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The Many Faces (and tools) of Pumpkin Carving

Last night, Mason, SuperDad, and I carved/decorated pumpkins. I had planned on sitting out of the festivities, but they needed a photographer. Mason’s facial expressions made it worth my time.

He wasn’t huge on the guts at first and kept saying “I’m all done now” and would need coaxing to continue on. The fact that he’s smiling in these first few is PURE LUCK.

And then we switched pumpkins and the real fun began…. Armed with his very own knife, Mason carved his heart out. He then put all the guts back INTO the pumpkin, only to pull them all out again.

He started getting cold, so I cut up an old onesie and made him a classy Halloween Hillbilly shirt. Who needs Pinterest when you have baby clothes and a scissors? LOL

Since I’m anti-pumpkin carving (because I am a weird pumpkin hugger) but Mason couldn’t understand why we were carving two pumpkins and leaving the third one plane, so I gave him mine to “decorate.” Grandma B just bought him a new set of tools that day, so pumpkin decorating went far beyond the stickers I had imagined….

Fortunately for you, the pictures where he was using his pliers are all on my phone and I’m too lazy to get them. LOL

Mason posing with the finished (carved) products)


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Pumpkin Patch 2012

Click any image to see a larger size

It may have been the last weekend before Halloween and it may have only been 42º, but we gave the pumpkin patch all we had. From digging in the sandbox and taking a tractor drawn wagon ride to running through the corn maze and buying HUGE pumpkins for only $3, it was great fun. The only thing that would have made it better is if we would have remembered Mason’s awesome pumpkin hat! And perhaps some gloves….

We will definitely be back again next year, but hopefully a few weeks earlier in the season!

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Summer Bucket List Review

Fall is officially here (along with temps in the low 30s at night BOOO) so I figured we should review our summer bucket list and see how we did!

Mason’s Summer Bucket List

  • Go swimming at the outdoor pool – we did this just once, which is better than never, but I’d planned on 3-4 times a month. Oops.
  • Go see Thomas the Train in Duluth – didn’t happen. But definitely will next year!
  • Learn to pedal his tricycle – so close, but not quite yet!
  • Go to Irvine Park – nope, didn’t happen
  • Visit a zoo Wilderness Walk will have to do!
  • Eat an ice cream cone – YES!
  • Have several play dates with his buddy A – nope, haven’t seen him since April :o(
  • Meet his new “cousin” in July – YES! Baby Liam is adorable and Mason enjoyed helping me feed him a bottle just a few weeks ago
  • Draw with chalk outside – sidewalk chalk remains unopened.
  • Go out of state – nope
  • Play with his cousin Chloe – nope
  • Learn to use the potty more than once every two months – yes! Dry all day at daycare!
  • Go to a petting zoo – Yes, we hit one at the library, one at the Dairy Breakfast, one at the fair, and one at the pumpkin patch
  • Go down another waterslide – nope
  • Visit the Children’s Museum – another no
  • Go for lots of bike rides – not lots, but a few.
  • Play in a lake/river – he walked in a lake for a few minutes while we were geocaching
  • Get a new furry brother/sister – nope :o(
  • Wear a tank top to show off his Gabba temporary tattoos – totally forgot about this one
  • Make a craft project for the Grandmas – we passed along some daycare crafts, if that counts
  • Dig in the sand with all his sand toys – he played with other people’s toys at the sandbox in a park
  • Go to at least three parades – Yes! We hit five parades!
  • Eat lots of summery foods – lots of strawberries and blueberries, he hates corn on the cob (which is just wrong!)
  • Go on a picnic – nope
  • Go to the fair – yes, we hit our local fair
  • See his Uncle Russ & Aunt Jen – we went to dinner with Uncle Russ last month!
  • Try three new parks/playgrounds  – yes, exactly three

We didn’t do so well at all, did we?? That’s pretty depressing. I think the big problem was that I wrote this list and then never looked at it again – the only things I remembered on it (when I would randomly think about it) were the three new parks and the parades. I guess you can’t really set goals if you never look at them or think about them again, huh??

