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Wordless Wednesday

Mason’s First Train Experience – (Not Quite) Wordless Wednesday 1/30/13

In December, a passenger train rolled into our town to bring a special guest and help teach everyone about train safety since a busy rail line has recently reactivated after being shut down for 15 years.

Mason LOVES trains. LOVES LOVES LOVES trains. Taking him here, even though it meant pulling him out of school and taking off from work was a total no brainer.

Behold, Mason and the train…

Getting on with the help of the train staff

Looking out the window

The train’s very special passenger! (A Santa picture at the end of January! Score!)

Me and Mason and his big bag of train goodies

He had just as much fun playing in the snow around than train as going on it…. Toddlers!

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Mason and the Bunny – Wordless Wednesday 5/23


“Was dat??”

“A buuuunnny!!!”

Proud of his new friend

*No bunnies were harmed in the taking of these pictures. Gloves allowed baby bunny to not get too human-scented and mommy bunny has returned to the nest many times since*

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