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Weekly Wishes #4 :: March 10-16

I missed last week since we were on vacation, but here were my wishes from the week before

1) Get invitations for Mason’s birthday party – accomplished, despite Wal-mart trying to deny me my invitations because they felt a picture I took on Halloween night was copyrighted.

2) Decide on a new blog title and domain name – I’m still so wishy washy on this.

3) Start either making my step goal or playing with Jillian Michaels again – Not so much. I did great with my step count on vacation though!

4) Quit stressing about Joe T Greyhound’s slumber party. – Everything went greyt and I stressed for nothing, as usual.

5) Appear in some pictures that I take / are taken and try to get a new fantastic “headshot” of Mason. – Fail and fail

This week’s wishes

1) Get my house picked up. I’m participating in 40 Bags in 40 Days and five days in, I’m at 2 bags.

2) Not spend any more more (unplanned) money on Mason’s birthday party. Between his friend’s party and his family party, things are getting a bit out of hand.

3) In bed by 10:30 every weeknight.

4) Get back into the swing of reading all four of my Bible reading plans every day

5) Scale back – my endless to do list is starting to drag me down. Commit to stop over-committing.

What do you hope to accomplish this week??

Flashback: Family Fun Day June 2013

It’s mid-January and up here in Northern Wisconsin, we’ve got a good two months of snow and cold left. So, to brighten my spirits (and to make a tiny dent in things I never blogged about in 2013), here are some fun pictures from this summer!

A neighboring town holds a “Family Fun Day” in June with games for the kids in the park, food, and music. This was our first year going and we had a great time!

"Can you see me??"

“Can you see me??”

Fun with bubbles

Fun with bubbles


Parachute Time

Parachute Time

"Daddy, take my picture in front of the river!"

“Daddy, take my picture in front of the river!”

"I'm posing with this guy!!"

“I’m posing with this guy!!”

Catch the Moment

Despite several well meant “I’m going to start posting three times a week” “Tomorrow I will blog about X, Y, AND Z” and similar declarations, this blog has been pretty silent lately, huh?

I’m hoping participating in a year long project will change that! Enter “Catch the Moment 365” – a group project focusing on enjoying life’s little moments, taking a photo every day, and hopefully improving our photography (and appreciation of everyday life) along the way.

For those of you visiting from the project, hi! My name is Wendy and I share my life and home with with an awesome husband, a nearly four year old son (oh my gosh, how did that happen?), two retired racing greyhounds, and an elderly cat. I work at a vet clinic and am super passionate about greyhounds and pets in general.

IMG_20140101_222915I don’t cook, craft, and I’m not very stylish. I do love reading, window shopping, and sarcasm. I’m hoping to re-brand my blog in the next few months to be more about life in general instead of entirely Mason focused. Whether or that happens will remain to be seen. I was an early adopter of Flickr and miss looking at the world through the “that has photo potential” – it’s amazing the bits of life we miss when we’re just trying to make it through to the weekend….

I’m planning on posting all of my pictures on Instagram and then hopefully doing a weekly blog post with them as well. I use my Galaxy S4 too often for pictures and am hoping that I FINALLY learn to use our SLR camera this year (a Rebel XTI) or at least my nice Canon Point & Shoot. But most importantly, I’m sick of the days where I realize it’s been a week since I’ve snapped a picture or a long time since I’ve blogged and I want to change that.

Nurse Loves Farmer

I look forward to following everyone else this next year and seeing how the story of our lives play out over the next year. Please leave me a comment with your blog/Instagram URL so I can make sure that I’m following you!

Pleasant Valley Pumpkin Patch

I’m really not a big fan of fall. I don’t drink hot drinks, not a big fan of pumpkin flavored stuff, and the fact that winter is basically upon us by this time of year in Wisconsin doesn’t make me a very happy camper. I do, however, love pumpkin patches.

