story time but no one came. LOL

We had to bribe him into giving Llama Llama the world’s fastest hug. This wasn’t the photo I had envisioned but that’s preschoolers for you I guess.

And then Llama Llama and Mason did a puzzle together.


Llama Llama had such personality and she made SuperDad and I laugh way harder than she probably should have

All three puzzles they completed warranted a celebration

We had a great time meeting Llama Llama and are so happy our library offers such fun programs. Have your kids ever met any literary characters?

Catch the Moment #4 :: Project 365

Thursday, January 23
We went out to eat at the local pizza and sub shop. Mason hit a new milestone by bringing money to the counter to buy something (milk) and pay for it all by himself.


Friday, January 24
Date night at Red Robin

Saturday, January 25
Mason and Llama Llama did puzzles together at the library. A separate post about this coming soon!

Sunday, January 26
Beautiful Gretta (One of my MIL’s cats)

Monday, January 27
We spent a good half an hour working together as a family to put together a giant tractor floor puzzle. It made Mason’s “favorite things” list that day.

Tuesday, January 28
As a Boogie Wipes Ambassador, I’m constantly bringing Boogie Wipes samples into Mason’s daycare. They requested more for the one year old room and I was surprised to get this nice thank later that day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Wednesday, January 29
I spent the entire evening working on our insurance appeal and Mason immersed himself in his new library books and watched (half of) Planes for the 1st time.

How was YOUR week?

Nurse Loves Farmer

Christmas 2013

At first, I felt like it was “too late” to post Christmas pictures seeing as we are now half way through January, but then I realized that I’M the one who uses this blog to look back at our memories and it’s NEVER too late to add something worth remembering to it, right?

Christmas 2013 was awesome. Santa was very very very (a bit too much) good to Mason and so were the Kohl’s $10 off a $10 purchase coupons LOL Christmas Eve he was convinced he was going to stay up all night and catch Santa (but fell asleep quickly) and it was nerve racking getting everything ready because I was scared to death he was going to wake up and catch us!!

We had him pose for a few pictures Christmas Eve




He agreed to take more pictures if he was allowed to make silly faces


Christmas morning – we’ve done this “Mommy and Mason coming down the hall” pose every Christmas so far and I hope we continue it until he’s, I dunno, 20 LOL



Charly was the official videographer of Christmas 2013


He was more than thrilled with his presents and very good about posing with them. Each present was more exciting than the last.





About half way through opening, he had a little melt down because he didn’t want to pick up the wrapping paper himself and he was mad that I wouldn’t let him do 100% of the opening of MY presents as well as his own. After a brief break for a Christmas cookie, he was back to having fun.



So much excitement and wonder. What an awesome Christmas!