I’m not going to make a fall bucket list because fall is one of those seasons that doesn’t really make sense to me calendar-wise. With our usual weather here in Northern Wisconsin, fall should run approximately September 5th – October 25th (aka it will be over in another month). By December 21st (the real first day of winter), we’ve already had snow for two months of snow and ice most of the time, so we’re past the wearing sweaters and jumping in leaves and onto cursing the cold and salting our driveways…. Winter, on the other hand, lasts late October to early April, so we’ll have plenty of time to cross things off a Bucket List then!

How about you guys? What did you HOPE to do this summer and how did it pan out? Hopefully not as poorly as my plans! I’d love to hear about it!

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Curently… 8/16/12

Mason is currently…

Happy About – getting to leave school early today. We pulled him out to take him to Wilderness Walk and he was THRILLED to be awoken from his nap to see us there!

Searching for – his missing train DVD. We have turned the house upsidedown several times over these last few months for his “Real Trains for Kids” DVD (his favorite trains EVER) and cannot seem to find it. He’ll carry around the case and say “My trains missing. Find them?” in the most pitiful voice ever. I’m getting really close to buying another copy (and guaranteeing that I find the first one as soon as I cut the shrink wrap)

Making – food out of tinfoil. The other night he made me eggs, a taco, and a banana. Out of the same piece of tinfoil, all oddly the same shape.

Feeling – kind of sick. He’s come down with a really wet sounding cough and has been running a slight fever. Poor guy. Heading to the doctor today on Friday in hopes we can nip it in the bud before the weekend.

Going – to see a whole lot of semis at a semi truck show. Last year we went to meet the dude from Ice Road Truckers (one of SuperDad’s favorite shows) and we realized that Mason would get a kick out of it. So we’re going back again, this time to watch Mason lose his mind over a huge parking lot FULL of semis.

Masons’s Mom is currently…

Happy About – being on vacation. I was suppose to be visiting my favorite Michigan friends this weekend (BOOO) but that fell through due to plane tickets jumping $200 in a 4 hour span. I kept the time off so I’m off until Tuesday. Woot woot.

Searching for – easy answers to all the things I need to research and haven’t had time. Mainly, where to move my 401k from my previously employer, where to start Mason’s 529, what should I do for my new blog theme, how can I get blueberry stains out of the carpet, etc etc etc.

Making – umm, soon I will be making dozens and dozens of sale tags for the consignment sale that is exactly one month away. Does that count?

Feeling – overwhelmed by the vast amount of stuff I want to do in the next four days since I want to accomplish IT ALL plus do a lot of relaxing.

Going – to the dentist tomorrow. Yee haw.

How about you? What are you CURRENTLY up to?

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My First 5k

On Saturday, I participated in my first 5k. If you follow me on Instagram or have read some of our “Currently” posts, then you’ve probably noticed that I’m doing the “Couch to 5k” running program. Now, I’m no where near running a 5k – I just got into week three of the nine week program, which means that I can now successfully run 90 whole seconds in a row. I thought doing my current routine during a real 5k and walking the rest would give me a great starting point before I actually attempted running one for real at the end of September. You know, a “You’re going to blow this time out of the water” marker and a “Look how much fun this was – now imagine if you RAN the whole thing?!” motivator. And, the event was a for a good cause too.

Well, I’m happy to say that I completed the entire 5k. I’m not so thrilled to say that I came in dead last. Behind several people who walked the entire thing. It kind of felt like high school gym class all over again. Talk about embarrassing.