Our trip to the biggest pumpkin patch in our area of course happened to fall on a day that it was 45º and raining, but thanks to rain coats and determination, we have a fun day.

Behold, lots and lots and lots of pictures. Click on any of them to make them bigger

Pumpkin patches are one of our favorite Halloween activities. Are they on your fall must do list too?

Our 2012 Trip

2011 Trip      Part 2

Summer Bucket List Recap

Well, summer is officially over. We had such a WEIRD summer here in Wisconsin, with the weather staying cold except for one week in July and then a few weeks at the end of August. Otherwise, it was in the 50s and low 60s, which is really depressing when you want to spend time swimming and wearing tank tops. It really put a damper on our bucket list, as you’ll see….

Mason’s Summer Bucket List

  • Camp in a tent (backyard counts) – nope, not this summer
  • Go swimming at the outdoor pool at least 4 times – just once. So sad.
  • Go fishing – no. We WATCHED a guy fish, does that count?
  • Learn to like corn on the cob (a girl can hope?) – sadly no
  • Go see Thomas the Train in Duluth – Yes!
  • Learn to pedal his tricycle – yes!
  • Run a foot race – Two of them
  • Go to Irvine Park – nope, but hopefully this fall
  • Eat an ice cream cone – yes, two of them
  • Conquer bedtime in undies – no, but this is his parent’s fault
  • Find big rocks to climb – nope
  • Have at least 6 play dates – no 🙁
  • Get his face painted – he chose his arm instead
  • Make popsicles – yes
  • Draw with chalk outside – yes
  • Go out of state – yes
  • Play at the new splash pad weekly once it opens – it didn’t open 🙁
  • Play with his cousin Chloe – yes
  • See a movie at the drive in movie theatre – no
  • Wear his raincoat and boots and play in the rain – it basically didn’t rain all summer
  • Go to a petting zoo – yes
  • Make a friend at church – he loves some of his teachers, otherwise no
  • Go down a waterslide – yes
  • Go for lots of bike rides – yes
  • Play in a lake/river – yes
  • Get a new furry brother/sister – possibly
  • Watch the fireworks (without terror this year) – yes, he loved them. Note: next year don’t arrive so early
  • Play in a pool in the yard – yes, with his cousin Chloe!
  • “Paint” outside with water – no
  • Go to at least three parades – yes
  • Play in a sprinker – yes, lots at daycare, some at home
  • Go on a picnic – yes, with his Auntie Sarah!
  • Go to the fair – yes, twice!
  • Dance at an outdoor concert – no outdoor music for Mason this summer
  • See his Uncle Russ & Aunt Jen – yes!
  • Try three new parks/playgrounds – I might be the most sad about missing this one

So, out of 36 goals, we hit 21 of them. How did your summer bucket list work out?

Currently… 8/23/13

Mason is currently…

feeling a bit better. We received a notice from daycare on Monday that there had been an e.coli outbreak (Oh JOY!) and Mason came down with a tummy ache on Tuesday night. We were worried he caught that nasty nasty bug but after keeping him home from school Wednesday, he seems to be no worse for wear. WHEW! (And knock on wood!

missing Jake and Neverland Pirates because I won’t let him watch it anymore except on rare mornings when I need to bribe him to get out of bed. (I find it annoying and I’d rather him watch things that I can pretend are somewhat educational if I’m going to be annoyed by children’s TV lol)

reading books about monster trucks. And Little Critter. Over and over and over.

visiting with Auntie Sarah. He LOVES his Auntie Sarah and gets super excited at the mere mention of going to her house or her coming here. So sweet.

cooking nothing these days. We put his toy kitchen in the basement so he can have his convertible train table in the living room. He asks at least twice a week for his kitchen back. Poor guy.