But, I learned a heck of a lot:

  • Running on a treadmill is absolutely nothing like running outside. At all.
  • It is helpful to know if your running course is going to have a GIANT hill to go up in the first half mile.
  • Maybe not keeping your treadmill at incline ZERO would be helpful for real 5k training (see above)
  • It’s incredibly hard to regulate your pace running outside when you’re use to a treadmill that does it for you.
  • Don’t dress differently – I wore my event t-shirt and exercise pants when I’m use to wearing a tank top and shorts to the gym. My body was like “WTF?! Are you trying to drown in sweat?”
  • If the event offers a 2 mile walk and a 5k run, chances are all the people who normally walk 5ks are going to do the WALK event, leaving you as one of the only 5 people run-walking the 5k
  • Skipping ten days of running when you’re just starting out and then attempting a 5k two days later is not the best idea
  • A brisk walk for the whole thing would have been better than the “jog as fast as you can, practically crawl to recover” routine I found myself stuck in
  • Running way more outside once the weather cools down is a must
  • Comparing myself to the 50+ year old ladies who walked and beat me or the lady who ran it pushing a tandem stroller does nothing for my self esteem. This isn’t a race. Well, it is, but I went for the “experience.”
  • Thank GOD I didn’t attempt to push Mason in the stroller. That would have been baaaad.

It’s pretty huge for me that I went and had such a horrible time, but I am still planning to continue my 5k training. The old me would have been all “Wow, that sucked, never doing that again, how embarrassing/torturous/this was such a stupid idea.” Instead, while I highly doubt I will be able to run the whole 5k at the end of September like originally planned, I KNOW I can wallop this weekend’s time of 48:40.

And, to quote some of my awesome Twitter / IG fans

“No, you #wonbecause you FINISHED. That’s all that matters.”

“Way to go! You finished! That is way better than everyone who was just sitting on the couch this morning”


Cousin Time!

Mason has a second cousin (as in SuperDad’s Cousin’s Kid, not “Cousin #2”) that is a little less than a year older than him. They took swim classes together this spring and this weekend, they hung out at Grandma’s together.

Of course, being Grandma, she had to feed them junk food.

At least she took pictures, right?!

I hope these two get to hang out a lot more in the future. Maybe that will teach Mason to share his tractor better! (not counting on it LOL)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Currently… 7/19/12

Mason is currently…

Looking forward to –  Spending lots of time with the Grandmas. He’ll be with Grandma J at our house Thursday and Friday night and then spend Saturday and Sunday with Grandma B and Papa. Grandma J offers lots of singing, playing cars, and tickling and Grandma B has his beloved “traaaac-tor” and more Thomas and cooking paraphernalia than an entire store. No wonder he’s excited

Making – block towers and then knocking them down. That’s been a favorite this week

Working on – potty training. He peed in the potty twice in one day this week. WAHOO!!!

Reading – “Goodnight Wonder Pets” and “Llama Llama Nighty Night” every night before bed. He takes another Wonder Pets book to bed with him, that I refuse to try to read him because it has waaay too many words for Mr. “Turn the Page, I’m Impatient”

Listening to – everyone and everything. The things that are coming out of his mouth these days amuse me to no end and I know he’s just picking up language from listening to everyone around him. The other day I told him we didn’t have a second ice pack and he responded “Mason need two ice. Daddy go to work and make two ice!” Really kid?!

Mason’s Mom is currently…

Looking forward to: RockFest! Today kicks off four days of fun in the sun with my honey while we listen to awesome bands such as Shinedown, Poison, Hollywood Undead, and Papa Roach. Going to see outdoor concerts is kind of our summer “thing” and we’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while. Yay music and a few days off from work!

Making – zero progress on any To Do list. If I liked actually getting mundane stuff accomplished as much as I liked making lists about it, my house would be a lot cleaner!

Working on – Couch to 5k! I’ve always hated running but am continually drawn to this program because they make it seem like ANYONE can do it. I’m super out of shape and wanted to do something that didn’t require videos and weights and two hours a day or something, so I’m trying this. Today I’ll be doing Day One of Week Two, which means it’s the 4th “workout” and officially the longest I’ve ever stuck with any sort of fitness thing. Yay me!

Reading – Just finished Jodi Picoult (and daughter’s) “Between the Lines” and was reminded that I really don’t like fairy tales or anything remotely fantasy. Just started “Some Assembly Required” by Anne Lamott and am 8 books behind on my goal to read 104 books this year.

Listening to: In a few hours, lots of rock music. See above.

So what are you up to? Come link up!

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