Mason’s Mom is currently…

feeling like there is never enough hours in the day. I am pretty sure I answer this prompt the SAME way every time. The big consignment sale is on the 12th and I haven’t even started the 40+ hours of prep I need to do for this. Crud.

missing my Buzz kitty. It’s been nearly two years since he passed away and I still can’t see cat toys in stores without feeling like I should buy him one and then instantly missing him. It doesn’t help that we had a kitty in the clinic that looked just like him earlier this week.

reading not as much as I should. I keep getting books from the library in mass quantities that I WANT to read but have to return half of them before I’ve even started them because my library fines these days are a bit ridiculous.

visiting not nearly as much as I wish I was. I miss my friends and want to get together with them soon. Like last week *sigh*

cooking up plans for a new blog “theme” and design. I’m about to pull the trigger but I need to prove to myself that I can devote more than an hour or two a week to the blog in order to make it worth the cost of a redesign. We will see….

What are YOU currently up to?

That Friday Blog Hop

Farm Technology Days

Living in Wisconsin, farming is still a pretty big industry. Every year, a farm somewhere in Wisconsin hosts “Farm Technology Days” which is basically a giant showcase of everything farming from tractors to grain supplements for cattle. This event is designed mostly as FOR farmers, but also has an educational aspect for those of us not in the industry. This year, the event was within two hours of us and since we have a tractor OBSESSED son, we decided we should go.

We spent two hours there and didn’t even see 1/4 of what the event had to offer, but it’s safe to say that Mason had a great time.

Even though we’re not farmers and had no interest in most of the sales and technical stuff this event had to offer, it was a great way to spend time together as a family and get hands on experience with stuff that he can usually only oooh and ahhh at out the car window. If a similar event occurs in your area, we highly recommend going!



Monthly Goals

I’m pretty against New Year’s Resolutions. Partially because I think if people really want to change or do something differently, they should start NOW and not let some certain date on the calendar dictate when it should happen. And partially because I’m the type where as soon as you label something “New Year’s Resolution” I’m guaranteed to be doing just the opposite in four days tops.

Back in January, a few of my friends and I decided to instead each make some monthly goals and hold each other accountable. After all, it’s a lot easier to look at life in one month chunks than committing to something for a whole year, right?

So this is how the year has looked for me so far

* Be more active on the weekends – Accomplished
* Cook supper twice (I do NOT cook) – failed
* Clean out my closet – Accomplished
* Floss at least four times a week – Accomplished and my dentist even noticed!
* Open a 529 for Mason – Accomplished after LOTS of research!

* Figure out a system that allows me to NOT misplace/leave at home/etc my check cards and ID that also doesn’t involve a purse – never figured this one out sadly
* Spend time with friends at least 3 times this month – didn’t happen
* Continue tracking calories and trying to stay at a reasonable (junk) food consumption – did great
* Blog at least twice a week – I came pretty close

* Finish the 30 Day Shred – Didn’t happen
* Finish at least 2 weeks of Couch to 5k – Didn’t happen
* Create and stick to nightly skin care routine – Went really well for MOST of the month, petered out towards the end.
* Spend time with friends at least 3 times this month – Success!

* Prepare Consignment Sale Stuff – happened thanks to SuperDad
* Cut down my pop consumption – not going very well
* Use the treadmill at least 10 times – on track
* Get back on track with budgeting – doing well
* Don’t freak out when we get another 3 feet of snow – trying….

At the end of the month, if there is stuff that I didn’t accomplish, I would reassess and see if that goal was something I REALLY wanted/had to do and if so, I’d move it to the next month’s list. If not, I stopped worrying about it. There are a few other incidentals on each month’s lists that are too boring to post, but I have to say that I’m having a LOT of fun with this. It’s rewarding to focus on just a few things each month and be cheered on by friends doing the same. It’s also helped me develop some habits that are sticking (regular flossing, tracking calories) and also brought to my attention stuff that I feel is important, yet I keep avoiding (ahem, learning to cook)

I highly recommend a monthly goals system and would love to hear if you’ve ever tried anything like this and how it went!